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Social interaction is needed for survival and business dealing

Updated: Jan 27

This article discusses social interaction and how useful these early skills in life are needed in leadership today. Running your business online or over your phone through an app is fine that is called moving with your time. However, it's mighty important to keep it in balance and have an offline presence as well.

Simon Sinek with Steven Bartlett talk about the insecurities that they experienced when young and the adversities of their friends and how it shapes them into the person that they are. It is true that when we are faced with adversity we develop skills, abilities and knowledge that make us who we are or become.

Simon emphasises the set of fears that come with humans and stops certain people from moving and taking the necessary risks for growth.

We at Girlfridayz are an innovative company and note that the concept of customer acquisition appeared in varied behavioural economic research forms throughout history.

However, the customer acquisition theory C=NC2 was formalise and popularised by behavioural economist Trisha Amable CEO of Girlfridayz who during the three economic crises extensively contributed to the needful nucleus advancement to the field of Marketing contributing with 15 innovation theories and several analyses in Marketing about customer acquisition and retention supporting Small Businesses to gain more customers to their business using our re-engineer growth manual which is attached to the Cellar.

These innovations were born out of adversities, necessity and a strong desire to earn and gain customers and retain our clients for business growth during the three economic crises that took place over a period of 7 years.

Our cutting-edge resources are carefully crafted to impart the essential principles of marketing and their practical implementation in small businesses and startups. These resources comprise exquisitely curated content thesis and materials that skillfully navigate you through captivating narratives penned in a distinctive conversational tone.

You can explore these resources in The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination, as well as in our charmingly needful compact edition of The Non-Obvious Explosive Ideas That Work. This publication also unveils the inspiration behind our innovations.

This week, Ayo Benson FCC MBA, author of Goldmine Your Mind, confirmed the usefulness of the content for business growth in his heartfelt review three days ago.

Ayo Benson said this "The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination and The Non-Obvious Explosive Ideas That Work. These books are excellent and very well written in a language everyone may understand. The ideas are practical and there is even a process to help readers implement them. I strongly recommend it to business owners who are ambitious to grow their businesses. Well done Trisha"

Melvin Moreland said this a year ago "Greetings! My name is Melvin Moorland, and I am thrilled to share my positive experience with The Cellar. The expert advice and sales strategies, particularly the Cost Plus strategy, have been invaluable to my business. The Fill-in-the-blank feature is impressively detailed and professional, while the Wine Vault, video, and podcast on marketing and business have been immensely helpful.

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