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The Cat Got The Cream Online workshop for startup entrepreneurs and existing small businesses three years in or more struggling to achieve sales. 

We noticed a gap in the market and there is currently no accelerator workshop in London offering a 3-month weekly incubation pathway to business success to achieve a positive mindset to create a digital business from £0 to £6 figure followed by a 15-month monthly business mentoring support to ensure your business takes off and avoids quitting in the early development of your entrepreneurial journey because running a business is mainly process driven. There are several steps in the process to follow to achieve success.

See how we compare to other marketers in our space.

The Cat Got The Cream

Other Marketers

We find a gap in the Mentoring market and filled it to create a unique mentoring workshop for UK business owners. 

Copy existing concept like Masterclasses and Webinar.  

We offer exclusive all-inclusive support with a dedicated staff member assign to you.

Inconsistent support offered by many staff members. 

Small group of 20 UK business owners for 18 months ensures business growth as research shows that smaller group perform better than large one.

Masterclasses and webinars rely on a huge number of attendees, therefore, automatically some fall by the wayside.

Constant support provision offered to UK Business owners with consistent stages and full access at no extra cost. 

The Cat Got The Cream offers one fixed monthly rate for 17 months.

The workshop offers our innovative growth solution The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination to UK business owners for free including a 3-months free of Cellar use.

Inconsistent support across the board can be seen.

Other marketers charge for every other cost incur to make their margin. 

Other marketers would charge more for similar systems in place with added

extra fees.

Accelerators workshop pre-screening of potential referrers
Are you confortable using conferencing app? the hybrid service uses heuristic ways to deliver the Pro services. Please answer the question, add what support do you need if any. Put your website link in the box.

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