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Attract Paying Clients Using Girlfridayz Ads

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

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You want to get your business in front of more people, and we want to help you get in front of the right ones. With Girlfridayz Ads you can choose from a variety of easy-to-use targeting options to help you fulfil your business goals and your ads would be placed in our popular business blog only.

Keyword targeting

I think I found my keyword! said Melvin. He'd follow Trisha's advice and use Google Keyword Planner. Melvin wanted to use the Keyword find — Attract. He asked that we use it in a way that attracts clients to his business.

Melvin's ad done by Trisha said "Attract the ladies with your pimp-up ride by Melvin's custom car wash and grow your entourage."

Ads done by Girlfridayz can deliver messages to users based on their recent social media activities, on your site or your social media platform. Consider the latter ad message about Melvin's car wash; who does it attract to his business? It is obvious that his target market is young men with their first car and it suggests that using Melvin's custom car wash its clients get more out of the car wash. Curiosity strategy is at play there.

Geographic and language targeting

Wow, I found my Geographic area! said, Stacy. Where is it, Stacy?

Oh, Trisha, it's in Bromley—My shop is Custom Made Jewellery Just 4 U. Do your magic and make me shine.

Stacy's ad done by Andy said "Bromley's local custom jewellery shop 50% off sales get you ready just in time for Xmas gifts. Come in! My friends and experience Bromley's friendly custom-made jewellery offer—just 4 U."

Girlfridayz can put you on the maps so to speak not on the scale of Google, Facebook or Bing but I have a huge amount of readers because of our blog's popularity; so your ad will be seen and clicked on. Consider Stacy's ad message about her early jewellery sales ahead of the Xmas rush. Who does it attract to her business? It is obvious that Stacy's target market message is broad talking to Bromley's local people. She is placing her business amongst the local businesses of the Bromley area in London.

Follower targeting

Girlfridayz offers targeted ads to ensure that your ad gets in front of the right crowd for your business. Your ad could feature stories and you could target different prospects and turn them into raving customers who cannot stop speaking about you.

Which stories do the latter? well, you have personal stories—that reveal who you are so people can relate to you and trust you. You have case studies—that prove that your service or product got results for your customers and the last story you could use is anecdotes stories that change the beliefs of common objection people have for not buying your products or using your services.

Expand the titles and discover how these three types of stories can help you build a presentation of your business with these stories woven in to skyrocket your business success.

A Personal story that sells

Case Study that proves Girlfridayz marketing service got results for my regular customer

An anecdote that shifts the beliefs that stop people buying from Girlfridayz

Listen and discover why we have created —The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination and what's inside by getting your own copy. Listen to our video and get to know why we created the manual for small businesses in the UK or anywhere in the world provided they understand English.

Here's an anecdote that shifts the beliefs of my indirect competitors who told me, that my prices were too cheap back in 2016 and ended up giving the best review about The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination and The Non-Obvious Explosive Idea That Work.

Ayo Benson contacted me to tell me that we are providing the same services in marketing and I was too cheap and would not attract many small businesses to my services.

The convo went like this:

Me: "I am just a year in Ayo thank you for the tip".

Ayo: "That's ok; good luck with your services, Trisha and I learned and I charge about £10,000 minimum for my services"

The telephone conversation ended. Forward to 2023.

Ayo invited me to his marketing event via email on 30 May 2023 and the headline goes like this "Hey Trisha A big announcement and a small change to make a big difference"

Ayo: "Hi Trisha, FPMG Mastermind is a network of business leaders running companies from manufacturing, finance, digital marketing, restaurant, wellbeing, fitness, pharmacy, properties and professionals etc; The group’s first conference is subsidized for the community and I am extending that invitation to you."

Me: "Hi Ayo, It has been a long time since I attended one of your events. However, on this occasion, I cannot attend due to other commitments. Can you do me a favour, Ayo? A business guru like yourself and author of Goldmine of Your Mind-Your Fast Track to Abundance, you would appreciate this gift from Trisha of Girlfridayz Limited - The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination.

We only request that if you like what you've read you refer it to your peers and use the strategies and tactics plus stories, and templates as well as jump on The Cellar business support membership for only 3 months... I attached to my reply email my two books; The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination and The Non-Obvious Explosive That Work —eBooks version.


Ayo on 2 September 2023: "Hello Trisha, Your books are very good and I would like to give you a review on them, where is it published? Please let me know and I will do the needful. Take care"

Me: "Yes, of course you can. Thank you Ayo for liking my book's content. Here's the link for placing your review, thank you. Click here to place a review on our website, Ayo, thank you. Here's the link where my books are published."

Ayo: "Review done"

I went to my testimonial on my website and read this:

Ayo's review: "The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winner Combination and The Non-Obvious Explosive Ideas That Work These books are excellent and very well written in a language everyone may understand. The ideas are practical and there is even a process to help readers implement them. I strongly recommend them to business owners who are ambitious to grow their businesses. Well done Trisha."

After reading Ayo's review of my books, I immediately replied to his email:

Me: "Thanks a lot. For your sincere heartfelt comment on my two books and your comment will surely help sell my two books."

Ayo: "You are welcome Trisha."

This story tells you how I got my prospect to read my two books and review them as requested and his email suggests that he may purchase a copy because he is asking for my publisher. You can see that my email follow-up caught his attention and influenced him to do what I wanted —a review of my books after having read them. Therefore, I got the result I wanted.

Girlfridayz Small Business Advertising

Girlfridayz can offer you target ads that connect with users whose interests or hobbies align with your business. The power of advertising is immense it can springboard your business to another level increase your customer base and ultimately increase your revenue. We offer a full range of promotional opportunities through branded merchandise, custom design and UX design for your ads or two use online on your social media our ad services include sponsorship, banners, partnerships and market research.

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