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Deepfake is on the rise—How to protect yourself from it.

Can you spot if it's a fake or the truth 'me tell ya' £2 Milli Vidbook that you getting only for £2 grand? find out by clicking on the thumbnail picture below if you are brave.

The 5 Pillars of Rejection

AVG treat labs talked about the Deepfake trend and think they are more convincing than ever.

Deepfakes are a technology that allows very dishonest business people to create convincing yet fake clickbait videos of people saying or doing things they did not say. Historically Deepfake have been around for years now but as we progress through time they've gotten much more sophisticated and convincing.

However, their applications could be a curious internet distraction to a genuine threat to people. Now, you could decide to click on, ignore, or read past, or be curious to see what is in it, The 5 Pillars of Rejection — On The Beach video staring Micheal Fake Library Executive Team —About the Library of the University of Leed or it's Trisha Amable The Director/CEO of Girlfridayz discussing appearance, the wrong judgement of opinionated bad intentional jealous people, wisher but never doing anything significant but can run their tongue in hatred because they are wishing to be you or racism due to your honey colour and xenophobia a fear of foreigners or strangers.

For as little as £2000 you could have The £2 Milli VideoBook™® you should have by your side all the time Small Businesses and Large Businesses on the beach it is relaxing with your modest £2,000000 that you turn into 6 figures sum with Something for tomorrow in your business for a brighter future together, me and my Girlfridayz.

A friendly gentle, kind, compassionate and emphatic reminder that these people exist and you should avoid them at all costs in your business growth because they are the common objection of business and marketing, you could find out today if you are that curious about it.

Question Time Small Businesses or Large Businesses

What is it going to be?

Is it a Deepfake clickbait vidBook™® or the genuine Mc Coy? some quick facts about Deepfakes

  1. They're often used in social engineering attacks, usually by impersonating a celebrity or another trusted public figure as per AVG.

  2. Scams and social engineering attacks made up 75% of the 10 billion attacks AVG's have detected in 2023.

  3. AVG recommend, to identify a Deepfake, pay attention to their eyes, their body language and how they move. Anything uncanny is probably a sign you're looking at a Deepfake. I might add it can bring these emotional reactions, disbelief, shock, and amazement in any given order.

  4. Deepfake technology is getting better so are the tools AVG uses to detect it.

Source AVG treats Labs and what do you think of this blog post give it a thumbs up or down.

What is in your control

Pick an option and see the surprise it reveals my friends

Did you know this fact?

Your Business Ethic sets your customer's type as well as your business positioning.

Be yourself, you're free to be different. You dare to begin again and apply a set of principles in your SME thought by the greatest mind in the marketing industry—The foundation of marketing.

The quality of their work has distinguished them from the crowd and has helped countless small businesses to become large or larger and largest businesses that you are using frequently due to their notoriety in their industry by building effective customer acquisition and retention within their industry and market share.

They have lockdowns and systemised how to keep their customers happy using Girlfridayz Lead and Sales methodology still valid today, however, at their time of tactical operation was not yet created.

Girlfridayz Patricia Nicole AKA Trisha Amable yesterday created what was lacking in terms of customer acquisition theory C=NC² and the actualisation of its model.

The Golden Hour Triangle a Leads and Sales strategic model is demonstrated below for you to study. Listen to our video commentary on how we derived from its creation on 05-03-24.

See in business at some point we can become despondent without notice and feel vulnerable, it is not the time to quit but it is a sign to tell you to move through the storms at your own pace because your creativity can bring you some gems and you suddenly innovate either intangible or tangible innovations.

Top 63 business and digital marketing trends for 2024.

Read these new trends for 2024 and access the services you need today or maybe you prefer the January 2024 in-take. The road you decide to take will take you to our One Stop Shop where multiple services exist under one roof to support you grow your small business today.

Growth-share Special Edition

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From startups to huge organisations, this colourful growth content continues making amazing huge steps in the right direction up to today for large organisations and small businesses worldwide to grasp the foundations of marketing and its business application early for long-term profitability, and longevity due to the constant recurring stream of customers.

In Something For Tomorrow In Your Business That You Should Know you meet and discover the greatest mindset that the Marketing/business industry produced over the centuries for you to grow your business because these are the genius minds of strategic business and marketing.

With that said at Girlfridayz, we can support you in attracting the right audience for your small business and start-up with our award-winning government-accredited services.

We meet you where you're at in your small business development with a host of effective service provisions.

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