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Case study: How to rescue a website transfer that fail

Case Study

What to do when a Website transfer gone wrong

Girlfridayz was hired to do a website transfer by my customer who bought his own hosting registrar and have a private server and shared server. He can also offer website building for other and provide hosting for other website. He can provide domain name addresses and generate IP address and create sub-domain has he wishes and more.

My customer contacted me on a Thursday 28/07/16 to ask if I could transfer is website from his previous host provider to his own hosting registrar. I replied yes Girlfridayz can package your files and move them to your own server for you but not before Monday 01/08/16 as we are fully booked but have an opening on Monday. He insisted that he wanted Girlfridayz to come now as he lost his website and emails and could not see it in any browsers. Girlfridayz replied what did you do you normally you are still able to view your site on any browsers if you have not moved over any file to your servers.

He replied he created a domain name to put his website file and does not see nothing no website and no email, he may be losing business as he is primarily an accountant certified registered bookkeeper and people can no longer access his website. I replied do not worry your website his still with your previous host you just disconnected your site and move your domain name to your server and connected it without your website file underneath your domain name. So in any browsers it would show empty has nothing is there to show. I will be coming on Monday at 10 am is it ok as I cannot cancel all my appointments to go and transfer your website files and added you will be without your website for about 4 days and more until we fix the issues. Girlfridayz carried on and asked if he informed his previous host to terminate is contract with them. He replied no I did not tell them anything as I paid my subscription and it is still valid. I replied good do not tell them anything until your website appeared on your own servers and it is important not to tell them yet as you can no longer see your website or get your emails. He replied ok Monday 10 am sharp it is really important to me. Girlfridayz replied yes I am aware of the importance of having your website re-publish again and see you on Monday.


The Solution

As my customer move the roof before the contents he was not able to get his email or view his website on any browsers due to disconnected it from previous host and moving his domain name to his own server and connected it. Result nothing to show under his domain name has the files, folders, widgets, databases remain with his previous host.

Monday 1/08 Girlfridayz arrived at my customer office bright and early to tell you at 9.30am, he was so appreciative and notice that I was early tell me to sit at the computer and fix it important. Girlfridayz replied let me explain first what you done and here my paperwork for you to look at and you will need to sign our service agreement prior to us starting fixing your mistake which could have resulted in a disaster if you had told your previous host you leaving as they could have erased all your files, folders and databases of their servers. You did not that good and it is retrievable and going to take sometimes as it is not a quick fix solution and added I need the following:

  • (IP address)

  • (IP address)


                                                                These are example but your old host should give you theses and the people who                                                                         sold you the hostage package should provide you with these too for your private                                                                       server and shared server. Girlfridayz explain what he done by using the moving                                                                         house example.


                                                                I drew a house without it roof but all his content called it old host and a house with                                                                 a roof but no content called it his servers. Girlfridayz explain see the drawing you                                                                     move the roof over to your server but left the content in your old host server. It will                                                           be like moving house removing the roof of your old house and moving that roof to  your new built which is in need of a roof but has no content inside. Essentially leaving all your content inside the old house and moving in to your new house with nothing inside. Girlfridayz added in case of website migration the roof is the last thing you move. You first download your content such as files, folders, widgets, databases and any sub-domain from your old host cPanel/WHM, upload them into your cPanel/WHM in your own server and after either point your domain name to the new server or transfer domain registrar. He replied he has his own registrar Girlfridayz replied I do a transfer and not a pointing job. Which Girlfridayz carry on explaining we moving the whole house over and give it a new address (your new IP address); He replied he understand. Girlfridayz added after I will restore the files, folders, databases, email, WordPress in your root folder public_html and your website files, databases and emails any software associated with it function will show in any browsers. He replied he likes the house explanation you move the roof and left the content in your old house.

The job which normally takes a day or two took actually 4 days to complete and for his website to appears. I first logging to his old cPanel and backup the whole site, I subsequently found out that he tried to backup his website file but did not let it complete and did not backup his SQL database or email either. I informed him you try to do it on your own but aborted and contacted Girlfridayz, he replied why you say that I replied you only backup the site and did not complete there is a record on your cPanel with time and date 27/07 you did that and downloaded some file on your computer. Girlfridayz added I can see them. He replied he use Core FTLE to do that. Girlfridayz replied what else did you do. He logged into his WHM control panel and went to domain and he already had save the NameServes: ns1&ns2 from his old host in there to propagate. Girlfridayz replied that fine I have the solution no worry no disaster as such and added please do not touch anything anymore until I fix it for you please and be patient it will take sometimes.

Girlfridayz them contacted the old host and asked for backup link they gave the address which I had several backup option, the whole site, the database, the home directory, the email. As he is now a registrar and want to offer hosting to people I download every single options of backup even though I needed three to upload on his server own cPanel which are the databases, home directory and email forwarder and save them on the desktop of his computer. The next day I uploaded the backup file one by one using the wizard restore backup of his own cPanel hence uploading databases, Home directory and email forwarder that took a little time and my customers kept on talking saying you need to configure this or that Girlfridayz replied by what you saying and the word you using show me you do not understand what I am doing. He did not reply and asked can you design a form for my website that you can upload on my site them do some lead magnet with CTA button and link them to the page I tell you. Girlfridayz replied these different services that I offer at different prices I code my own lead magnet using HTML5 and JavaScript. If you want to hire me for these we can discuss this later as you cannot update your site has I am transferring it or add any pages plus you call me for Website Migration to your own registrar. Girlfridayz has already discuss with you if you want us to code anything for you it is a different price and I do not do coding for other either. I added I use template to create website and on occasion I am using coding to add little snippet of programming to make the website if the template does not offer what I want to do and the host allow me to add my own js file or html file.

Girlfridayz added if I where to build a site from scratch it will take months but with template it is faster and my customer like that as it is easier for them to update their site if they do not want to use Girlfridayz again to update their site. He replied you not doing anything you sit there waiting I replied look at the screen and the tab bar it is uploading each backup when the green round loading circle stop it will take you back to your cPanel backup wizard so I am waiting it finish and suggest that you do not touch this computer and if you need to use a computer you have several in your office free I cannot do any other work for you while I am doing website migration it takes time I may look inactive but I have to wait. I added have you ever done an installation of an operating system. He replied no I replied it is the same you have to wait until the programme do what it doing them answer questions to finish setting up it takes time. I added I did inform you it not a quick fix solution and there is step to complete correctly for a successful job.

Girlfridayz added you can look at our website and see what services we provide to small businesses while I am carrying on with the job you hire us for and if you want website update just hire this service through our booking online facility or we can discuss your requirement right now for your lead magnet and website update and added we can do your SEO too and Social Media plus business listing. He replied he does his own SEO and showed us that he started and Google business but did not finish. I replied most computing work takes patience and knowledge it easy for Girlfridayz but may not be so easy to other to do or have the patience or to fix problem when they occur or learn how to do so. He replied when his website appeared he will do it. Girlfridayz replied you will need to do your SEO to be found on Google again and social media too. We discussed what other service Girlfridayz provide and he informed us he would hire us again at a later date. Girlfridayz replied thank you for thinking of us and added the upload finish I need to do the next one your Home Directory.

Day three I contacted the people who he purchases the hosting package from and requested the nameserver: ns1&ns2 plus IP addresses details for his private server they provided me with these and added ensure the backup files are also restore in his root folder public_html as it is currently empty with only the default file. I replied I would thank you.  Girlfridayz uploaded all backup to his cPanel home directory public_html folder and his folder apasbusinesssolution as they were already in his ftp_public_html subfolder incoming but the backup wizard did not automatically place them in his public_html folder but was in the CGI bin of his public_html folder. Girlfridayz extracted the file in the CGI bin. Then uploaded the backup and all files and folders, widgets, WordPress using Core FTPLE has Fillezilla ran into a problem. I logged in his WHM and put the Nameserve:ns1&ns2 with IP address to create a Type A record then informed him that it takes 12 to 72 hours to propagate and the next day I come and restore the file and your website should appear.

The fourth day I checked if the domain had propagated but we could not see his website because the backup where not restored in his public_html folder. Girlfridayz restore the backup when finish. I told my customer to open a browser and type and he should see his website. He done it and was happy to see his website. Girlfridayz told him to check it for at least 10 days to ensure every page’s links and app associated to his site work and not to tell his old host that he is leaving before these days’ elapse has problem could occur in between these days after once he is completely sure he can contact them and terminate his subscription with his previous host, he replied he would when ready. Girlfridayz told him to logged into his webmail he did and could see all his email at he was happy and say many people emailed him. Girlfridayz replied start replying you got 4 days or more to catch up on what your customers or potential customers asking.

Girlfridayz is very happy that the transfer was successful and to this day we can still see his website. Hence Girlfridayz solution applied work like a charm and no big issues developped during the transfer apart from filezilla running into a connection problem. When we use another programme it works like charm.

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