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The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination

Everything you need to grow your business Quickly & Cost-effectively is in the self-help manual—What not to like?

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La Bootik Encourages you to achieve better sales

Why is buying business and marketing books increase your sales? It's not because you're increasing your memory, enjoying the stories or loving the information. No, it is because you are more likely to learn something you did not know about a particular topic and use this new-found knowledge by applying it in your business and suddenly your customer acquisition grows and you see more purchases just because you have taken the time to read a business or marketing book.

Our latest survey revealed that 93% of business owners who read La Bootik business books and eBooks are from America. That's just fantastic. With more than 16 million downloaded copies sold of the Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination for the past three years sum up perfectly our findings from a survey conducted in 2020, which demonstrate that American people love our ebooks and books content. There is a bigger marketplace for Business & Marketing ebooks, templates, and courses... in America than in the UK with 7% of British people reading Business & Marketing eBooks or Books. La Bootik provides you with a hands-on heuristic approach to learning.

Another proud moment at La Bootik.

After sending to Lawrence Bacow President of Harvard Business School The Core Assets of Marketing With Its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar, he was immensely impressed that he viewed it 43 times and replied after a week: "Thank you for writing to President Bacow and for sharing a sample of The Core Asset of Marketing With its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in calling our attention to your book, and we wish you all the best." 

He endorsed our book and — The Cellar — in recognition of the amazing innovations found in this book for MBA students.

La Bootik most purchased eBooks and book

Why almost 60% of small businesses fail in their first three years of life in the UK—Because they fail to remain educated and don't read business or marketing books; watch this video and learn why we have created the manual—Which provides solutions to the problem.

The Core Asset of Marketing With its Dual Implementation Support System - The Cellar

This book attached to The Cellar is the perfect companion for MBA students because it covers the whole course—theory, clients...
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Girlfridayz: Author
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Book: Marketing Playbook

Marketing Essential Self-help students book from Girlfridayz Limited and use the Cellar the online resources attached to this book the passkey is inside the pages.

Growth re-engineer — over 150 pages of marketing content "Life asks of every individual a contribution, and it's up to that individual to discover what it should be" (Viktor Franki).

In its exuberant, conversational style The Core Assets of marketing with its dual implementation support system - The Cellar offers practical advice and technique to get out of mental inertia.
  1. make your students life more rewarding,
  2. improve your conversation skills and become more friendly, and influence friends and other people to see your way of thinking and solve their problems with solution-oriented to achieve better grades.
  3. Improve your MBA result by 100%
  4. Learn about acquiring new clients knowning your target market and accessing the right audience for your products or services.
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