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GET Inspired to start up and Grow your business with Girlfridayz

Updated: Nov 12

The story behind the Pink lady

Girlfriday, Girlfridayz is a hybrid-brand multichannel online marketing company that started its journey in 2007. It all began with a realisation that the owner could provide marketing services to small businesses and individuals after running other companies' businesses.

Company founder Trisha very quickly realised that she shared a vision of businesses working together in harmony and with equal opportunities regardless of their size in a free society in which the concept of market share and support for one another toward a common goal is present and deliver a marketing and business services in a much better way by working together with startup and SME's to achieve better sales.

Listen to our company message it is inspiringly powerful.

With two laptops, a sofa to sit on, a coffee table, and a mobile phone a small operation, known only; as the Service Buying Customer Journey, was born.

Trisha's ambition to succeed is mapped out by Girlfriday, Girlfridayz services are offered in a scalable tangible logical word-class dual step-by-step support system for her clients with a system where her customers can pick up any services done for them and if not ready to use her services are able to fully access her standalone business support services.

Girlfriday, Girlfridayz world-class step-by-step marketing and business support system for startups and SMEs — A scalable blend of services results-oriented created through a cognitive approach solution for her clients, prospects and website visitors gained notoriety because of her love for marketing and support people to achieve greater.

The aim was to build something simple, yet something that can deliver the best possible services for all clients and associates involved. We call that philosophy the insight you need to optimize your Marketing.

Girlfriday, Girlfridayz over the years grew a steady build-up of loyal customers and new customers, providing an excellent friendly professional service, which awarded her the Be Mogul business award in 2018-2019 recognising the most influential & inspirational black business owners in Britain.

Trisha's love for marketing enabled her to create and develop several innovations that other businesses can use and her business models can be found in her Marketing Manual The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination Her Manual revolutionised the Marketing and Business Book industry as no marketing book comes with an attached dual implementation support system accessible by an access code found in her book.

The benefit and added value Trisha brought to her clients are services that do not compromise on quality and world-class service delivery.

I would extend my sincere Thank You to all the people who came into my life to shape my business Girlfridayz Limited so far and support me unbeknown to them to advance the Business and Marketing Industry and empower us to set a strong foundation in Girlfridayz.

The foundations are so solid that we are there for years to come. The Journey just began after 8 years of building the process is solid and our purpose is certain we are ready to serve our clients, associates, partners, suppliers, franchisees...

Need Inspiration to grow your business with the help of Girlfridayz Limited UK Startups, business owners and SMEs—Listen to The Honorable President Obama's Final Speech as President. Beautiful inspiring speech powerful for the world over.

We are coming to the forefront of change

The benefit and added value Trisha brought to her clients are services that do not compromise on quality and world-class service delivery.

For 8 years we built Girlfridayz for our love of other people, yes progress seldom hurries but that long grinding wheel serves a purpose to move forward.

We look for the best approach to find a solution to the problem that Steve Hackney put in front of us "Most people do not apply business and marketing strategies and tactics to their business". The solution that came to us is Grlfridayz16 — 16 Business and Marketing theories about customer acquisition and retention.

Thank you, Steve Hackney, for inspiring me to do better and bring about positive change with a book attached to a business support system - The Cellar to support small businesses to apply the strategies and tactics found in the manual written in a conversational tone easy to read, and digest which make the process enjoyable and practical to solve your own business and marketing problem—It's a book that meets your needs.

"Self-government with self underpins our safety, drive, purpose, faith, dignity, love, and worth and defines our abilities, knowledge and innovative abilities to innovate to become prosperous because all of us have the ability to create, build and have an opportunity to become prosperous." Trisha Amable (CEO, of Girlfridayz).

The solution proposed for SMEs and startups and the staff of these businesses, the MBA students has a new promise, a new beginning to embrace as It took 58 years for history to repeat itself. The transactional approach to marketing was introduced in 1950 by Borden (1954) consisting of 12 different variables collectively called the Marketing Mix but his theory model was reconstructed by McCarthy (1960) who shortened the model to 4 variables “price, product, promotion, place”.

I am presenting a newer more relevant approach to our present time in marketing amalgamating digital marketing and traditional marketing to form a cognitive logical world-class dual step-by-step business support system that businesses and students alike can learn from with The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination for SMEs and The Core Assets With Its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar for MBA students to support their current literacy.

To keep you energised and inspired we have created the manual to support your growth steadily building your own foundation. Go and start your business we sure need businesses of all creeds, ethnicities and walks out here to bring that difference in the world.

Girlfridayz Limited coming to the forefront of positive change and the journey has just begun, the foundation are solid and more effective than ever. Our people are coming and we are ready to serve you and meet your business needs.

My late mum used to say "Patricia vois ce que tu fais". And here I am asking the UK Businesses and startups to believe not in me but in your ability to move forward, acquire knowledge and inspire others with your products and services. Because businesses have always been defined by moving forward motion, embrace the process as it is necessary for growth.

There will be times when the process despairs you and you feel lost—muster the courage to carry on, the economic crisis weakens you but never remove your resolve, hope, ambition and grit to see your plan, and vision through. It is not easy but rewarding in the long haul.

Are you ready to make your mark on the world? oh, of course with Girlfridayz services you can start your own business in your area and save your high street with your Brick and Mortar we have got the factsheet that gets you started.

You can start UK-wide and improve your online presence with our 8 bundles of joy.

You can start by becoming a member of our family at Girlfridayz and purchasing a part of The Service Buying Customer Journey. You can select your preferred option if you are very good at supporting small business owners. Whether the business support package or the digital and traditional marketing package or if you are full of confidence both of them are available.

Our innovations and practical solutions are found on our website because every page has been designed with you in mind and serves to support you.

  1. Our Business Tools Calculators, Lucy, Livvy, Lucky, Cloe, Fred, Mary, Hazel, Cyril, Steve, Mark and Phobee with our newborn Flex that Sonia beautifully presents to you. Have been designed with you in mind taking care of most areas of business to meet you where you are at.

  2. Our Blog and Podcasts educate you in Business and Marketing taking care of our readers and listeners' needs because we are aware that some people prefer reading and others prefer listening. You'll be surprised by the wide range of business and marketing topics discussed.

  3. La Bootik our online store keeps you educated and provides continuous learning with 34 eBooks, two short courses, templates, and books all about Business and Marketing. We recently included others pertaining to the cause authors.

You have everything to get you started with our standalone section of Girlfridayz Limited award-winning government-accredited. Therefore, there is no need for excuses—just start and grow with the help of Girlfridayz — Money is not a problem because we always have your back at Girlfridayz.

We have Girlfridayz Credit, The One Offer for website design, and our Over £200 payment facility which is three flexible payments that you can use to pay for our specialist services. We have online payments available as well as upfront payment or 30 to 60 days payment depending on your order and eligibility.

Our services Done For You contribute to your growth. Our planning services enable you to move forward.

Our Business support services support you to claim bad debt..., The Cat Got The Cream supports you to start up your business or start or return to work with our CV services our three-month incubation pathway is very effective because after the three months, you are supported for 18 months to ensure your business takes off.

Our admin services started Girlfridayz serve a greater purpose and support Small businesses with admin services while you are busy selling to acquire customers and one day your own people. Once you get your admin staff in; you let us go to support another startup.

Our Social Media packages help access the right audience for your business and keep your presence online constant because of our consistency in posting on your behalf.

Our dual system is like going to the supermarket and picking the service that you need.

"Never forget your roosters the people who brought you home because you never came alone, therefore you never grow alone. " Trisha Amable CEO of Girlfridayz

A business brings you liberty, prosperity and happiness because you are serving others and meeting their needs with a solution in turn your needs are met because the people that you have helped automatically refer you to others who need you. They became your advocate and followed you for years to come bringing about your legacy.

Therefore, remember when you start a business or grow your business is never for you. You put yourself there it is to serve your community or communities. Because without your clients you don't have a business.

Therefore, remember when you start up have your clients in mind. What can you bring to the world that changes its course to leave your footprint on this earth by taking care of our planet, ensuring that we can all prosper within its realm? something that can make us move forward and live a better life.

Work hard for what you want to achieve don't rely on AI but use your brain and ability to learn, build, think for yourself and make the effort to be better at what you decide to be. Use AI to help you if you can no longer do it; but not when you need to learn for yourself, to think, write and read to coordinate your hand and speech.

Exercise your body to remain supple and sharp mentally and physically. Because AI just copies the greatness of humans not accurately either our abilities to learn to do for oneself and help others to achieve so naturally what we set out to do.

This is why The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winner Combination makes a difference in your business and life inspiring you to do better, to do more, and grow bigger, brighter, sharper. The Cellar's effectiveness brings you purpose and is more effective than ever and keeps you addicted to its beautifully designed content. It is the solution for business growth to the latter problem identified by Steve Hackney—This is why the solution carries a degree of difficulty as running a business is not easy but rewarding.

My fellow business owners it is an honour to serve you. It does not matter if you are young or young at heart we help you start your online presence with a website design to die for that ensures your happiness and social media marketing that keeps you going and engaged with the right audience in the pursuit of happiness.

We help you with continuous learning as you leave university and complete your MBA or any other degree The Cat Got The Cream is there to support you. The Cat Got The Cream workshop is the primer you need to develop your managerial and leadership skills.

Whether you’re looking to gain more influence in your new jobs or gaining major deals in your startup business— the workshop supports improving your chance of finding employment through market research. The Cat Got The Cream offer startup business the opportunity to start up the right way and offer an 18-month package to ensure that their business takes off. View the leaflet

Interesting in attending — complete our referral form.

Complete the Referral form today you benefit from favourable rates of payment for The Cat Got The Cream workshop. The Cat Got The Cream workshop takes in 20 people per 3 months to the incubation pathway to employment or starting an online business.

As a business owner take responsibility and accountability for what you do, take positive risks to grow and move forward and it is your responsibility to remain abreast with change and move with your time by remaining knowledgeable and keep your ability to serve others because in turn others serve you.

La Bootik has 34 ebooks, two self-contained short courses, templates, and books in its infantry it has the hallmark of established businesses we are not Amazon or Waterstone but we are small and mighty and specialised in business and marketing support hence the size of La Bootik our online store for SMEs.

Discover, consider and purchase our award-winning government-accredited services and products. Trisha CEO of Girlfridayz Limited decided to share our thoughts, wisdom, hope, and faith, with you today our blog post's faithful readers and followers.

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