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For You: Startups Given Green Light to Become Part Of Girlfridayz Family

Updated: Apr 8

Franchise offer
Girlfridayz Franchise offers

The jest of this blog article today is to remind you business owners and startups that whatever you do today will be there tomorrow.

Girlfridayz Franchise offers you the opportunity to start your own company and you have more chances to be successful because the business is established and its foundations are in place. Now, all you have to do is select between the two packages offered.

The Girfridayz Family Package on offer are:

  1. A business support package with all its associated services.

  2. A digital & traditional marketing package with its associated services.

  3. Or a blend of both packages.

Purchasing your investment comes with positive benefits, reward 100% ROI and of course, a set of positive risks to keep in balance the offer of growing your business tomorrow because of today's action.

Today's quote: "You are today and tomorrow because of yesterday." Trisha Amable.

Let me remind you how today is important in your everyday life and business. The reality you experienced is what you saw yesterday — in a nutshell; wherever you are, it is the place to start because the effort you expend today does affect your future.

Here's a simple thought — whatever you will be experiencing in your next ten to twenty years will be influenced by what you do today.

Meaning your friends, family, job, bank balance and living arrangements are all shaped by what you choose to do.

A wonderful example of this comes from, when we accept how true the latter statement is, you realise that aligning money towards a life that lets you do what you want, for as long as you want, with who you choose, where you want, has incredible return and power.

I'm a successful entrepreneur right now offering you the opportunity of a lifetime to invest £20,000 in our Girlfridayz family.

Here's why.

Once my friends asked me to tell them the story about how I got wealthy. I said to them exactly this.

Let me tell you what I have told my friends. I had a day job in London paying 23k per year–above the minimum wage.,.I never ate out and never took a taxi and rode it wherever I went.

My cost of living was about £1000/month, I was earning £1,457 after taxes. I did this for two years, and saved up £10,968 I was 46 years old.

I thought because I had £10,968 I could quit my job and nurture Girlfridayz Limited. I knew I could get many daily, and weekly customers per month to pay for my business costs and cost of living.

So I was free! A month later I was offered a position as a director in a housing association and when told I got the position with all the perks, I refused and nurtured Girlfridayz Limited and I became my own boss.

When I finished telling my friends this story, they asked for more. I said no, my story is inspirational and I'm part of a larger story in the infinite game where the nucleus of your story is part of it too.

My friends said, "No, what about when you've sold your company?" I replied no, it didn't make a big difference in my business.

That was just more money in the bank to reward our franchisees £4000 for every successful recruit to the franchise up to 5 times.

I said to my friends that is 100% ROI right there. The difference happened when I was 46.

Life and your business are a building process. What you do today affects what you'll have tomorrow.

Life or your business doesn't happen in twenty-four hours. No, it is a building process and today's effort creates tomorrow's results.

Whether you stop a nasty habit like I recently did (smoking), whether you spend an hour more with your family, whether you set some goals or save or spend, exercise your body and mind —your decision makes the biggest difference.

The ignorant never see it. Astute business owners and people know it.

What you decide to do today is important like investing in Girlfridayz Franchise and becoming part of our franchisees' community is important.

Because £20,000 initial investment is a sound investment that increases your returns on investment by 100% over a period of time you get back your capital invested.

In effect, you're saving more money in the long run while increasing your income gains by your increase in your daily, weekly customer acquisition per month to pay for your business costs and cost of living.

Today is Important

In life you can get away with being casual and careless for a while but, sooner or later, things catch up with you.

I know this very well because when I was a smoker. I thought nothing would happen to me until I became breathless when walking on occasion or could no longer ride my bicycle long distances without being out of breath.

The day I decided to quit smoking on 29/7/22 I began to improve slowly daily and within a year and two months my body fully detoxifies itself and I am able to ride my bicycle longer distances without being breathless.

Leave your bills unpaid, your work undone and your problems to everyone else and you may appear to manage for a month or more.

Then one day everything comes crashing down and you wonder why it happened to you.

The fun in your life is gone, your work is gone, the money in your bank account is gone and the worst your friend's support is gone and nobody is very friendly anymore.

It's life reminding you that one day plus another has a compound effect on your life increasing it in value or decreasing it because of your daily actions.

Our ideal partners purchasing the Girlfridayz franchise

So knowing this we prefer our franchise family to have a bit of 'get up and go' and be diligent, disciplined, honest, confident, and consistent about their day because they are mindful of what the future holds.

They know if they act with a strong desire to be successful they will increase their happiness, confidence in taking risks as well as accountability and responsibility for their actions and increase their income for years to come due to their patient abilities to strategically lead their purchase business.

Thus increasing my income to reward my franchisees with £4000 ROI for up to 5 successful recruits each.

I learned a valuable lesson early on in my life

I was 17 years old when I played Badminton for my country France and was dubbed to attend the Summer Olympic Games in 1988 if I won the tournament. The whole town was behind me and I felt the pressure of their presence on me winning the game and got over-excited.

I reached the final and the excitement grew louder people were cheering me on. I was in good spirits because I just won the semi therefore I was smug and didn't bank on losing the final.

I knew I was very good at my badminton game and beat all my opponents to reach the final because I was smug I lost sight of the goal and lost badly the score was terrible.

I lost two sets out of three and missed out on going to the Olympics the next year because I was distraught about the defeat I gave up totally and quit badminton altogether and took a job as an au pair in the UK in High Barnet and I stayed there to lick my wounds.

I also learned a valuable lesson from this. I learned that to be a true winner you need to be humble and realise what you can lose as well as winning.

I also realised that failure was success inside out and if I had perseverance I would have been an Olympic champion because I was a natural athlete and had talent.

I learned that talent is nothing without patience, confidence and grit. Because I was committed and a determined player consistently practising to get better at my game but I was also arrogant and so sure that I would never fail that when failure came along I was crushed and ashamed that I ran away to the UK to lick my wounds. I was 17 affected by the cheering of the town behind me.

The takeaway from this early life lesson is; that it is ingrained into me for the rest of my life and running a business requires the same patience, confidence and grit because all other behaviours that you have naturally or acquire are commitment, consistency, determination, and grit.

You need to be grateful for what you have achieved and thankful because it could all be gone tomorrow.

Training offered to the franchisees

You are not left in the lurch when purchasing our franchise package you get training offers and your training is partially funded.

You are offered a free 5-week training course Marketing and its Application to Business a role-play leadership course teaching you the operations of a business...

The second part of your lifetime training is you need to purchase the manual The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination at a discounted rate and purchase its attached Cellar for three months you get 67% off its retail price.

Use the manual during the course of your franchise and the Cellar they have been designed to provide support to small businesses to implement strategies and their business to maximise customer engagement and retention.

Franchise Renewal

The franchise has a 5-year lease and is renewable on our agreement.

If we are happy with the way you are running the franchise and we both make money and there are no customer complaints or few complaints there is no reason for not releasing the franchise.

However, if there is cause for concern about the way you are operating the franchise and the matter is not resolved to satisfaction we will not renew the franchise's contract.

In conclusion, a quote by Trisha Amable "Today is important wherever you are, it is the place to start. The effort you expend today does make a difference in your outcomes."

If you're interested in becoming a successful Girlfridayz franchisee a member of our growing community of entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and achieve yearly profitability.

By all accounts join us today.

To view the official offer click the link below today.

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