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We've launched The Cat Got The Cream Online workshop for startup entrepreneurs and existing small businesses three years in or more struggling to achieve sales. 

We noticed a gap in the market and there is currently no accelerator workshop in London offering a 3-month weekly incubation pathway to business success to achieve a positive mindset to create a digital business from £0 to £6 figure followed by a 15-month monthly business mentoring support to ensure your business takes off and avoids quitting in the early development of your entrepreneurial journey because running a business is mainly process driven and there are several steps in the process to follow to achieve success.

The Cat Got The Cream offers exclusive entrepreneurial support because of its conceptual nature. 

A £5 administrative charge is applied at checkout and will be deducted from your first payment. The admin charge is non-refundable.

Accelerators workshop interests:
How you would be running your business to success if The Cat Got The Cream did not exist?

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