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You want to get your business in front of more people, and we want to help you get in front of the right ones. With Girlfridayz Ads you can choose from a variety of easy to use targeting options to help you fill your business goals.

I think I found my keyword ! Girlfridayz can deliver messages to users based on their recent social media activities on your site or social media plaform

Wow I found my Geography area ! Girlfridayz can put you on the maps so to speak not in the scale of Google, Facebook or Bing but I have huge amount of followers on my social network so your ad wiill be seen

Follower I have plenty so I can offer follower targeting who are likely to care about your content

Girlfridayz can offer you interest targeting - connect with user whose interest or hobbies align with your business.

Set up your Girlfridayz ADs account and launch your targeted campaign today.

The power of advertising his immence it can springboard your business to another level and increased your customer base and ultimately increased your revenue.

Girlfriday advert forum is more that just an advertising forum. It a place where you can discuss any topic post, reply to comment post an information that you want people to discuss about. You can also advertised on my site and blog

We offer a full range of promotional opportunities including sponsorship, banners, partnerships and market research.

Girlfridayz classified ads for your small business or job advert from £60 fee on Classified ad forum, my website or my blog.

  • Forum welcome small business add here

  • Small Business Ads on the forum - ads can be placed on the Small Business ads Forum for 90 days for a £60 fee

  • Job ad can be placed on the job forum for 90 days for a fee of £60

  • Local Advertising on Small-Biz-Adver

  • The fees are £60 for one targeted area per month on any site up to 90 days. Where after this time your ad will be remove. (targeted areas are the destinations , where your ad is link to) and £12 per additional targeted area per month.

  • You have the posibility to renew your ads for an additional 90 days change content and link for fee of £60

  • We have recently launched a new Offers forum on Classified. Adding your promotion to the topics offers costs £30 per site per month.

Contact me using easy contact facility on the right handside of my site.


The benefits you get his huge I do not charge per click on your ads or how many people view your website. I charge a flat fee of £60 for three months that a huge saving compare to Facebook, Twiiter, Adware, Bing I provide affordable targeted ads to small business and SME's.

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