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When it comes to qualifying leads — remember it's about time

Updated: Feb 18

This introductory article discusses lead acquisition and qualifying. Our introduction image demonstrates the needs of Andrew's pet owner for his cat cutie. The picture helps you discover Andrew's journey trying to find a suitable company that can provide support to cutie, and not too far away from where Andrew lives due to COVID-19 and the restrictions in place.

It introduces Girlfridayz's TIME Matrix® created on the 13th/04/21 by Trisha Amable CEO of Girlfridayz Limited and what the six steps of iterative marketing entail for your company when you've qualified a lead. The quadrant of Girlfridayz's TIME Matrix® is Timing, Iteration, Multiple, and Engage. Girlfridayz's TIME Matrix® can help you to prepare and respond to external influence to retain customers or acquire new customers. The six steps of iterative marketing are described below.

  1. Brand Discovery: Uncover how your buyer feels about your product or service. Include how they rationalise the decision to buy.

  2. Persona Discovery: Document the individual involved in the buying process in a way that allows you to empathise with the customer in a consistent manner.

  3. Journey Mapping: Plot the stages and path of the persona lifecycle. Documenting the persona’s unique state of mind, needs and concerns at each stage.

  4. Channel and Content Alignment: Align all contents and marketing channel activities to the customer persona's primary marketing stage. Identify new channels where content opportunities exist.

  5. Experimentation and Optimization: Conduct thoughtful experiments designed to produce significant business insights and apply the results to increase performance.

  6. Reporting and Feedback: Review insight data in the report to drive strategic decisions to create informative content that the business can use.

Girlfridayz's 15®

Customer Persona and Scenario

Andrew pet owner of Cutie finally decides to book a shop visit appointment with Absolutely Animals. Absolutely Animals take care of Cutie's nails and fur. He is so happy with the safe service received that he used his mobile phone and write a glorious review on their website.

This article demonstrates two different marketing analysis models use, the preparation and actions of Absolutely Animal's retention of customers and acquisition of new customers during the pandemic following government guidelines and advice using Girlfridayz's TIME Matrix® and the 6 components of iterate marketing. It discusses the journey of Andrew's pet owner tracking urgent services for his cat cutie.

Absolutely Animals - Customer Persona of Andrew

Applying Absolutely Animals to Girlfridayz's TIME Matrix®. The timing of Absolutely Animal in terms of marketing is on cue, they have responded to the crisis by implementing government guidelines and remaining open during the lockdown providing reduce services, offering urgent grooming, overgrown nails, dirty bottom, and hair in front of the eye, extensive knotting and vet referrals. Including the government guideline posted on their Facebook page.

Absolutely Animals' omnichannel iteration is noticeable as on their website they have a Facebook plugin and a social media profile menu which is linked to each page on the pertaining platform used. Each page demonstrates the product's and service's content journey through each platform use.

Absolutely Animals' multiple uses of marketing tactics and strategy to promote their products and services on Facebook are working in their favour, hence, that's why the concentration of Absolutely Animal is seen on their Facebook page.

Their customers and people engage with Absolutely Animals content posted on their Facebook page more than their Twitter and Tumbler pages.

Applying to Absolutely Animal the 6 components of iterate marketing using the latter customer persona scenario.

1. Brand Discovery: Absolutely Animals uncover that Andrew found their brand on Facebook after searching for them on Google. The factor that encourages him to book an appointment for Cutie was the review on their website and the comments on their Facebook including their information about COVID-19 guidelines posted on their Facebook page.

2. Persona Discovery: Absolutely Animal creates a customer persona about Andrew and his buying preferences. They record that Andrew found them on Google using his phone and book an appointment after viewing their reviews on their website including Facebook comments under their post. The service he ordered was cat grooming and nail cutting. They noted that Andrew would like Cutie to have a microchip. Absolutely Animal chatting with Andrew revealed Cutie's feeding habits and the food she eats. Cutie is an indoor cat mainly and seldom goes out because Andrew loves her dearly and he is afraid she gets lost or stolen.

3. Journey Mapping: Absolutely Animals plotted the stages of Andrew's persona journey.

4. Channel and content Alignment: Absolutely Animals' channel content alignment for Andrew's decision to purchase their services primarily was their website content and Facebook page content. In viewing Absolutely Animals Facebook page' we identify a new opportunity they could leverage on Facebook due to their concentration. They could create a Facebook group about the course and accreditation they offer, or create a mini forum group on Facebook using the topic for the group and define categories of chat for their grooming services or contest, these suggestive strategies will work because they already have customers and people engaging with their content on their Facebook page.

5. Experimentation and Optimization: Absolutely Animals decide to send Andrew two related offers based on his previous purchase and the need for Cutie for a microchip that could not be met at his first shop visit due to COVID-19 restrictions. This service was temporarily unavailable.

Reporting and Feedback: Based on the experiment and optimisation result, strategy and tactics used during the market testing experiment. Documents on which strategy was more effective in the buying decision of the related offer were sent to Andrew and the most effective distribution channel was used to present the related offer to Andrew. If the result was favourable systemised it and re-use it for other related offers targeting Andrew's pet owner addressing Cutie's needs.


It is useful, for small businesses and SMEs to complete a customer persona once a sale happens. The buyer is now a qualified lead and you can customise the offer sent to his/her preferences based on the buyer's purchase or purchases.

This article introduces Girlfridayz TIME Matrix®, use it in your business to prepare and respond to external influence to retain customers or acquire new customers. When it comes to qualifying leads Remember it's about time. Girlfridayz TIME Matrix will be a feature in our marketing playbook The Core Asset Asset of Marketing with its Dual Implementation Support System.

If you enjoy this introductory article, feel free to comment and share it with anyone you think will enjoy reading it.

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