Girlfridayz Advertising helps you to achieve better sales.

The power of advertising is immense it can springboard your business to another level and increase your customer base and ultimately increase your revenue. Girlfridayz blog generates a lot of buzz and it's read by 1950 and more people per month our website has over 66k unique visitors so your advert can be seen and potential customers can contact you.


Our Low-cost advertising packages are perfect for small businesses budgets that cannot afford a huge advertising cost to promote themselves to the right audience and can support you with business growth and our packages are perfect for startup businesses.

We offer a full range of promotional opportunities including, Lead Magnet, Tripwire, and Display Advertising. Letterbox Size Banner, Text Ad with 1 link, Ad with Picture and text plus 1 link or video advertising (video of your product or services). To ensure a speedy response please chose the appropriate contact: email: enquiry@girlfridayz.com or call us on 07931089744


For the monthly renewal of the ad placed on our website, we charge a £46.40 fee, however, you can only renew your ad 1 time in 90 days. If you wish your ad to remain another 90 days prices per ad choice apply.

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Affiliate Marketing - 2 Fribiz points

we place your ad on our website for 6 months. If your ad is clicked on and generate sales we charge 5% per sales generated from your ad. If your ad is clicked on but no sales we charge 2% per month.

Placement Price:



Blog Ads

Advertise on our blog 

For advertisement on our blog, it will cost you £690 for placement as your ads are permanent and no possibility for renewal.  2 Fribiz points




Lead Magnet

Lead With A Magnet - 2 Fribiz points 

can be text only or text with a picture or background picture plus a picture and have a button as a link and usually come with a free offer in exchange for an email address. 




Video Ads

Video Marketing - 2 Fribiz points 

For ads containing a video, you will need to send us your video and we can add it to a banner.

Placement Price:



Podcast Ads

Advertise on our podcast 

If you want to advertise on our podcast You need to be a guest on our podcast. You can request an invite.




Banners Ads

Banner Ads bring visibility 

Banner ads are a strip with text only or text with picture or background picture plus a picture and have a button as a link. 2 Fribiz points





Trip away with a tripwire -

can be text only or text with picture or background picture plus a picture and have a button as a link and usually contain an offer or a discount such as a buy, one get one free offer or a 10% discount if you purchase another product. 2 Fribiz points




Display Ads

Display Advertising - 2 Fribiz points

is an ad with text only or text and a picture plus 1 link on Girlfridayz website can be placed for 90 days on one of our pages. 




More Info

Advertising Information

Once we placed your advert on Girlfridayz' website your ads can be linked to a destination of your choice. 


The fees are from £60 per targeted area for three months on any site and a £30 fee applies per additional targeted area. 

You can earn 2 Fribiz points per ad.

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