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The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination

Everything you need to grow your business Quickly & Cost-effectively is in the self-help manual—What not to like?

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Our latest survey revealed that 98% of business owners read business books and eBooks. That's just fantastic. Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman of Ogilvy— advertising expert, recommends The Core Assets + The Cellar: A winners Combination for small business owners and startups that wants progressive results-oriented marketing strategies and tactics. 

Another proud moment at Girlfridayz book drive.

After sending to Lawrence Bacow President of Harvard Business School The Core Assets of Marketing With Its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar, he was immensely impressed that he viewed it 43 times and replied after a week: "Thank you for writing to President Bacow and for sharing a sample of The Core Asset of Marketing With its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in calling our attention to your book, and we wish you all the best. Amy Fantasia". 

He endorsed our book and — The Cellar — in recognition of the amazing innovations found in this book for undergraduates and postgraduates.

The books everyone talks about

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Why reading is important for business owners and startups? Because you increase productivity through acquiring new knowledge. Whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up business, an employee, or a student, every day you put your best foot forward you are closer to your goals.

Explore a range of personal & professional development e-books, business templates, short courses, books and playbooks, to take you to the next level. We support learners' start-ups and small businesses to achieve their potential through learning at every stage of their business life to achieve better sales.

Most business owners and startups when it comes to personal development it's sort of like this they knows our resources unleash the heuristic in them to get to the overarching results. This is the power of reading business and marketing books, e-books, attending courses or using progressive templates and guides...That give the results desired—What not to like