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Online Administrative Assistant
Girlfridayz Business Support Services
to help you achieve better sales

Helping you to do more because while you are busy selling we ensure that your business processes are done and updated — What not to like?

Business support for Sole Traders & SME


Nobody goes into business to do admin apart from us at Girlfridayz. Girlfridayz online business supports remote working admin and offers you Back-up Admin Service on an ad-hoc basis to businesses and SMEs. We free you up so you can spend more time doing what you do best. Earn 2 Fribiz points. Girlfridayz Credit is not available.

At Girlfridayz chasing your bad debt is part of our admin services for small businesses that cannot afford debt collector company fees. Our letter service guarantees result without the need for further cost referring the debtor to court.

Our Success rate ranges between 60 to 70% because most people do not want to go to court which affects their business ability to get credit from a creditor. Before you go ... try our letters services and download our short form, if you want us to chase up your debtors for you.


The Cat Got The Cream Workshop aimed to support long-term job seekers to find a job or start up a business. The Cat Got The Cream Workshop 3 months learning incubation pathway for unemployed people in London working to increase social inclusion for people on long-term welfare benefits to access employment or start up a business. The workshop supports improving the well-being of long-term unemployed through market-finding employment by educating and equipping them with meaningful empowerment through positive input by teaching new skills or reskill by reviving and utilising knowledge learned and upskilling to gain employment or start up a business in their community.

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CV Service

Early stage in your career - recently graduated or in the first 3yrs of your career.

Package: CV + Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile - Price £75 Order

2 days turnaround + 2 Fribizs points




Per Page

Service  + 2 Fribiz points

Website update per page (does not include new page creation)

Website template purchase customised

Per page




For your business + 2 Fribiz points

You get support when needed​

  • Typing Documentation

  • Report and Review

  • Policy Development

  • Case Study 

Price per document:



CV Service

Late stage in your career - established in your career between 3 and 10yrs or more.

Package: CV + Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile - Price £95 Order

2 days turnaround + 2 Fribizs points