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Take off with the Core Assets Of Marketing MBA Students and get Higher Grades.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Take your typical blogger for example they blog-blog write-write but have no idea how to turn it into a business. Hence, what do they do — they blog even more but they do not understand that blogging is just a tool to grow your business.

When you tell them something about their blogging habit; they cuss you and carry on doing the same thing over and over again afraid to try something different.

Here's a resounding quote about the latter paragraph by Albert Einstein. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

You do not have to be a great blogger but a good copywriter. It's a good thing to know you do not have to be a great copywriter but just be a good copywriter.

Because only a few of us are great copywriter but every one of us can write great copy that communicate clearly and connect with people.

Good copywriters know this and know that their customers want to hear what you have to say, trust you, and want to know everything about what your business can provide towards their needs. They will only buy from you if your customers know what is in it for them and your products or services can satisfy a need.

Ideally, your business blog should be part of your website as another page on your site or you can use an external blog platform and embed a link to your website.

There are a lot of people out there who appear to be great copywriters. Let's dig into the layer of what a great copywriter is. What you usually see is people who practice become really good at iterating and over the years they become great copywriters.

3 keys Blogging Mindset

As you're sitting at your desk wondering how those people do this—write great copy-writing. I want to talk about three copywriting mindsets that I use to grow my business. I reveal the 3 copywriting mindsets that all business owners need to understand. If you fail to understand these fundamentals, you'll waste months, if not years and never grow your business to its full potential.

"Get them right and you'll be ahead of most businesses who have been doing this for years."

1. Mindset number 1: Copywriting is a tool to grow your business - Take Netflix for example they write simple copy "stream video at home". they do not have to be elaborate they know that copywriting is just a tool to grow their business and their copies convert like a game-buster. That is why they have a multi-million dollar business.

Four examples of valuable copywriting Headlines leading to using our premium services.

  1. "Use Flex and get ahead of your finances before ordering a service on Girlfridayz"

  2. "The first calculator to help you manage your payment before you make them on Girlfridayz"

  3. " You feel in control of your hard-earned money when using Flex"

  4. "Flex is your tool to budget your money prior to ordering our premium services"

2. Mindset number 2: Copywriting I do not have to be a great copywriter but a good enough copywriter. What you need to do is to take what is inside you and write in a way that moves and connects with people.

Your goal is not to fill the page endlessly but it is to get people to say that good enough and feel valued and say "Hey, I want this now". This a really important point. You do not have to be a great writer to be a good writer you just need to write content that communicates to your customers and prospects their needs.

You get the freedom to practice and remember nobody has to see your first draft, second draft or third attempts. What they must see is the end result, it does not have to be perfect but just good enough to get your customers to feel valued and say hey I buy that.

3. Mindset number 3: My customers need to hear what I have to say — hey that's obvious and let us start digging these layers. So many of us see that blank page and we get stricken by our own minds doubting our ability and may begin with such a negative mindset. Like, "Who I am to say anything" or "Why would they listen to me when there are so many great copywriters." or "I do not want to be one of these annoying people who just say buy buy."

Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about your customers. You have unique skills and expertise that they need, so if you do not communicate it as clearly as possible you doing them a disservice.

Think about it like this you spend so many years learning your skills and developing your skills. If you do not do good copy— that is what I call a failure of the last mile. For example: it is like when someone organised a party they prepare everything and send invitations out but days before the party they have forgotten to send reminders to people and then wonder why no one coming or very few people attended. I call that failure at the last mile.

Just like that if you do not write good copy that communicates clearly to your customers you are generating a failure of the last mile because you are not following up with the initial communication and sending another follow-up to ensure possible sales of your products or services.

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Back to University or Thinking to go to the MBA route before starting a business?

La Bootik got you sorted if you're completing an MBA at uni. Let me tell you something, your uni will not band you if you get a head start and get your independent additional reading resources pertaining to your MBA business degree from La Bootik.

Do you know! that they will actually love you for the keen initiative shown towards your study. I am pretty sure that your grade will be higher using The Core Assets Of Marketing With Its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar.

A little bit about your MBA Playbook study guide

Before you click on the latter link, get to know more about what the playbook offers you.

Students love Girlfridayz because they produce results. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students improve their test scores and final grades with these indispensable legacy system study guides.

Master essential marketing strategies and tactics—completing your Master In Business And Administration (MBA) with Girlfridayz Limited a marketing consultancy and business support online company--The high-performance legacy system guides developed by Trisha Amable CEO of Girlfridayz, help you cut time studying, hone problem-solving and achieve your personal best.

Postgraduate and undergraduate students will need to read the book first and master the foundation of Marketing and its application to business about customer acquisition. Learn about digital and traditional marketing including theoretical strategic business models, through storytelling, templates, timeless lessons on customer acquisition and how to influence prospects to become your customers and champion your business...

Postgraduate and undergraduate students get full access to The Cellar attached to the playbook once they have extracted the passkey off the pages of their book. Then buy a 3 months membership from La Bootik prior to entering the details required to log in to The Cellar.

Our innovation purpose comes from answering one question "Most people do not implement what learn in their business and complain of very little sales." After pondering on this question, we developed our Marketing Playbook and attached a dual step-by-step mentoring implementation support system to it, and to ensure the book is read and applied to the business we placed a passkey to The Cellar within its book page somewhere in the text.

Listen to Trisha briefly discussing the Customer Acquisition theory of relativity equivalent — Marketing her latest discovery about Customer Acquisition.

This innovation encourages the reader of our playbook to apply what learn to their business or study, therefore, providing a solution to a problem identified.

Trisha Amable Founder/CEO of Girlfridayz Limited online marketing consultancy company gives you the information teachers expect you to know in a handy and succinct format --without overwhelming you with unnecessary details and covers the entire Digital Marketing and Business course with theory, definitions, problems, stories, templates and more.

Take off with the Core Assets Of Marketing MBA Students and get Higher Grades.

  1. The perfect aid for better grades!

  2. Can be used alone or within a group class or with any other class text.

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  4. Achieve 70% internship apprenticeship learning and 30% career and personal development plan completed and ready for a post in your desired company or remaining working for your internship.

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  7. Get the edge on your classmate! Use The Core Assets Of Marketing With Its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar.


You could also, invest in my ebook "How to Write Attractive Content" which will show How to achieve better sales by improving your marketing copywriting and attracting the right customers for your business.

Alternatively, small business owners reading this blog article about blogging could get their hands on The Manual — The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination and learn what it takes to build a 6 figure online business and work from anywhere in the world by applying its content to your small business and jumping in The Cellar as Melvin Moreland did about a year ago and 2 years ago.

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