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Tips: Preparation is the key to elevation - So Plan your future business dealing

The truth about start-up business many fails within their first year due to lack of planning. Learn from experience to avoid failure and turn your idea into a real business with the help of Girlfridayz overcome your fear and act today. We cover everything from business plans, marketing to sales, budgeting, keeping records. If it is the price who scares you spread the payment and kickstart your business effortlessly now.
If you already started and you trading for a few months, a year or two, you may not have a Business Plan or any plan ready to look at. You probably jot down on paper your goals and work out how many hours you worked to make a sale. Try Lucky our Weekly Wages Calculator which is a useful tool to help you get organised and start your records.


Business Plan

Planning for success - 2 Fribiz points

It is vital to have a business plan as it helps you create the foundation of your business and formulate your idea in a concrete manner and helps you to acquire funding.

Price per task:


Target Market

Survey your prospect - 2 Fribiz points

Completing a survey allow you to gather people opinion and help you decide if your business is viable or to find out if people would want to see this new service or product.



Marketing Plan

Sales & Marketing - 2 Fribiz points

It is vital to have a marketing plan for your business where you highlight your sales strategies and tactic and expected sales as a result.

Price per task:


Record keeping

help you budget - 2 Fribiz points

Recording your income and expense help see your progress and saving cost. We start your record keeping sheet either on excel or google sheet and automate the process.



Planned content

Content Strategy - 2 Fribiz points

Goals setting for your business is mighty important plus breaking them down into manageable and actionable objective helps you to plan strategically and see where you heading.

Price per task



Startup Kit

Sales and Marketing - 2 Fribiz points

We have put this Startup Kit Playbook together to tailor it to businesses who want to implement systems that work in their business. This Startup Kit Playbook gives you proven methods and techniques that work to grow your business.


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