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What Do People Want Most in life

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

In your life or in your business

Use psychology marketing in your business to acquire customers and target your marketing to the right customer using the 7 criteria of our Girlfridayz psychological consumers' wants and needs model because if you do take into consideration people's needs and wants you're more likely to achieve sales because you begin to sell them the relevant products or services for their needs. Knowing and using the criteria of our psychological model can help you target the right consumer group within your business industry.

It is the burning question for everybody because it is the only one that comes with a lifetime of innate psychological behaviour most people bear worldwide with value to themselves and seek others to understand these innate values.

if you run a business, organisation, family or home business the descriptive traits of human beings can portray in a lifetime are your customers and vice versa you could be their customers. You always asked yourself what people want when running a business and try to please your customers or potential customers without relating to understanding your customer's behaviour traits. Only when you grasp the above will you understand people and their needs, therefore, be more likely to achieve a successful sale?

Here's a full explanation of Girlfridayz Psychological Consumer' wants and needs model

  1. For everybody, valuable commodities represent a lifetime value only when someone is willing to trade a portion of his or her lifetime for it.

  2. Each of us depends on our upbringing and environment this increase in value may shape our mindset and attention to what we want the most in life.

  3. To some, it is all doom and gloom, scepticism, deep-seated fear, and doubt to be like or worthy of anything or worrying been made fun of and worrying about the slightest thing needing reassurance that they are just fine and will sail through life unscaled.

  4. To most, it is fame and glory and leaving their mark in history or touching the world with wisdom.

  5. For many people, it is the freedom of monetary wealth, because time is not money by itself but it is your life that has value and the people who spend their lifetime providing value to other gains monetary wealth.

  6. For others, they seek approval and respect for professional success, achieving successful sales in their business and filling up their database with customers to ensure constant success the high number and popularity is their driver.

  7. To others the desirability of their sexual partners and the well-being of their offspring, family and friends, and to some the sacrifice of their time for the benefit of those in need.

The event, outside your control and family, your competition is after biting off big chunks out of your lifetime. From controlling the currency, and overcharging you on your gas and electricity use, utilities, food, and shelter, to siphoning your wealth, over-taxation and political corruption these are all life events that most cannot control bringing out in people's distrust and withdrawal from others as they are no longer able to recognize who can bring genuine value to their life and affect business sales and quality of life.

Including the way your competitor used the most common marketing method of first making you feel inadequate and then con you into believing that your desires are necessities killing you with features forgetting the benefit, they are all after the same thing: enhance the value of their own life by stealing away portions of yours.

Most people in business have a lifetime complaint that their sales aren't as good as they hope for, blaming it on the economy, or people not buying, second-guessing their products or services, worried about money, staff, or anything they see fit and seeking answers to the latter by watching videos such as 4 simple ways to get sales or you need to hear this technique for entrepreneur one rule or I made it attend my masterclass I'm going to show you how I did it all these make-believe videos are made to convince you to buy. All these click-bait marketing shady practices are only after a portion of your wealth providing minimal value.

We say at Girlfridayz the only thing who is stopping you from getting what you want in your lifetime or business is your mind. Everybody (including us at Girlfridayz) likes to imagine themselves having, using and owning products and see the value of the product in our life, how useful and valuable it is thus the money paid for such a useful valuable product which answer our need is irrelevant as it provides the answer to our most intrinsic thought and need.

Instead of complaining you aren't getting sales would like to imagine stumbling upon a publication or a book that explain to you the fundamental of sales and marketing without promising you a lifetime of sales and success but encouraging you to trust yourself and giving you the right technique and method to achieve sales, increase your audience and offer your product or service to the people who are interested in what you have to offer and see the benefit of having your product or services in their life, you would be happy and fulfilled.

If I were to tell you that our playbooks inspire you to achieve greater in your life — A Life Hack based on a simple principle understood by everybody worldwide regardless of your belief, want and desire but answer your need and provide a solution to your questions what do people want most in life and provide the answer to this question you would purchase it right now without any concern because people need to be inspired before they buy anything this life.

Would you trust me and see for yourself the value of owning your life a book that gives you the answer on how to increase your customer base and increase your business income to put you in a profitable position? Well, if I tell you it is true and guarantee you will find the answer to your burning question, how to grow my business? because everybody in business or in their life wants the same thing: respect, transparency, honesty and a solution to their deepest fear, doubt wanting to be reassured and encourage that if they fail they have the right technique and method to get back up and try again, persist until successful as only consistency in action and positive thought bring the desired outcome in people life and enhance other people life, as life is a transaction and we need each other to grow.

Get your absolutely FREE version of your Playbook today and commit to three months of Cellar use.

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