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Nudge— The New Marketing Call To Action.

Updated: Nov 3

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Nudge Theory (Tayler, 2018)

This article discusses Nudge the psychological buzzword of 2023; everyone on it like hot sauce with honey toasted bread—How small changes can significantly influence people's choices—a marketing topic of choice. Because we gravitate in the direction of our dominant thoughts.

A nudge is an aspect of people's decision-making process that alters their subconscious and conscious behaviour predictably, without forbidding any options or significantly changing their incentives.

For example, we wanted more clients to benefit from our website Bundle all-inclusive for your site. We re-arranged the choice architecture of our all-inclusive website bundle for your site and placed them at the top of the page and the budget website at the top-bottom of the page.

Nudges are typically viewed as low-cost, behavioural-informed choices. They tend to provide solutions to various business problems. This means that nudges are easy to apply, and are relatively effective allowing people to make their own choices; like the latter example, most clients and prospects opted for the all-inclusive website design option rather than the costly cheaper option—budget website.

The ease of their usage caused widespread adoption in both private and public sectors, in fields like finance, education, marketing and health. Because of their prevalence and influences, it's important to grasp them.

This article will attempt to learn more about nudges, show you how they work, and see what you can do to implement them in your business to increase sales and revenue.

Example of nudges

  1. Placing near the door of a room in an office building a sign reminding people to switch off the light before they leave the room is a nudge that attempts to remind people to save electricity consumption.

  2. Another nudge could be for teachers to send their students via email a message telling them that their class project is due in a week and that the first student to return their project on time gets a reward.

  3. Nudges can prompt people to take better care of their health. For example, sending a reminder to schedule a dental check-up doubled the rate of people who signed up.

  4. Nudges can prompt prospects to make better financial decisions. For example, placing the credit poster on my homepage choice architecture of services offered, helped many of them access Girlfridayz Credit to get up to £3000 credit to use on our service this move doubled the rate of people who applied.

  5. Nudges can prompt business owners to pay attention to their audience on social media by reminding them about who will be their audience for content that they intend to post, helping those business owners to make better decisions regarding what to post and where to post it.

Nudges can help you make better choices like suggestion prompts to boost sales.

Team up with a professional that specialises in business growth

Grab the attention of people searching on Google

Create a Facebook and Instagram ads campaign to reach new audiences

Team up with a professional that specialised in website design and SEO

Nudges can help people save more or place an order for a service or products they needed but did not order because they forgot or just did not know it existed or were frustrated with the order form presentation—asking for their details before placing an order— frustrated many people.

Changing the salience of certain options on an order form can encourage sales of goods 10x as Best Buy experienced recently and was the talk of the town with $3,000,000 in sales. We recently caught up with the trend at Girlfridayz and removed the annoyance of our online order form—a much better customer experience—and this move had a positive effect on our sales.

Changing the choice architecture of options can influence people's decisions, for example, to encourage sales of newspapers in a supermarket the staff place the shelves with the newspaper at the entrance of the shop most people pick one by default.

In conclusion, because there are many different types of nudges, which can be used in different types of contexts, there is no single mechanism that explains how nudges work. However, nudges are usually based on the premise that people are imperfect decision-makers who display systematic patterns of deviation from rationality.

Therefore, by changing people's choice of architecture which is the content in the realm of their decision-making, hence, it's possible to influence the decision that they make and some people are more susceptible than others.

Girlfridayz can influence your sales with our services because we can insert nudges in the work we do for you to increase your customer base and revenue as we contribute to your attainment with the work done for you. Therefore, it makes sense to team up with a professional that specialises in marketing and business growth.

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