Mr Toty says 7 Tips for Black Friday Landing Page#promoteyoursite

Black Friday comes once a year, marking the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season and bringing in a ton of sales. But simply because you have an ecommerce website or store doesn’t mean those profits will roll in on their own. Competition is fierce, and it’s your job to make sure that clients visit your business first.

How do you do that? Simple: by creating a dedicated, killer landing page that lures customers in and helps you close sales. Here are 7 tips that’ll not only give you a running start, they’ll help you win the game.

Keep Your Message Simple

Keep the focus of your page’s design and text on a single sale, event or product. You want people to understand the message you’re trying to convey instantly – they shouldn’t have to dig to find any answers. For example, if you want to push your new line of products for the holidays, keep your content focused on these items alone – no need to clutter the message with other information. Yes, less really is more.

Encourage Visitors To Act

It should be immediately clear to visitors what you want them to do on your page- and having a strong CTA (call to action) is just the way to make it happen. In fact, the call to action should be so obvious and compelling that users click without even thinking. With clear messages such as “Buy Now,” “Reserve Your Spot” or “Sign Up,” people will know what comes next, and they’ll be that much more likely to click through.

Link Very Carefully

Depending on what you’re using your landing page to promote, you’ll want your CTAs to link to different places. The location you link to is crucial – as the fewer steps between your site visitor and their final destination, the more likely you are to gain a customer. If you are promoting a specific product, for example, your landing page should link straight to that product’s page in your online store, letting people complete a purchase in as few clicks as possible.

Highlight Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, buyers aren’t strapped for shopping choices. This is why you need to give them a reason to shop with you, instead. Letting them know your unique selling point is important, but it has to abide by the first point we made above: keep it short and to the point. Whether you offer free shipping, a loyalty rewards program, or unbeatable service, you must communicate it on your landing page in a swiftly, and clearly.

Drive The Right Traffic To Your Landing Page

Traffic is pretty much the lifeline of any landing page, but you can go about getting it in different ways. Does the old saying ‘you have to spend money to make money,’ ring a bell? While we’re not going to say it’s an absolute must, we will say that paying for Google AdWords, Facebook ad or Bing Ad or Girlfridayz Ad to point to your landing page will give you a serious leg up. It’s a great way to bring in the right audience for your landing page, meaning that they’re more likely to make a purchase. Best of all, you only pay when people click through to your landing page.

Spread The Word Organically

What good are all of those accounts on all of those social channels good for if you can’t share your landing page on them? Make sure you share your shiny new LP on all of your active accounts, and answer any and all questions people might throw your way. While organic reach isn’t what it once was, it still can bring in some sales. This is also a great opportunity to create a special newsletter using email shout out. Let everyone in your mailing list know about your upcoming promotion and be sure to include a link that takes them straight to your smokin’ new landing page.

Don’t Forget About Your Old Clients

People who visit your website frequently don’t always follow you on your social channels or subscribe to your newsletter. That’s why once you’ve created your new landing page, you want to make sure it’s the very first page that people see when they come to your website. This way there’s almost no chance any of your potential customers miss out on your holiday deals. To ensure visitors arrive straight to your LP, set it as your home page. You can learn more about how to add a landing page to your site by asking Girlfridayz. view our website gallery

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