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Each month a new e-book, template or course is released, we like to keep it a surprise, hence it is top secret until the third of every month before your free or discounted e-books, templates or course is delivered to you. We will send an email corresponding to the business information the e-books discuss, the skills level to execute and the knowledge needed if you are a start-up or an existing business along with the download link or discount offer. To be eligible for the monthly giveaway register a free account on our store.

Why reading is important for business owners and startups? Because you increase productivity through acquiring new knowledge. Whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up business, an employee, or a student, every day you put your best foot forward you are closer to your goals.

Explore a range of personal & professional development e-books, business templates, short courses, books and playbooks, to take you to the next level. We support learners' start-ups and small businesses to achieve their potential through learning at every stage of their business life to achieve better sales.

Money is no object when it comes to personal development that leads to business development and an increased conversion rates by a sizeable % over a period of time. This is the power of reading business and marketing books, e-books, attending courses or using progressive templates and guides...