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Search needs your keywords to find you

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Search needs your keyword to find you because if you don't have any on your website nobody can find you and your visitor count is zero or very minimal.

This introductory article discusses SEO and your website. Often enough you see on the internet article about the importance of SEO but people still complain of a low visitor count.

The answer to this problem is that people either do their website on their own to avoid paying a professional website designer or it could be that their website was badly designed by a wannabe website designer who is fairly good at making a website look good on the surface but the website engine is left to desire and charge you a very cheap price to do a bad job which becomes costly in the long run.

The latter happens more often than you think and the age-old complaint re-occurred over and over again. Meaning too cheap is expensive and that saying has been verified over and over again, yet some people still go for cheap website design thinking they saving money, the delusion is set they are not saving money it is just an illusion.

At Girlfridayz we wrote a special report titled 26 common website design mistakes and how to fix them the report discusses the latter problem and tells you how to fix it.

What is a keyword?

Keywords are the words that defined your website content. In terms of SEO, they're the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called "search queries." If you include everything on your page—image, video and links...

Keywords are necessary for website design and they are neatly inserted inside your text content, your description, your title, subtitles, pictures, videos, buttons and any other links. These keywords are what is called SEO (search engine optimisation).

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With Google updating their algorithm all the time, it is important to keep your website content updated. If you don't keep updating your website it can quickly become obsolete. I can tell you of two case studies where my customers refused to update their website design and contacted me panicking asking me to fix the issues developing with their website.

In both cases the code running their website was deprecated or the template used no longer existed or the ASP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript version used was updated. The solution for both customers was to salvage what worked and hired me to migrate their website to a new host and they hired me to redesign their website with less content because these websites were built 10 to 15 years ago and both owners no longer had copies of their previous content (internal business processes).

At Girlfridayz because we are an online business it is important for us to keep updating our website to remain relevant and move with our time. It is equally important for you business owners to move with your time because if you don't your online presence can disappear and you are quickly forgotten.

Keeping the content up to date on your site helps build trust between you and your customers. Most likely, customers rely on your site for useful information on whatever market you are in. Updated information also helps build domain authority.

Book a website consultation if you are concerned about your website update.

To reinforce the importance of keeping your site updated watch this video, you don't want to end up like my two customers' obsolete websites because one has two new websites designed by Girlfridayz one as a recovery solution and the other website designed was a new business venture (Property website).

My other customer still doesn't have a website because his previous website design was a forum/social media website and he could not afford the cost of building such a larger website design.

Website design is a specialist technical job and the price should reflect this

You should be worried or wary if a website designer charges you £250-300 for a website design with all elements included and that includes your SEO too in 2022 these prices were already cheap in 2007 for a very small website.

The businesses that offer these dirt cheap prices are not professional website designers (a webmaster) and 10 times out of 10 con artists, or you end up with a badly designed website with very poor functionality because if they cannot price the specialist technical skills they are not specialist technical skilled website designers, I am afraid.

I can tell you about my long-term customer who had his garage website designed by a con artist who charge him cheaply to design his website. The host owned his domain name and also was in charge of the maintenance of his website and the web hosting link was no longer valid.

My customer was paying him by direct debit for the regular maintenance of his website. My customer was not aware of any issues until he could not access his business email anymore. He hired us to fix the issues and at Girlfridayz we found out that he had been con.

When I asked my customer could I please have the host's details? He gave them to me but the number was no longer in use, the link to the host was leading to a porno site and the second link to a clothing website, and his garage website was used as a front the links were German.

I told my customer what I found he swore that his business was a garage and he was not aware of the porn or clothing websites. He was furious when I told him the host is nowhere to be found.

I contacted Nominet and they told me who was the host after having run a search to find out who owns the domain name the owner was Mohammed from Calsystem (the company folded).

We helped our customer to get ownership of his domain name and he hired us to redesign his website after cancelling the direct debit to his host bank account, he regained his business email and his domain name which was migrated to a reputable web hosting company recommended by Girlfridayz and he successfully managed to get some of his money back after reporting the con to his bank.

He had to pay Mohamad £44 when we had a meeting with him after he received a call from Nominet telling him to contact his customer about domain ownership which my customer had to pay through Nominet because Mohamad claimed that he didn't pay for his domain name and he owes him maintenance money. However, Nominet find out that the website had never been updated and only the phone number was changed.

In hindsight, I got the job because prior to my customer contacting me over his lost email, I went to his garage the previous year to offer him to redesign his website because it looks dated and he told me Mohammed looking after his website for a long time now and he will ask him to update his website. See how he trusted this hosting company with his website.

Mohamad still tried to get the redesign of the exmotors website from my customer after I told him about the con and told him that he should be the owner of his domain name, not the host and that he never updated his website but he paid maintenance fees for years because he told him I am sorry and I do better next time that's 6 years I am taking care of your website.

Mohamad told me at that meeting that he was the website designer local company for the Camberwell Area in London and I should move away because he is trusted by all the residents who used him.

I replied you managed to take advantage of so many people wow that shows how many people are gullible about website design.

My customer said to Mohammad of Calsytem get out of my sight before something happens to you unexpectedly and he added Girlfridayz Limited is now in charge of my website design and maintenance Trisha is honest you are a thief.

My customer was totally oblivious due to a serious lack of knowledge and expertise in website design and Mohamad took advantage of him. When my customer discovered my website design offers All-inclusive Bundle For Your Site and Budget Website design he picked budget website design and paid for all add-ons needed for his small website design.

View my customer's two testimonials about his website redesign written about a year ago and 4 months ago.

In conclusion, it is important that your website design content has keywords in it and that your SEO is done for your business to be found in search queries. It is best to have your business website designed by a reputable professional website design company like Girlfridayz Limited and it is important to update your website design because you leave it vulnerable to hackers, you run the risk of your website being obsolete, customers leaving you due to broken links, your number no longer working or invalid email, poor design and look... sometimes it is not the price you are charging the factor why your visitors and orders count is low.

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