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Updated: Aug 28, 2023 get the Core Assets + The Cellar the best marketing books for startups, SMEs, and MBA students on digital platforms and offline.

Customer Acquisition is mighty important after all C=NC2. Find out how we arrive at this mighty theory of customer acquisition by playing the Girlfridayz Limited Bingo game.

Here's how it works: focus on the golden egg striking picture and answer the bingo questions in this blog post.

Start Girlfridayz Bingo and you might just be the next big shot that people love and use.

What is the number of The Leads, the small pungent read featuring 15 new business trends?

Hum ladies where is the sexy butt?

Men, have you spotted the busty women?

Conversion is what you need for growth - what is the uplifting number?

Explore what the world searching for right now, what is trending and being curated. You will discover that marketing and its application to business is the latest trend and Gen Alpha and Gen Z are all over it because they want to learn what they don't know and knows that; impossible for the unwilling.

This sequencing and sociological move follow a nomenclature that needs educating in Marketing and its application to business to talk to their audience and educational academics are focusing on Gen Z with generational analysis having moved from a foundation stage, young people fitting this generation and seeking an MBA (Master in Business Administration) believing that it is the right way to start up a business following the academic path.

Girlfridayz thoughtfulness developed the Core Assets of Marketing With Its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar that contains Girlfridayz15 and contributes to the advancement of the Marketing industry by proposing timeless theories of customers acquired through using strategies and tactics through various communication channels to bring out content that speak naturally to the reader engaging in its content permitting the implementation of its content at ease for growth enabler purposes.

The latter was recognised by Harvard University Business School - President Laurence Bacow who endorsed the latter read; saying this: "Thank you for writing to President Bacow and for sharing a sample of The Core Asset of Marketing With its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in calling our attention to your book, and we wish you all the best. Amy Fantasia".

Accessible are various distribution methods to distil your content to your audience but your content needs to appeal to the right audience for your offering. Meaning a professional service business customers who respond to different marketing messages than products orientated to a specific audience will use different marketing messages, however, the strategies and tactics are similar but distributed in different manners.

After all, both Gen Y and Z have already been referred to as Millennials by demographers, writers, commentators and bloggers and amongst these Gen are the informal who are not academic and actually loath academic learning but prefer heuristic learning and other forms of education but later on the dropout do want to progress and grow their small business or start up a business.

This is the best marketing book because you will love the writing style easy flowing and very implementable a doodle with a slight degree of difficulty.

You might not be astute enough to grasp its content because most people forget that it is all about context, circumstance, persuasion, and consistency is what works in Marketing and speaks to people.

Behavioural psychology nudges that The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination gives you in its natural speech content that even the non-techy and non-math or non-believer in themselves or procrastinators will absolutely love because this is the only book in the world attached to an online support resource system The Cellar and gives you Girlfridayz accreditation if you manage to grow your small business income by 25% in 18 months using our Marketing and Business support system + The Cellar.

Explore what the world is searching for right now quality content in media presentation that is useful, thoughtful and professional communication to the business audience that is relevant for the searcher of products and services answering the needs and providing a solution to a problem identified as a suitable solution bring out emotional outcomes and feeling of happiness because they have stumbled up greatness and welcome the solution given open arms.

Girlfridayz Limited celebrating Girlfridayz15 — 7 years as the #1 personal Marketing book of all time (The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination and The Core Assets With Its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar) created for UK, French and American readers who love learning about Marketing and Its application to business.

The Non-Obvious Explosive Ideas That Work — helps you implement its content using modern technology to digest its content and apply it to your business attracting the right audience in huge numbers like bees on honey either doing the waggle dance or joining the crowd they progress nonetheless at their own pace and successful at every step paying attention to details and grounded.

If you're squeamish these highly recommended books for business growth are not for you because you will not be able to sponge its content or The Cellar. Most people don't know and pretend to know so they feel socially less awkward but these books are for small business owners and startups with funding whose got a bit of get up and go, believe in themselves and are very serious about learning and applying new progressive advanced strategies and tactics to their small business.

The last notable and still in use today advancement in Marketing was 30 years ago and we are not talking about technological improvement only or BOT (AI progress or robotics). We at Girlfridayz advanced the marketing industry with Girlfridayz15 innovations that are introduced to you in The Non-Obvious Explosive Ideas That Work, Booklet featuring Girlfridayz15 is the lead magnet that retail at only £250 paperback and £150 eBooks version and cannot be transfer in audiobook format as it will lose its meaning and powerful contents that lead you to purchase its parents and child.

The books are so advanced in Marketing that you'd be amazed and seriously impressed that you either get it in paperback from Amazon or Ebook from La Bootik.

Those who attune to Girlfridayz Bingo's golden eggs understand that C=NC2 (2 is squared) the theory of relativity equivalent in Marketing developed and brought to you by Patricia Amable Trisha CEO of Girlfridayz in 2023 widely acknowledge Trisha Amable to be one of the greatest and most influential marketers of all time.

C=NC2 theory of relativity mathematical working out representation is featured in The Cellar. It is not as complicated as Einstein's theory of relativity and is easy to understand if you purchase The Non-Obvious Ideas That Work Girlfridayz15 the latter is explained and how we arrived at the customer acquisition theory relativity in Marketing C=NC2 for business to grow their business using the right methods to achieve profitability due to their customer base increasing, achieving business retention, awareness and top of mind.

Judging by her business award Recognising The Most Influential & Inspirational Black Business Owners In Britain in 2018/2019 just like Albert Einstein was and still is widely acknowledged today as one of the greatest and most influential physicists of all time.

Best known for developing the theory of relativity equivalent formula E=MC2 which arises from relativity theory 1905 and has been dubbed "the world 's most famous equation".

Here is an example of a business that achieved business retention and longevity. Southern Air a business that lives 131 years and survives the second world war but died in 2012, filed for bankruptcy protection and emerged from bankruptcy in early 2013 and was bought out in 2016, by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings for £88.58 million or $110 million in an all-cash deal.

The transaction included all their fleets and on November 17, 2021, Southern Air became fully integrated into Atlas Air through an airline merger, ending a long history of airline operations.

Their downward curve started because greedy executives paid themselves handsome bonuses ranging into million bringing the airline to its knees. Basically suffering from bad management and they employed the wrong staff to run the business, definitely.

Be careful who you are employing in your business, the right staff will bring you up and support you and your business, but the wrong staff will see the money only quite shortsighted and end up killing your business, the same goes for bad customers, or competitors basically like Porter' 5.

Get The Manual business owners and discover stories that inspire growth, and growth strategies and tactics easy to implement in your startups and SMEs.

Girlfridayz Limited services provision can help you grow your small business and help you with growth strategies and tactics, not just through reading our Marketing and Business ebooks, attending our short courses in Marketing or your staff attending our leadership, or using our templates but let us build your website, complete your business and marketing, promote your business on social media platforms that you are using but not updating regularly.

We do this for you, we even do your admin when you are busy selling, and we design your logo or any other design that can be printed on clothing or cups, plates, keyring or any material you wish. You can use our 9 business tools calculators for yourself, or your staff our calculator gives you legal advice and business and marketing advice.

You don't get this from your standard calculators you get accurate results a number but no advice. Our calculator's business tools give you accurate result numbers and advice too. They are my pride and joy all coded by me, Trisha. Our business blogs help you grow too, because it is read by 1700 people on average per month and our best blog post that always comes 1 on the Google search report that I received is The Importance of a PESTEL Analysis featuring Maslow.

The latest crisis gripping The UK is the Cost of Living as the result of Brexit straight after COVID-19 as soon as the virus died the Cost of Living crisis hit the UK bringing it into recession because of the interest rate rising and business increasing their prices but the salaries of some employees not increasing have caused masses of strikes in the UK and disturbance in services provision.

Girlfridayz Limited a customer-centric company responded by developing Girlfridayz Credit, for our customers and prospects to use our services on credit (APR 21.9 on credit awarded and purchase) only available to business owners who have a monthly turnover of £2500 per year . Order any one of our services on credit and pay nothing until next month — get up to £3000 if you are eligible.

The Girlfridayz credit is currently applicable to our website design all-inclusive bundles, Budget website design, SEO packages, and our Social Media packages (payasyougo50, rollingcontract30 and digitalcontract30). Instant decision after you apply for credit if you are approved we will load the amount awarded into your account with us. Register a free account to experience a full range of benefits.

Book a consultation from this blog post for the latter services mentioned to discuss your growth project.

For SEO and content optimisation discussion whether about your social media update or website update book a meeting here.

Or should you desire and want to discuss with us which marketing services we can provide you with book your consultation directly from here.

We've got Girlfridayz Gift Card you can now purchase our gift card directly from our website or smartphone and redeem them against any services that you want. If you purchase one for yourself or your friends.

You can purchase a gift card from La Bootik and give the gift of education to any of your friends or gift yourself with the gift of education.

You now can pay for your all-inclusive website design bundle through a monthly subscription to your bundle of choice on all our bundle's offers as well as our Social Media package the deposit only then from our checkout you will be redirected to fully complete your online order form to grasp your full requirement before we process your order.

You can be eligible for our interest-free payment facility over £200 if your order of our services is over £200.

You can also benefit from the One Offer payment facility for our all-inclusive website design bundle for your site only from 6 months up to 12 months to pay for your website development in monthly easy convenient interest-free instalments.

All our services help your small business grow and we have 4 payments facilities available for you to use, therefore, lightening your loads, and making our services easily available, reducing or eliminating any objections you may have using our award-winning services, in fact, most of our regular customers and new customers use our flexible payment to pay for some of our services. there are very popular amongst our customer base and prove to be a useful and valuable support to them during the Cost of Living crisis truly lightening the load.

Experience the same excellent specialist expert services by using our improved services ordering on our website

If you like this blog post please comment away and play Girlfriday Bingo, if you want progressive successful strategies and tactics do us a big favour, please — use our award-winning UK government-accredited services for your small business growth.

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