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Bonus Support Tools

The Cellar Tools - Bonus support for your business


Cloe is your Payback Calculator and helps you calculate the payback period of your investment in a product line.

Cloe gives you the best of both worlds because you can use Cloe to calculate the value of your investment in a product line and the payback years to gain a return on investment(ROI).


This is useful because if your yearly turnover exceeds the value of your investment Cloe will give you the years of profit you are in.

Investing in a product line to increase your business is always good for business growth.


However, you need to determine if an investment is worthwhile for you and would like to found out about the benefit of determining when an investment is worthwhile.


You can read our blog post about how to determine if an investment is good or not.

Hazel Small Business Credit Card calculator can help you manage your marketing budget spending on your credit card as it is easy to use all your credit limits on your marketing should you decide to use Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tweeter promoting you will need to pay them monthly or a different structure depending on their payment request.

This where Hazel comes to help because if you put your monthly total transactions it will calculate your fee and the minimum repayment amount that your credit card provider may ask you to repay or repay the full balance.

By stimulating your monthly spending you can actually manage your spending on your business credit, by reducing spending to lower cost and interest in effect managing your short-term business debt.

We have our family of business tools and if you are interested to use any one of them feel free as they are free to use and created to support you in your business.

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