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What is the role of Marketing Consultancy Agencies

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

This article discusses the role of marketing agencies, firms, or companies. A marketing agency works with clients to increase their marketing impact in the marketplace and pertaining niche where the customer business lies.

A marketing agency typically supports you create business planning processes and managing marketing campaigns supporting the client to access the right audience for the product or service provided.

Various marketing agencies exist in the realm of marketing meaning the marketplace is crowded, and to get a competitive advantage over your competitors you would need to make a difference in your services provisions.

Digital Marketing Agency

The term broadly means that all services are provided online using the internet to reach and engage customers and prospects in your services provisions. A digital agency's role is to do the latter for its clients.

Traditional Marketing Agency

The term traditional marketing born out of the birth of digital marketing. Traditional marketing means that all services are provided offline using materials to engage customers and prospects in your services provisions. A traditional agency's role is to do the latter for its clients.

Services customarily offered by types of agencies

The table below depicts a holistic view of the services commonly associated with marketing agencies. However, not a full representation of all services offered as some agencies offer more services such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) the science and art of getting traffic (free and paid) to your website from search engine networks, and more.

Full Digital Marketing Agencies typically offer you most of the digital services. For instance, a company focuses on your website traffic and would more likely provide SEO, SME, CRO, website content management, review management, and Social Media management. Some full-service agencies like WebFX offer specialized services in areas like SEO, PPC, and more.

Specialized or Boutique Marketing Agencies focus on some digital or traditional services provision and could be offering you the following. As an example, Adler provides Traditional Marketing only mainly promotional Gift and Teamwear. Some companies specialized in one aspect of such as Shay Rowbottom Marketing main service is Social Marketing and her focus is on one platform (Linkedin) and video marketing. Other companies could specialize in All Social Media platforms including website building and maintenance.

Hybrid Marketing Agency typically offers you a step by step marketing system composed of some digital and one or more traditional marketing services. As an example, a website design agency primarily design your website and maintain it for you, and offers you numerous digital services such as social media profile creation, integration, updates, lead generation, and SEO. This could include business support services in the form of standalone business support (blog, marketing courses & business publication...), business planning as well as print marketing and business processes.

Some Hybrid Marketing agencies like Girlfridayz specialized services in areas like website design and SEO, business planning, business processes, digital and traditional services. If you would like to invest in several specialized services of Girlfridayz you would need to budget your marketing needs as some services are priced differently for each service.

Traditional Marketing Agency generally offers you public relation management and branding positioning of your brand locally, national or international. This could include radio and TV advertising of your brands, as well as designing a brand campaign for a product and finding the best medium for the product that could be a billboard or poster, TV commercial, radio commercial, newspaper, and magazine as well as using omnichannel techniques to make your product and company visible to the masses. Such as inside2marketing

Ultimately, you need to determine your business goals and budget available before you contact the best type of marketing company to suit your needs.

Now you aware of what a marketing agency provides here a video which might help you choose one.

The Benefit of using a marketing agency

3 marketing agency benefits

If you are not convinced that a marketing agency is good for your business these three benefits could help you decide.

Marketing Agencies support identifying result-driven strategies

If unsure about which services and marketing channels are best suited for your business, a top marketing agency would be able to advise you and help you create an overarching marketing strategy to drive the best result for your business.

With solid strategies in place, you can better evaluate the impact of your marketing campaign and you would be able to garner the channel that contributes most to your goals.

Marketing Agency help you implement and manage campaigns

If you lacking the technical expertise needed to launch campaigns, marketing agencies can assist you. Your company would get access to industry experts who can effectively create and manage your campaigns, so you can focus on managing your business. Effectively saving time, and your business can leverage the expertise of the marketing agency to position your startup and SME for long-term successes.

Marketing company monitor and optimize campaign

Marketing strategies require patience, consistency, and continual monitoring, as well as market testing and optimization to ensure the best results. Therefore marketing agencies are more likely to keep at the heart of your campaign.

If you are unhappy with the result from a specific channel, a marketing agency can help you adjust your campaign or channel into the service that contributes most to your goals to achieve maximum success in that particular area.

Why choose a Hybrid Marketing Company

Three benefits you get using Girlfridayz

A hybrid marketing agency offers the best of both world

Girlfridayz a hybrid agency is a one-stop-shop for everything from website design, social media, SEO, business planning, business support, print marketing, and more.

When you work with a hybrid agency like Girlfridayz you get an account manager with years of experience and you won't have to worry about jumping from company to company to access common digital services and offline print marketing as we can manage all your campaign in one place with our services offered and we give your business an online and offline presence.

A hybrid marketing agency integrate strategies for the best results

A hybrid marketing agency becomes helpful should you want to invest in numerous services and strategies for the best results.

You have access to experts in various marketing channels bringing their combined expertise to get you the best result.

In addition, a hybrid marketing agency helps you remain sharp; if a strategy does not work they can quickly change it and channel marketing spends the tactics and strategy to another one that could get you ROI.

A hybrid marketing agency can save you time and money

At Girlfridayz a hybrid marketing agency offers you bundle website design services and other business planning services flat rate as opposed to an hourly rate and discounts for investing in multiple specific services.

At Girlfridayz you can save money by accessing our standalone business system support services. You get free business advice on every area of business from our blog to our online store where you can purchase topical marketing & business e-books for a minimal price.

At Girlfridayz you will also save time by working with one dedicated expert to manage numerous marketing campaigns from the start-up of your business to the growth of your business. With your business planning, your online presence by building your website, maintaining it, and even migrate it should you need it, your SEO optimization. Then your social media presence and lead generation as well as your business process admin services and your offline print marketing.

Can view our client's testimonials and what they say about Girlfridayz Limited and you can access more reviews on Google about our business and social media if you could find any.

How much does a Marketing Company Cost?

Marketing Agencies' costs vary greatly depending on the type of company and services you chose. While some agencies charge hourly bill for services, other will charge a flat rate for projects bill and others a percentage fee on your ads spend.

In general, you can find cheap, value for money and expensive marketing agencies that offer similar or the same specialized services with varied differences in service quality and customer value for their spend.

Depending on the stage of your business and your goals the cost can be cheaper or expensive if you are a startup business, SME, or a larger business.

Research the marketing agency service

It's best to run a search on the services a marketing agency provides to determine if they would be right for your business.

If you want to redesign your website and invest in local SEO services to gain more leads, for example, you unleash the services of a hybrid digital marketing agency like Girlfridayz. On the other hand, if you are interested in creating a TV commercial, radio advertising, or newspaper and magazine advertisements, a traditional marketing agency is better suited to your needs.

It's a good practice to review various marketing agency website to see the services offered matches your business goals.

Review the agency' pricing

You would want to make sure the marketing agency's pricing fits your budget. Keep in mind you get what you pay for in terms of marketing results, hence be wary of marketing agencies that advertise "cheap" services.

A company like Girlfridayz offers value for money and transparent pricing, so you know how much you can expect to pay for our marketing agency services. We leverage exclusive data and expertise to maximize client' ROI.

Check the agency's location

If you prefer international, national, or local marketing services, it is important to check out the marketing agency locations in relation to yours as if you prefer to meet with your marketing agency in person, you will want to choose an agency near your SME or Startup.

Keep in mind that some companies have many locations, so be sure to check if they have an office near you.

Many agencies including Girlfridayz offer virtual meeting technology that allows clients to interface with our staff easily, no matter their location providing there is no language barrier.

Look at the agency's results

When choosing a marketing agency partner, make sure they're capable of the result you want. Spending some time reviewing the marketing agency's clients' testimonials, case studies, portfolios, and reviews, stories, business awards, accreditation as these provide social proof of the agency's ability to drive results. A hybrid marketing company like Girlfridayz is an award-winning and government accreditated company.

If a marketing agency does not publish its reviews, it is not necessarily a red flag and you might consider them last in your final choice it may mean the company a start-up and they do not have any social proof as yet but it does not mean they are not expert in their marketing services area and it could also mean they are hiding their business or they get word of mouth review and referrals but does not publish them. You have to do other research than just looking at reviews to make a choice on our good a company could be for your business.

Make sure the agency drives results for itself too. If you're looking for a website design company to build your website look at the top of the search results or other pages if you see them, you want to choose a top-ranking agency.

For example, if an SEO Agency doesn't not rank, they will not be able to help you rank either.

You could also base your choice on the company's visibility and if they are seen everywhere on the internet or offline chances are they would want the same for their clients. If the company is not visible or barely visible chances are you may not get the best services that can get you a result.

Consider the agency's experience

Next, make sure the marketing agencies have experience with the marketing services you want, as well as your industry. While some marketing agencies market themselves as "full-service", they do not necessarily provide digital full marketing services and don't always have experience in a particular service or niche.

Take a look at their website if it engages visitors to views their services, reviews, and social media, mentions ensuring they're equipped to provide the service you need. If their website is not appealing and difficult to navigate or you get stock by marketing sign-up screen or constant pop-up it likely that this company is not customer-centric.

At Girlfridayz, we have 15 + years of online marketing, business support, and print marketing experience. We are experts in a range of services we provide and industries and we are a customer-centric company, committed to ongoing learning so that we can stay at the forefront of marketing development and contributed to the marketing industry as a whole and you can access our marketing models tuck-in in our marketing playbook The Core Asset of Marketing with its Dual Implementation Support System, also available on Amazon.

Connect with the agency's staff

Finally, before choosing a marketing agency, spend some time talking with their staff. Are they knowledgeable and friendly? Do they take time to understand your business and business goal?

If not, you can cross them off your list of a possible marketing company to use. Talking to the staff can give a good idea of what it's like to work with that marketing agency.

At Girlfridayz Limited, our staff is a direct extension of the clients' businesses. We world closely with you to drive the result you want, our business is customer-centric.

Girlfridayz Limited is Hybrid Marketing Agency

We hope this post answered your question, "about the role of a marketing agency" and gave practical advice for choosing the best type of agency for you and your business need.

Ready to take the next step and partner with an award-winning hybrid digital marketing agency?

Connect with girlfridayz to start driving better marketing results today!

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