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SEO - A Step by Step Guide

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Everybody online these days either be running a blog or their website to have a strong presence online you need to get on the SEO — chat and it's not Snap Chat, it's a story, which need to be told in simple term.

So here it is you build your shiny website or a developer such as Girlfridayz did it for you. You need to get on board with the giant Google, Bing, SERP which will take care of your listing on the World Wide Web and you need to manage your expectation along the journey as the prize goal is to reach the first place but hey, not everybody make it and no-one can promise you to bring you to number one, because there is no guarantee to get there but what it sure is once you verified your site with Google, Bing, SERP you are on board of this infinite game the SEO game.

Get Started

Meta tag: add a keyword in your meta tag, then add up to 3 to 4 keywords in your description part of a neat content pertaining to the story of your site. In your Title you add a keyword either H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 these are your title and subtitle tags they do introduce a topic of discussion.

Next on your journey to Search Engine Optimisation colloquially known as SEO land and on your journey you get to the main body; this body should be well prepared and informative, user friendly, useful, providing value to your visitor. So you want it to be know as you are the newbie in SEO land or the veteran you need to follow the process and you keep hold of it.

In the body you should be having your keyword in your text not too many has it as an avert effect and will be penalised kind of stuffing a turkey for your Christmas dinner but Keyword stuffing it a no no in SEO land.

To get the balance right make sure that you have up to 5 keywords to a maximum of 20 keywords running part of your text in a paragraph or a long text and have some anchor link to make sure you redirect visitor to the page you want them to view. Links are of golden value the more you have the better your SEO will rank.

Again make sure you do not have too many or triple links because these types of link are bad news kind of Mr Meana on his way to ruin your SEO story and penalised you along the way.

Be careful who you contact to help you with your SEO not all are good some are bad so do your research and stack the deck or take our word for it contact Girlfridayz the expert and get your SEO startup offer .

Visibility a must

The best way for visitor to find your house is with a little push from Google. So to ensure your site shows up in search engine result well a bit like the Yellow Pages Book of the Internet you'll want to invest some time in SEO land and get to know the neighbours.

To ensure visibility of your website you need to adjust a few thing to be part of the scenery and you will be more visible to Google, Bing and other search engines.

Within SEO land there is what called on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You need to know them and be part of their story they help you to get discovered and set you up on your way, that why you need them and learn quickly how to fine-tune your website to be part of their story.

  • On-page SEO: refers to everything you can do on your website to help you rank higher.

  • Off-page SEO: refers to actions you can take on other websites to help boost your site’s ranking. These include getting links from other websites, writing guest blogs, posting on social platforms or writing in forums.

Once you master on-page you can give your site another boost by diving into off-page optimisation as well.

Picture That

Everybody love a picture because picture represent moment in time a story and when you look back you have a smile on your face. In SEO land picture and video are of importance too they tell your story and SEO love that so to help spread the love put ALT text in your picture and Tooltip, the same goes for your video hey, do not forget about them they are major player in this infinite game.

Trick and Tips of the trade to get ahead

Select great keywords

To participate in the land of SEO you need to choose great keywords, or longtails which are phrases that visitors or your customers are Googling when looking for your business, article or someone similar than you.

Once you've made a list of your target Keywords, you do want to use them throughout your website and this way you optimised your content you do know that content is king and consistency follows suit.

Using crawlers and bot Google scans your site, they read your text very carefully. So you want to use your keywords generously throughout your content, particularly in important places like your headers.

In SEO land everything simple and natural so ensure that your content sound and read natural, flows like a beautiful story.

Stack the Deck

Choose SEO-friendly URLs. When choosing your domain and naming each page on your site, keep your users and Google’s bots in mind.
In SEO land your house address is what is pick up straight away and the first thing they see.
Hence your domain name should be short or long but not to long. It's human nature we wired that way, people tend to remember easily short word or short domain name. The very long one tend to be difficult for people, it's like your brick and mortar business name or online business name keep it short and sweet.
In SEO land one need to know that the name of each page will be part of the URL so try to include keywords in your domain not ten of them but the one which is relevant to your product or services.
A good example of friendly URL:- It might be better to do this let say Barry's own a shoe store it will be better for him to have or another example of a good friendly URL, we even opted for Google removal of the 3 www's which give a slightly quicker access to our site. We are dedicated to SEO land as I say we are the expert you could get the offer.
It is far more better to do the latter than oh lord that would be ever so bad meaningless basically useless to your visitor and resulting in far less knock on your door.
Use keywords in your meta tags

After they look at your URL, search engines read your site’s titles and descriptions, also known as your meta tags. No clue what a meta tag is? The title and description are shown in Google search results below each website link so your site visitors may also read them to determine if your site offers what they want.

In SEO land this is what people see when the search result are up. the Meta Tag in another word your description and title will not be visible on your website page, they are for search engine only and they show them proudly in the land of SEO.

It good to be of the unique kind so remember to write unique and descriptive texts for every single page and be sure to incorporate your keywords as much as possible – but again, in a way that sounds natural.

Write descriptive alt text

Google can’t read images so they use alt text to understand what’s depicted in the graphics or photographs on your site. These brief written descriptions are a great place to use your keywords and your business name! Learn how to add alt text to your images with Girlfridayz.

Submit your URL

In SEO land if you want to make sure your website gets a once-over from search engines? Once you go live, send Google and Bing an invitation to come scan your site by submitting your URL directly to them. In a click, you can get your ranking underway by telling them to read and index your site.

In SEO land the way to submit your pages to Google and Bing is to use internal links. These links help users navigate between the different pages on your site and they’re great for SEO. Just like a human visitor, search engines will click on links to visit different pages on your site.

You can use hyperlinks to send users to your contact page, your online store or to any other place on your site and even to another URL which is know as external Hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are clickable words that take users directly to a different page or different website.

Calling all bloggers! Internal links are particularly important for you. Use internal links to send your readers to other relevant blog posts such as your about page, your purchase page for a specific item you’re selling online or related articles that you may think will generate interest to your readers.

Make sure your content is shareable

If your content is popular on social networks, Google will take notice. The best way to help make this happen is to include share buttons on your website. It should be super easy for anyone reading your website or one of your blog posts to share it on their own social media profiles.

Learn more:

  • Add a Share button from Pinterest Box

  • Add a Facebook Share button

  • Add a twitter share button

  • Add a Google+ share button or any other platforms you're using

Make it mobile

More searches are performed on mobile devices than from laptops, so as of 2015, Google decided to give bonus points to mobile-friendly sites.

If you want your site to show up on the nearly 60% of searches performed on mobile phones, you better make sure it’s mobile-optimised.

Include your contact information

If you run a local business, use your address and location-based words throughout your website. This will help search engines to know how to show your site to potential clients in your geographical area and help your Local SEO.

Even if your business isn’t location-specific, it’s important to clearly display your contact information on every page of your site. It helps build your credibility for Google and makes it easier for your customers to reach you!

Read more about Local SEO in our next episode of the story of the land of SEO and how to improve your local SEO and boost your foot traffic — watch this space.

Meet your on-page sidekick

You may have heard of Girlfridayz SEO Website Support and a few used us for their SEO optimisation on a monthly basis because face it you entered SEO land you need to get updated either on a monthly or 3 to 6 months with new keyword, description, Title or remain the same but update your on-page SEO we just updated our Website Support Page have look and discover our 2 new plans Rolling 30 and Pay as You Go

You could also take the offer oh I tell you what it is:

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Enjoy reading the story of SEO land, if so just click here and contact us to ensure your site tell a beautiful story to your visitor.

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