The real value of a gift What matters most: the gift or who has given it

Can you value the sentiment behind a gift, even if you don’t like it?

Imagine this scene. A business lady walk into the Dragon Office and want her products, or business idea, back by the powerful investors, her simple, business plan, marketing plan or products demonstration—such as the one portrayed in the Dragon Den TV programme fail at odd with fully comphrensive informative and solid content marketing analysis done they want to see. Suddenly all the hard work put in this presentation and demonstration become mindless to the eyes of the investors. The mother return home disappointed and did not get the fund required to grow her business.

The mother hands her son some of her home-made bread. She has heard that he has had a rough week and believes that this sandwich will comfort him. “Thanks, mom,” the son says without looking up. He sets the sandwich on the table beside him and continues typing on the keyboard.

The mother shuffles around the house for a bit and returns to her partner study with I went to the Dragon Den to get finance for the business no luck I need my business plan updated and marketing content strategy in place, business card run out, we need some flyers done and stationaries. Her partners opens the plastic container and hand her a gift voucher from He said she can help you with all this and you can redeem the voucher on any services that you need.

“Ma,” the son protests and munches on his sandwich. He is irritated but clearly used to his mother ways

“Why did you ask daddy the gift was for me he said he going to get me a T-shirt and a cap with my favorite word and picture on it, what with you why you doing this?” he scolds. “We can easily get another gift voucher for you to use make good business card, flyers and your stationary VGF can do this for you and send it across to you.” Ma replied with this temper and tone of yours I can get you some stress ball to press in your hand for christmas to realise all that anger with your name on it and your favorite picture you get instant good feeling.

Purchase a gift voucher on VGF and redeem it on any service that you need or your love one need. The beauty of it it expired in 18th months and your balance it there to use whenever you want until you use all it value. So your next calendar sorted, business card sorted oh design stress ball handy to relieve stress

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