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I am Trisha Amable Owner and CEO of Girlfridayz Digital online company. I have cherished the ideal of businesses working together in harmony and equal opportunities regardless of their size in a free society in which the concept of market share and support for one another is present. 


Girlfridayz is an award-winning online marketing company and we support businesses to grow or startup with content aims to strategically inform, listen, and respond in a persuasive manner to attract the right customer to the business niche. 

  • We also write marketing publications for sale and have two marketing books publish on Kindle titled Exploring and Discovering Business & Elevate Marketing Journey and Meditation how does it relate to your business. 


  • Our business blog is read by over 1500 people per month and our content is greatly appreciated and useful to our reader. We have a dedicated podcast page on SoundCloud when we decide to convey marketing content via podcasts.


  • We offer online digital marketing content, responsive website site design, offline marketing content through artwork design and printing notwithstanding business processes, planning, strategy and tactic via the following service business plan, content strategy, marketing plan, sustainability plan, contingency planning, etc and including display advertising, promotional content such as lead magnet, tripwire, banner on our site, blog, podcasts to promote businesses and enable them to access the right customers for their niche, event planning, and organising either be online or offline to showcase businesses and access community with like-minded interests in what the business has to offer providing product or services solution-orientated to potential prospects.


  • We provide Social Media planning and advice on using the right platform for your niche and actionable goals, content optimization and we also create and update social media profile enabling a business to use its digital social media content to its fullest to achieve its overall goals customers acquisition, business awareness, and business retention. 


  • We provide Online Administration services to businesses remotely using the digital technology available to it fullest on an ad-hoc basis to support small businesses with essential content admin tasks and business systems set up when starting a business in any niches you need systems in place to start up the right way.


We are fully qualified in Digital Marketing and obtained The Online Marketing Fundamentals Qualification consisting of 26 modules covering varied subjects from Marketing Fundamentals, search, email, social media, display ads, video, e-commerce, Geo-targeting, and analysis. We also further our learning by obtaining 3 more modules covering these topics Take a business online, make it easy for people to find businesses on the web, reach more people segmentation, advertising to reach more people, track and measure the web, sell your product or service online, take your business global. A total of 26 modules composed of 106 lessons we are totally digital.


We have a degree in computing which includes programming, business analysis, systems, Design and practice, Business Information Technology and essential computer math and a BSC Honors Degree in Event Management obtain in April 2019. We are fully registered in England & Wales and our limited number is 10358020 and we are in business since 2007.


We are part of the Vistaprint reseller program and have extended our services to non-business owners mainly with website design and artwork design and printing.


we are experts in our field and we can assure you that we are compliant with our statutory regulation and rest assure that your data is safe and secure in our hand due to the level of confidentiality we uphold according to the data protection act and are a diversity assure business.


Girlfridayz offers a discreet, personalized service and our service is second to none to an excellent professional standard, honest, trustworthy, friendly and we only work with people, businesses, organizations who are serious no time waster.


girlfriday, girlfridayz™ a registered trademark, an award-winning accredited company this includes the service provided by us which are tax-deductible.

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