Contextual Links Are Wonderful For Your SEO

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Do you know if Links are good or bad for you? Every where you go on the internet and look up at internet pages, website, blogs, forum etc there is links, after all you would not be able to navigate the web without them you be stuck on one page with the use of the back arrow of your browser to get out or the cross on the tab to exit, that if you using Chrome.

Another thing did you know Google penalised bad link which mean your website may not feature in their directory or pick up by crawler or search engine even if you have the best SEO optimisation and best keyword that does not guarantee ranking right to the first spot. Yes nothing last forever in the older days we could get away with bad link but serious change in Google algorithm and the introduction of penalty one might be careful how they link there pages or anchor themselves because the leaches will be penalise such as the Penguin website a good example of bad link.

In a blog post for example it best to have minimum link and contextual link which flow with the text but bring your reader to the desire page or product you want them to read, comment or sell. Just like my latest case study on How to remain calm under fire when a customer become abusive or the introduction of my new 45 pages e-book on How do you determine if a link is god or bad. This is a good question actually we click on link daily in our search for goods or information but do we actually know if they good or bad for us, our computer, SEO, snooping on your competitors, improve ranking, SEO or just make us disappears and swallow by the world wide web. There is only one cure for your raised curiosity just clink on the purple contextual link in my post.

These links does wonder for your SEO and ranking in your quest to attain the top. The "nofollow" in text too help but not too many of these. I do not want to let the cat out of the bag so I let you discover the destination of these links both information are interesting if you care about customer care for your business and your website positioning, visibility and search-ability on the web.

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