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SEO Marketing How to survive google update

It is important to update your SEO and ensure that your website is optimised so you can be found on search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others and survive Google update of their algorithm which tends to happened frequently.

In this article, we going to discuss the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Has time progress Google and other change their algorithms to include new development such as Social Media and Mobile platform given preferences to mobile site and responsive website design which can be seen on all screens such as desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone hence it makes sense to optimise your SEO so you can be found online.


Since the birth of the internet in 1990 when it became a more recognisable form, the web permit you to access data online through website and hyperlinks and the web assist popularisation of the internet among the public, and served as a hub to access the vast amount of information that most of us use on the daily as we know it. This have enable the search engine creation and their primarily function is to fetch pages of website to be retrieved and presented to the searcher so they can access the information they want at a click of a button or link.

Keyword and phrases

Keyword and phrases are word or phrases that a searcher use to query a browser and the Search Engine return the query by listing the found page. So keyword or phrase called long tail are relevant in order to find your website, or blog post, on any devices used.

Some claimed that keyword has lost there importance but it is not true at all without keyword in your website content or your page title, subtitle or URL will not help the search engine to found you, hence keyword or phrases place strategically in your site or on any blog post written will optimise your SEO and the likelihood is your page will be on the listing it may not be on the first page at first but it is there which meaning you are indexed.

Overtime if you carry on doing your SEO correctly by updating keyword and remembering to insert them in the prominent relevant place you achieve domain authority and your page will pop up but may not be on the first page after the paid advert has organically you can achieve a good ranking position.

But beware of what called keyword stuffing IE: too many keyword or phrases on your on site-content or blog post get penalised by Google amongst other bad practice.

Content & Ranking

Your website content is mighty important as Google use E.A.T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) which the measure they use to increase or decrease your ranking or showing your page on the web by updating their algorithm.

Therefore these updates can affect your ranking in a positive or negative way if you do or do not meet the criterion. If you want to know more about the E.A. T you can found the information on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

Therefore your expertise, knowledge and skills in your subject matter should be demonstrated within your content as a quality rating factor of your website content and should be truthful, informative, trustworthy and consistent and relevant to what you provide either be services or product.

In a Marketing stand point If your content is valuable and provide a solution to the visitor of your website you are more likely to attract prospect and achieve conversion as well as your ranking will improve.

Links and ALT in Picture

Links are mighty important in your website and they build your website architecture and link your pages and on-page-content together and ensure your website is access from the web with off-page content linked back to your website. They allows people to navigate within your website easily from one page to the other at ease and see all your content that you want them to see.

If your link structure is done correctly people can navigate your website without any difficulties and go from pages to pages without noticing, fill your form or read your content, contact you for more information and exit your site at ease too.

They can read long content without the need to scroll endlessly to the end of page with Anchor link, and with Back to the Top link they can easily jump up the page. With Contextual link you can direct them to another page on website to read that content or perform an action such as purchasing anything you selling on site, send them to another site and if your link are keyword too well that beautiful for your SEO too and the next and previous link allows the user to go back to the previous page or the next page just like if you reading a book, the menu bar link allows the user to use your site by topic and go to that relevant topic and it a good practice that the content of the page written under your menu match the topic written in the menu.

The Alt in your picture and Tooltip tell your reader what the picture is all about. Alt work at the back-end it is not visible to the naked eye but it is there and it only be visible if the picture is not appearing for some reason the ALT will display the text you wrote instead about the picture. It also very relevant for search engine because they can found your picture with it ALT only.

In contrast Tooltip are visible if you place the pointer of your mouse on the picture it will shows the text that you wrote about that picture and remain for a second or two and disappeared.


Backlinks are also important for your SEO has if someone link back to your site often it bring up your ranking too or if someone allows you to guest blog and place a link back to your site that also good for your SEO. we have written a blog post dedicated to backlink titled

Site Architecture

Without any links on your site your website has no functionality at all people will be stock there on the first page and all they could do it scroll up and down and click on the red cross on the browser tab to exit your site.

It is the same if you have too little links structure. However if you have too many link or double or triple link with pop up pages ads obstructing the main content it is consider back practice and penalised by Google has you have black hat SEO instead of White hat SEO. The double or triple link will not increase your ranking either these days so no need to try because your site will not be listed at all.

Here a video from Google Quality Review Team speaking about what is consider a good relevant website.

A link can take the form of picture, a button or text on your page and you can link a whole paragraph or the entire page if you wanted too, they also have pertaining colour to determine if they have been clicked on or not and they are usually underline if it is a text link. However you can remove the underline and your word or phrase will still be a link.

At Girlfridayz our links does not have an underline on our website text link because we do not like it so we ensure they have a colour (bold pink or light green) to notified our content readers that it is a link. If you want to find our about Girlfridayz accessibility visit our customer service page

Social Media

Social Media platform take prevalence in SEO amongst your blog post and link structure. Hence ensure you update your post regularly too. Is no use to have a business social media page and it is not updated or has no link back to your main site has people use social media so often and love to comment and be connected to like minded interest in a cluster of small network or group where the nomenclature of the day is social media chat.

So ensure your business is part of these communities of like minded user and participate in the conversation your business will get known as you form relationship with users and they might be curious about what you do and want to know more about you. Your business might also be in a position to help and provide a solution to their needs.

Forum Website

Ensure your business participate in the conversation on forum website in the relevant topic section offer your service or product if permitted has forum website have rules therefore follow the rules created by the forum owner(s).

Places like Reddit can be a good source for customers acquisition as you can basically can found anything on Reddit so be careful with who you associated your business with it can kill your business reputation in an instant due to perception and association.

You can join local forum such as the East Dulwich Forum for people living in south east area in London. Your local forum can help you increase your prospect and sales helping you segmenting your niche and you can provide your service or product to the local people in Dulwich area.


SEO are important to be found online whether you have a blog or a website, forum, social media you need to be listed on search engine to be found that how it works if you do not do any of the above do not be surprise that you are not listed at all.

If you are not listed at all it is because you are either penalised or no SEO at all or little SEO is done or you have change your domain name or your URL change and you did not update the changes on search engine hence the search engine, the crawler or bot cannot found you to update your listing online. Which result in junk pages and not necessary useful for people to be link or duplicated content.

In a nutshell SEO is part and parcel of your website, blog or forum if you want to be part of the World Wide Web you need to get listed and provide evergreen content, informative, useful and solution oriented always become valuable to people who visit your website.

If you found this article useful do not hesitate to share it, comment . Girlfridayz

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