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CRO Wants You To Make Sales!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

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This article will attempt to discuss what CRO marketing is an acronym for Conversion Rate Optimization through your website - in other words getting people to buy your products or services online through your website, your social media shop, your blogs, or forum, mobile apps...

Producing content for online traffic through social media, SEO, mobile apps and paid search is all good for your digital marketing strategy. Still, it is not guaranteed that visitors will perform the action desired to become a customer. To achieve sales, you need to shift your focus to CRO marketing.

A systemised process of action and task in marketing to be carried out constantly to increase the percentage of visitors to your company website and the visitors purchase goods or services, contact you, fill your form, request a call, subscribe to your mailing list, read your newsletter, registering to your event, purchase your books, e-books, read your blog, use your tools...

CRO marketing tasks and actions are worth doing to increase sales because the average ROI from CRO tools is estimated at 223% and about 95% of respondents use these tools to communicate with online companies and purchase goods and services.

Therefore smart alec realised that CRO marketing could not be overlooked and needs to be done consistently to churn out sales conversions and increase its reach including profits. We do add at Girlfridayz that understanding the Marketing Theories and Their application to your business will increase your conversion rate and optimise it because you begin to understand why you doing what you doing and the foundation of marketing.

Once you have mastered the theories, your application, action, research, experimentation and testing and processes will all come together easily and effortlessly because your understanding of the market to get the right target market for your offering at the right price will be at your reach without too much struggle. After all, you will relate to your audience and provide relevant content that they will love and begin to expect from you and start referring you to their associate, friends or whoever asks.

The latter informs you of the principle, let us discuss how to put it to work for you! While implementation of CRO is crucial within a marketing plan and will vary greatly depending on your company's unique goals and needs, there is a general method to this process.

What's The CRO Process?

Do you know that we can compare the steps of optimization with those of the scientific processes; making observations, research, predictions, testing, examining results and reviewing approaches appropriately?

Find out what they are

Preliminary Research


Put it to the test

Analyse Results

Revise, Repeat, and New variable

CRO Vs SEO — What is the difference in Digital Marketing?

CRO and SEO (search engine optimization) are different to each other but complementary to one another in marketing. Nobody mistakes them either, because most people know that SEO is dealing with your on-page content and off-page content on the other hand CRO is about the marketing tasks, elements and tools implemented on your website to optimise conversion rate and customer acquisition.

Here are some examples of actions that benefit both your CRO and your SEO

  • User-friendly pages with clear and relevant headings and content

  • Digestible, easy-to-read, well-organised content that focuses on specific topics/products or services

  • Content hierarchy with keyword and heading tags as well as a good description

  • Frequency of update of page content and layout of your site.

  • Ensure that your site loading speed is fast

To conclude this article, CRO marketing is crucial and simply refers to the marketing tasks that businesses must do to achieve sales and increase customers without disrupting your system's thinking in your business and the systematisation of your internal processes.

If you are struggling to implement a conversion rate optimization process for your e-commerce website or business website, or forum and increase your qualified customers, you're not alone. That's why we created The Manual — The Core Assets + The Cellar for you to learn and implement effective strategies and tactics and a lot more to support you in increasing your conversion rate.

Our System has helped Melvin Moreland a small business owner with 10 staff to increase his conversion rate by 227% in just under a year and he was so pleased that he left two amazing reviews 8 months and 4 months ago about The Cellar. The reviews are about what he loved when using The Manual With the attached Business Mentoring Support System and he got sales. If he can do it, so do you.

Email marketing is part of your arsenal to get an increase of customers, attracts prospect and ensure return customers it is part of CRO marketing, helping to achieve ROI. We at Girlfridayz Limited recently partnered with the company ContactOut and they can help you increase your email list with their email finder tool here is a full extent of the services they can provide you with.

ContactOut is not just an email finder tool; it is a comprehensive platform that helps recruiters and sales professionals to find and contact their prospects by extracting their business email lists from various sources. While ContactOut primarily extracts email addresses, it also provides phone numbers and social media profiles of potential contacts.

Find out more about ContactOut and what they can do for you

Feel free to leave a comment and share your marketing strategy with other readers, sharing is caring.

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