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There's No Secret in Business

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Sea Weasel Otter - There's no Secret In Business
Hard Work and disciple are what you need to succeed

There is no secret in business but only systems in place and marketing will increase your sales. The other major most important ingredients are working hard, discipline, patience, hope, rest plus knowledge and skilled at what you do will bring you success. Oh, I forgot to mention that it is mighty important not to give up at the first hurdle and to have consistency in action and speech, also to meet your customer where they are at and provide a solution to their needs will always be a winner for any business. If your customers are happy, they tend to share this happiness with others and recommend you to who want to hear it. Therefore, it pays to put your customers first and provide excellent products or services as they help you meet your cost, increase sales and ultimately business profitability.

Positive Mindset a Must

A positive mindset is a must in business. Why are we saying that at Girlfridayz? it is because without a positive outlook on life and your business you will achieve very little results as you do not believe that you are successful or remotely think that you'll be a tremendous success.

Having a positive outlook on your business and a strong belief in yourself, your skills and abilities will help you achieve greater sales, acquire customers and market yourself correctly to create a niche for yourself where you can thrive and achieve maximum success within that niche and be a step ahead over your competitors as you would have found a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

With positivity come courage and grit to navigate in business because as you move toward your business goals hurdle may come your way in any form or shape to stop you in your tracks these are known as roadblocks and they are real.

Roadblock are placed by people either be the naysayers, the do-gooders, the government, the trolls, keyboard warriors, your competitors, your staffs and all others type of nasties nothing to do with you per say totally outside of your control but if you are insecure and doubtful these will be people who will kill your business in a flash and leave you full of regret. Lack of courage in the face of adversity is always a killer of all hope and dreams.

Therefore, having a positive mindset is a must to achieve business success over a period of time and acquire sales, business sustainability and profitability.

Love Your Products and Services

You should love what you do it makes it easier to sell and talk about it to your potential customers or customers. It may be obvious to you but we should stress this because if you do not love your products or services you just do it for the potential money you can get, I am afraid you will come across just like that to anyone you talk to about your products, or you will miss out vital information to convey to your potential leads and miss out on a sale.

When you reasonably love your products or services you are able to be informative about it, highlight the benefit of having your products or using your services more than the features of your products. Hence people tend to feel your passion about what you do and will be more likely to purchase anything from you as they can feel that you know what you talking about and that you love what you do.

The Right Price

We mentioned price because it is an important part of the business, you need to charge the right price to your customers or informed your leads of the price you are charging for a service or product. The price should be clear and fair for the products or services you offer. Usually, quality product or service command a higher price that because of the excellent quality provided and durability of the good. A lesser quality product or service command a cheaper price as the quality is below par and you may need to replace the product often enough due to its cycle of life.


Only a few businesses experienced exponential growth, and it is actually 4% of businesses which achieves this usually in a very short amount of times maybe within 1 to 2 years. For most businesses, the growth rate is a slow-burning process but a steady one and takes time to develop and grow your business. Hence being realistic about your business it is important so you can gauge your progress and see clearly where you can increase growth or where your business is at.

In business time is the essence and it is mighty important so do not waste your time needlessly when running your business, avoid unnecessary distractions and be patient as if you work hard and acquire discipline in no time you will see your business growing steadily and within 10 years you be looking back at the big businesses you have built and marvel at your processes and strategies in places including your systems and any infrastructure.

Within 20 or more years you be a veteran in business if you are still there and you have moved with your time to continue business sustainability through times and more years you may achieves even the century and more as well as having other people (the right people) carrying your business name, your brand in the future as you are a household name known worldwide.

If you find that you do not have enough time during a day to do all your tasks and you cannot manage in the time you allocate yourself or allocated to you it is because you are becoming too busy and you need to manage your time. If you have a team delegate duty to others this way you free up time for your most important tasks and you also enable someone to acquire new skills, they may even be better at it that you are and therefore more efficient.

It is good to outsourced some tasks to others business too, you are sharing the work and you pay this company to manage part of your company tasks you then free up times to do what you do best and the company you outsourced the work to does what they do best. Outsourcing helps you grow your company and have tasks completed on time.

It could also mean that you are not prioritizing your tasks and you are not determining the tasks which are urgent, non-urgent, can be done later or can be done in a longer period of time. Prioritizing is a must if you want to be proactive and increase your performance and ultimately the company performance.

Lack of organization contributes to poor time management too. If you not organise you cannot complete all you have to do during a day or a week because all you see is that pile of work and put stress on your mind resulting in no effort being made to attempt to finish the work in front of you as you become demotivated and unable to complete your tasks or just do them half-heartedly, or hurriedly and usually miss out on vital step or presentation of the information and it shines brightly in its execution.


In business, you need to promote your business if you want to be known and people to know your brand. Promoting yourself is not just one time or you do it until you are successful. It is not because you have a good customers base and some loyal customers who just love your brand that you should stop advertising your business, a particular product or services to the masses.

Promoting your business it is marketing your business and it has various names, you need to advertise your services and products on various medium either traditionally or digitally whichever medium chosen is needed for business growth, customers acquisition, and business longevity.

Word of Mouth is the best form of promotion to use and promotion of your business live as long as your business life cycle.


All business incurs costs and costs is part and parcel of running a business, some business has a huge running cost and other a low running cost but in order to acquire profit you will need to lower your cost meaning that your income should be higher than your running cost and profit will come.

To keep your company profitable, you need to apply saving cost, therefore, reduce your cost or getting rid of thing you do not need to run your business and are costly to keep. Your staff's bill is the biggest cost in your business, therefore, ensure that you only have the require staffs you need to run your business and do not keep unnecessary staffs not needed. Some business has too many staffs and not enough work to give and some business have too little staffs and too much work for the staffs and they overworked as they do three jobs in one. You need to strike the right balance with staffing and decide how much you need to do a particular job for you and how much you will pay for the job they do.

Bear in mind that the minimum pay you can give to your staff is the minimum wage plus London weighting and you are not allowed to pay less than the minimum wage for their age. You can pay above the minimum wage if your business can afford it and that will also help with staff retention on occasion.

You are legally obliged to keep a record of all income and expenses your business gain or incur If you do not you can be penalized and that could be an unnecessary cost to you. when you record all your incomes and expenses you are able to see what products or services make you the most money and the one which makes you the least of money. That help you discontinued not selling products or promote them by offering discount or tripwire or lead magnet offers to potential customers. You can look at the price and may be lower or raise the price as it could be not selling because the product is perceived as too cheap for what it worse or the value expected for the product.

All business has what called running cost which is are necessary costs to run your business as an example an online business running cost will be the cost of your hosting package yearly and the internet connection, plus landing line and broadband. if you are your own host you still have the cost of the company who provide you with the hosting package and the latter. If you not the website developer, you have the cost of the developer including the maintenance of your website plus any network you have set up internally and the electricity cost. Without these costs, you cannot run an online business.

And has your business progress you will add more necessary cost such as your business insurance for peace of mind or depending on the nature of your business it is a requirement to have insurance and licenses. There is all type of other costs a business incurs some permanently and some temporarily. Therefore, you need to sales a lot of products and services at the right price for what you offer to pay for your cost and if you pay for your cost in full and there is money left this is profit on the sale price.

A business can make a marginal profit and a yearly loss and business can make a marginal profit and a yearly profit too. You need to give yourself a target to sell a certain number of products or services a month if you exceed your target you definitely are in a profitable position.

If you cannot pay for your cost is because you are not selling enough unit or your price are too low or too high or you operate in the wrong niche where people do not need your services or products or you have too many competitors offering the same or equivalent products or services in your niche. In these cases you need to review your plans and come up with new strategies and tactics to enable sales of your products or services.


You need funding to grow or start your business and how much funding will depend on what you need in order to grow and where the money will be used for. You can have start-up fund to start your business to help you set up your Brick and Mortar business or your Online Business to meet the earlier cost requirement and acquire your stock and staff if needed at the start, the rental of a space in a building or purchase of it all depend on how much you have available to start-up with. You also need your equipment, your stationery, your office and whatever else you see fit and necessary to run your business.

If you start a service business you do not have stock as you are providing services but you still need the above. However, if you set-up an Online Business depending on your business nature you may need to rent or purchase a warehouse to store your products that you sell online if you not providing services, and staffing to manage the delivery of the goods bought online.

Funding for growth in business is usually for helping you meet your cost and pay for the business debt if any, acquire new stocks, refurbishment of premises if they belong to you, pay an increased salary or wage to your staff, pay your tax bills to the government. It's also used to invest in the stock market to acquire quick fund if it does not fail and you lost all your money. It's also used to purchase share and bonds or to fund any other money scheme some of them insecure and some secure and trusted.

It is needed for most areas of your business and to look after your operational and executive staffs who work tirelessly toward the vision of your business and trying to achieve your business goal on the daily, ultimately taking care of your customers and sales of your products and services.

In Conclusion

We say at Girlfridayz that it is all click bait marketing when you see event invitation to teach you about business either be online or offline and called it a secret instead of using a better title which will have the same effect to give you attendees to your event as if someone is interested in learning the in and out of business and known strategies and tactics used in business for centuries which work to acquire customers or more sales does not need to be foul with I'll reveal the secret in getting customers without selling or the secret to a successful business.

These are all bad marketing tactics to acquire the most customers and bring people to think there is actually a big secret out there.

Well sorry to break your bubble but there is no secret but just hard work, discipline, consistency in action and speech, positivism and pro activity, organisation and prioritising including time management, delegating notwithstanding outsourcing, diligence, integrity and trustfulness. These are all well known and applied on a regularly by successful people it's not a secret you learn that as you grow up and either you take it on or not it all about you as a person and that reflects on your organisation, your business, your performance, and your business ethics and ethos.

People who used click bait marketing do not believe that they can achieve or acquire customers, leads or inquiry without click bait to attract unsuspected people to attends and what they only try to do like the rest of us in business selling our product or services that all. There is no secret in selling without being selling whichever strategy and tactic you use are call sales.

Now if you want to acquire the most sales you need to be persuasive, use psychology marketing and be true to people, informative about your products and services, honest in your dealing, genuinely provide solution and support to your customers and they, in turn, will recommend you to whoever wants to hear it, become your trusted advocate and re-use your service or product as they felt that an excellent service or product was given to them.

In Brief

At Girlfridayz we think that if you like the content of this blog post you may share it with your friends, and family or associate so, in turn, they share across their network to bring awareness to the masses that there is no secret about business Just strategies and tactics preferably using the 9 cores asset of marketing and the 11 strategies which gives 38 combinations in total.

If you wandering what they are you can always be curious enough and purchase our Playbook The Core Asset of Marketing Revealed for business which are looking to expand their business and The Core Asset of Marketing Reveal Startup Kit for start business which are looking to expand their business and are stagnant.

Here a hint if someone tell you go and cut that tree trunk for me in half and bring me 10 branches. They give you a bunt saw or a faulty electric saw you attempt to do the job but with much difficulty too has you have a blunt saw and a faulty electric saw you are actually becoming physically tired and probably made a dent in the trunk of the tree.

They did not give you a sharp saw and a good performing electric saw plus did not tell you the technique and method to cut a tree trunk. You find yourself out of depth tired and demotivated probably give up they set up to fail.

The same goes for marketing if you do not learn the right technique and method and if you do not have right the tools the 9 cores asset of marketing and the 11 strategies that works and proven to works as seen in life just look around you it's tangible.

You set yourself to fail over time or remain small and stagnant as you using a blunt tool. With the 9 Cores asset of marketing and the 11 strategies that work using the 38 combinations success is guarantee as you would see a difference in your sale figure as time goes by as I said just look around at huge businesses you can be there too.

The benefit of purchasing our Playbooks is:

  1. you get the right technique and method including the how to increase your revenues.

  2. We gives you a sharp saw, the right technique and method to achieve sales over time and grow your business exponentially like the selected few businesses the 4% using the Core Asset of Marketing and the 11 strategies on the daily.

  3. The right tools to expand your business and help you change your existing marketing practice by applying the right technique and method will increase your revenue over time

If you are looking to expanding your business today click here to get your very own playbook and be amaze at what you can achieve.

In an after thought why not

comment and put your take on the business secret subject and start a discussion about business and its in and out so new people in business can learn too why not helping the millennial burnout which makes shocking reading but interesting to see how people can put a huge amount of stress on themselves just to be part of society or feel they are part of it.

To avoid the millennial burnout in business or burnout you need to learn to take breaks mighty important and also delegate you cannot do everything even if you think you can, bosses to give reasonable deadline , reduce the workload put on one person and insist they take breaks to avoid your workforce to burnout on you that will result in no sale because most of them will be off plus more cost does not make sense too much pressure is applied onto people for them to be stress out so much at such a young ages and burnout.

You need to ensure that you have restful day after running your business during the days and limit your use of social media platforms you do not need several accounts on one platform where will you find the time to update all of them and write a quality interesting post about what you do. You need to use the social media platform best suited to your business.

Outsourced some tasks to other companies to alleviate company stresses and workforce burning out, this way you also develop partnership and relationship with other companies. In order for your business to grow and prosper you must take care of your staff as they are the one who brings you closer to your vision and business goals.

On a side note

Take time to think: it is the source of power. Take time to read; it is the foundation of wisdom. Take time to play; it is the secret of staying young. Take time to be quiet; It is the opportunity to self-reflect. Take time to love and be loved; it is the lord greatest gift. Take time to laugh; it is the music of the soul. Take time to be friendly; it is the road to happiness. Take time to dream; it is what the future is made of. Take time to pray; it is the greatest power on earth.


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