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Wow Your Customers and be a Star Seller

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

The Sales STAR Principles

This introductory article discusses the Girlfridayz SALES STAR PRINCIPLES a method used in sales to convince customers to purchase your products or services especially if the customer is sceptical and ask you pertaining questions about your services or products or business.

Girlfridayz SALES STAR method is a structured manner of responding to behavioural-based customers questions discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing and highlighting the benefit the customers will gain using your products or your services in a specific manner relevant to their query and it helps you provide more specific details to satisfy the customers need and to secure a sale.

Girlfridayz SALE STAR Principle is a sale model based on our experiences with our customers and prospective customers since starting Girlfridayz and we designed a sale model called SALES STAR Principles which can help you structure your responses and answer your customers either B2B or B2C with the relevant answers to their query either pertaining to your business, services or products.

What are the Girlfridayz SALES STAR Principle

The Girlfridayz Sales STAR Principle is very simple and is composed of 4 criteria which are:

  • Situation - Detail the background, provide a context where, when, what, who and How

  • Task - Describe the challenge and expectation if any and what needs to be done and why

  • Action - Elaborate on your specific action, what you need to do, how you going to do it and what tool you need to use.

  • Result - Explain the result, the outcome expected, recognition, saving, quantity and quality of products or services which justify the price.

Can you see how it is structured, easy to understand and apply to any sales situation when a customer requires specific answers to their questions before deciding to purchase your products or services and need to be convinced and it can be used with any sales strategies such as up-sell, cross-sell and down-sell tactics or comparison with your competitor for the same or similar services or products?

Ensure that you stress the benefit of using your service or if it is a product more the benefit of having the product than the features of the product even though the features of a product as its importance the benefit it provides will make its features shine.

When using the Girlfridayz SALES STAR method it is important not to waffles instead be relevant and specific to what you selling therefore provide answers related to the products or services that the customers querying about, and be knowledgeable about your products or services.

If you do not know all the answers you should inform the customers that you will try to find the answer and provide it at a later date if is OK with the customers or refer the customer to someone in your team who can answer their questions as opposed to provide a lie to acquire a sale or you could outsource the service to another company, sole trader that you work in partnership with or another company, sole trader you know can provide the service or product required.

By outsourcing, you are not losing a sale as such because the customers might appreciate that you refer him or her to another company or sole trader who can meet their needs and in turn, they can decide to recommend you to their friends, family or associate for your honesty and providing a solution to their need at the time they needed it and may come back to you to use your services that you can provide or buy other products you have at a later date. Hence, it is good to look at outsourcing in a positive way as you may gain later. Read more about the benefit of outsourcing.

Also, the company or sole trader you refer a customer to might return the favour by referring a customer to you which is call in marketing the reciprocal principle and work wonderfully with B2B — Business-to-Business, also known as e-biz, is the exchange of products, services or information (aka e-commerce) between businesses or B2C — Business to Customer, sometimes referred to as Business to Consumer, describes the activities of businesses in selling products or services to an individual customer.

Using the Girlfridayz SALES STAR method can help you structured your responses in a more focused and specific manner and help you provide direct information related to your products or services or your business as you answer each criterion systematically following the prompt of each criterion that apply to your products or services and your business as a customer at any given moment can ask any questions relating to your business, products or services before deciding to purchase anything from you, therefore it helps you prepare for any kind of sale situation you may find yourself in and you need to influence the sale toward you and impressed the customer so they sold as a well explain business, services or products including what makes you better than your competitor will often result in a sales of your product or services.

How to get the most of the Girlfridayz SALE STAR Principle

Here are some top tips for using the Girlfridayz SALE STAR Principle to your advantage

1. Be prepared

  • Have a few previous examples of sales-ready meaning you could practice rehearsing situations when you have been questioned by customers and the outcome was positive or negative if negative look at why it was and see how you could be successful the next time a similar or same situation occur. Be prepared to bring a new story back to how you successful help a customer.

2. Be Specific

3. Be Quantitative

  • Back up your successes with facts and figures (B2B customers)

4. Be Concise

5. Be Honest

  • It could be tempting to make up stories, but when the customer begins to ask questions it will quickly unravel that you lying especially if you cannot evidence what you saying. Instead, always be honest and informed the customers of what you know, did in the past or any recognition gained for your effort and contribution, testimonial or social proof.

And finally, that is how you answer questions from B2B or B2C customers using the Girlfridayz SALE STAR Principle. It might seem long but following this method will give you the type of detailed responses the customer is expecting.

Has a Bonus watch this video below which talk about the Boston Consulting Group the BCG matrix is a framework created by Boston Consulting Group in 1970 to evaluate the strategic position of the business brand portfolio and its potential and to help corporations to analyze their business units, that is, their product lines. It classifies a business portfolio into four categories based on industry attractiveness (growth rate of that industry) and competitive position (relative market share).

The Title of the video is a bit misleading and concentrate only on one criterion of the BCG matrix the STAR which also include QUESTION, CASH COW and DOG does not represent Girlfridayz SALES STAR Principle methodology to answer customer behavioural-related query, but discusses the dominance of your business, product or services in your niche to grow and increase sales and remain the market leader in your niche for your products or services and thought it is an interesting share as it is important to dominate your niche.

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Girlfridayz SALE STAR Principle™ is a sale model created by Trisha Amable CEO of Grilfridayz Limited based on our experiences selling our services to our customers or trying to sell our services to potential customers and we noticed over years of selling and dealing with businesses and customers alike that this method of preparation for selling your services or product or a business proposal works and we wrote all the information and feedback we got plus our experiences dealing with customers either B2C or B2B and created and developed in 2019 Girlfridayz SALE STAR Principle™ all right reserved.

I have cherished the ideal of businesses working together in harmony and equal opportunities regardless of their size in a free society in which the concept of market share and support for one another is present. We provide you with the insight you need to optimise your Marketing. Girlfridayz Digital is an award-winning company. Trisha Amable CEO of Girlfridayz Limited©

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