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Website Design Service

Business support to businesses & SME's

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Social Media Marketing

Profile Setup with integration

£160 + 2 free posts



Social Media Planning


  Social Media Profile Review


2 Fribiz points per order

Website Migration

Between Host

£360 include SEO relisting

Own Host

£520 include SEO relisting

Site Rescue

£612 does not include SEO

for SEO relisting £300

2 Fribiz points per order

No hosting just design

 Picture Service

30 images £60

Website Copywriting


Logo Design


Domain Connection


2 Fribiz points per order

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Website Add-on

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Free Website Analysis

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Looking to optimize your website, Girlfridayz can set up your SEO for you so you can be found online. we provide you with a free complete website analysis where you can come away with a surcharge SEO plan to optimized your SEO and increased your ranking on search engine. We cannot promise you to be number one as it depends on crawlers and how well your page keywords, description are and the number of links you have.

Tips: Links are like votes the more you have the more you ranked.

SEO Girlfridayz


FULL-SEO - 2 Fribiz points

On-Page SEO: link building, keyword, description, content improvement 

Off-Page SEO: Google analytics,  keyword research, SEO plan 

Per Month:


SEO Girlfridayz


FULL-SEO - 2 Fribiz points

On-Page SEO: link building, keyword, description, content improvement 

Off-Page SEO: Google analytics,  keyword research, SEO plan 

Per Month:


SEO Girlfridayz



On-Page SEO: link building, keyword, description, content improvement 

After two months the full price applied which is £300



I'm Mark your website Add-On

Useful Info Add-On


Add-on for website bundles order. You can add on (blog, checkout) for Personal website bundle, Business website bundle add-on (checkout).


If you want us to do your website copywriting for you or take pictures for your website and you prefer to use our Images 30 package or if you want us to design the logo of your business to place on your website, use Mark the Website Add-On selector on confirmation of your order an email will be sent to us.


If you wish to have more pages added to your website. Use Phobee Extra Pages Selector calculator and select the number of extra pages required a confirmation email of your order will be sent to us.


If you want 10 pages or 15 pages, Website Bundles you can use our order form to order your chosen bundle.


If you want a landing page the price is £160.


if you want a website with fewer than 5 pages ie: 1-4 pages the price is £328.

If you already purchased a website template and you would like us to customize it for you, the price per page applies (£40 per page), and the SEO Startup pack £265


Bear in mind: checkout, Social Media Integration, Logo Design, SEO, and a blog are not included in websites with less than 5 pages and website templates purchased. You can order 1-4pages website using our online presence order form located on our contact us page or under All Inclusive Bundle For Your Site 

To claim the Bulleyes Discount offer found in Fred our Statutory Redundancy Leave calculator just quotes in the body of our contact form Bulleyes0621 and your chosen website bundle and add in which part of the calculator you've found the discount offer. We will apply £157.50 off your final bill.


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All prices shown are the total price to pay — there are no hidden extras.

Prices are based on payment of a 50% deposit prior to project commencement, with the balance due to us prior to web deployment.

The One Offer is a payment facility that allows you to spread your website bundle payment monthly to suit your budget.

Deep Pockets Earn 2 Fribiz points per order.

if you require any more information you can email us at enquiry@girlfridayz.com and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to placing an order online.

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