The Benefit of Outsourcing

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Outsourcing is about bringing the best person to do the job to enhance your company.

Your job is not to do all tasks by yourself but concentrate on what you do best.

You cannot be every person in your company and do all jobs because either you want to save money, or you do not trust other to do the tasks that will free up your time to do what you do best.

Your job is to hire the best person in each role so that an expert in what they do is taking care of each part of your business for you and that’s your super power of outsourcing and you’ll soon find that you are less stress and able to concentrate on what you do best.

You are the organ grinder of your business hence outsourcing some tasks to a competent person is a smart move and you will not lose control of your business either but gain invaluable support that you truly need as you physically cannot look after all crucial areas of your business by yourself and some tasks will automatically fall by the wayside.

It is very easy to want to be the bigger person in your business who oversees everything and even does all the menial tasks or do the bigger tasks all on your own thinking you’re multi-skilled and do not need anyone.

It might be true, but someone might even do it better than you with another technique and experience in what they are offering so you might overlook on your best opportunity because you are unable to outsource or delegate tasks.

If you do not outsource to save money and thinking that if you do everything on your own you will have lots of money but in fact you won’t because the saying to cheap is expensive is true and you’ll soon find out that you are spending a lots more time doing tasks that might become important and need attention now thus neglecting other important tasks which can be very costly and detrimental to your business meaning you begin to waist your precious time and time is money.

As the leader of your business you should be aware that you need to spend money to make money that why the power of outsourcing is your trusted friend who will ensure that all background tasks which are mighty important to your business are done smoothly professionally and timely so in turn, you gain more money because you have the time to do what you do best.

If you decide to outsource or delegate and then watch the person blundering your concept and implement something totally different than you intended and your choice was solely based on price because they were cheap the saying you pay for what get is true.

The only problem with that situation isn’t that they are doing it wrong, though. It means you put the wrong person do your tasks, or you didn’t explain your requirement well enough. Take responsibility and accountability for your action, take power and control.

When you hire Girlfridayz we become an extension of you.

  • We understand your requirement and think similarly as you.

  • We can pre-empt your decision in some areas.

  • We work based on your value and our values.

We become another part of you – your trusted friend you can rely on

Your clients and colleagues wouldn’t know if it’s you or your right-hand person updating your business processes (business plan, marketing plan, contingency plan or starting one up for you) or updating your social media platform, blog, doing your admin (chasing your unmanageable debt, invoices or creating a policy for you etc), building your website or updating your website site, completing your SEO basically ensuring that your business is finely tuned.

Do not underplay and underestimate the value of outsourcing and give us a try to see how good we are 07931089744 or email

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