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Who can Join Girlfridayz Partner - Anyone with a bit of 'get up and go', a can-do attitude and who loves helping Small Businesses and Startups get better sales through customer acquisition can become a Girlfridayz partner.

Start your own digital and traditional marketing agency

The latest worldwide crisis' shifted the way business is conducted these days highlighting a strong desire for businesses to engage with their clients online. With startups, micro-businesses and SMEs looking to take advantage of the paradigm shift now is your chance to launch a future proof Digital and Traditional Marketing business mentoring success agency.

Join our growing network of successful partners in the UK, through a value-driven hybrid-brand multichannel innovative business model for startups and SMEs to achieve better sales and influence your prospects and clients with a logical, emotional and cooperative appeal business support system.


Your Package

Start your own ready-made business with Girlfridayz limited award-winning hybrid-brand multichannel step-by-step business support system for startups and SMEs to achieve better sales and start helping businesses in any industry sector. Grow your business throughout the UK with a services package that includes:

  • Technology Fee - setting up your entire Marketing Consultancy online business

  • Training Support -  Marketing & Its Application to Business a leadership 5-weeks training course and lifetime specialist guidance to help you succeed in your start-up business. including The Core Assets + The Cellar membership; a methodologic marketing manual attached to an online system.

  • Dedicated Brand - Launch ready business website, print collateral, business blog, digital resources, booking platform, customer service, customers-centric business support & marketing services and business tools software.

  • Operational planning and Tactical plans resources - Everything you would need to grow a successful Business Support Marketing Consultancy Agency.

  • Marketing & Business Support 

  • Dedicated customer support

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Generate Revenue in 4 ways

Onboarding Fee - Charge your clients a fee to configure and deploy their solutions.

Monthly Subscription Fee - Provide monthly support and consultation to become a digital specialist for your clients.

Lifetime value - upsell, cross-sell or occasionally down-sell any services offered in your digital agency to maximise customers' value.

Rewarding scheme: If you become successful in your business and you feel another person could benefit from the franchise opportunity and in turn start their own business because you have introduced them to our family you get a 20% fee of the value of the initial investment price up to 5 people introduced. If the first person you've introduced starts to recruit suitable people to the franchise they get a 20% fee for up to 5 people they recruit themselves. Note that this sound offer stop when you have recruited 5 people to the franchise in effect amortizing your assets over some time. Seriously, What not to like? we provide the moment, you provide the bliss.

Your first step to freedom

Having your own online business is rewarding. However, there is one condition; we only work with entrepreneurs who exhibit the following qualities: talented, educated, motivated, dedicated, consistent and comitted to the business. An entrepreneur who is willing to put his/her effort and drive to provide a customer-centric service provision to their clients.

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Helping small businesses with their digital impact and business growth. Access our world-class hybrid step-by-step business support system for startups and SMEs to achieve better sales. The Services Buying Customer Journey hybrid-brand multichannel platform has been created, designed and developed internally to give you a unique selling point in the marketplace from day one and a vantage point over your competitors.

We’re a unified family that champions marketing and its application to business. We are providing you with an opportunity to start your own online Marketing Business Support consultancy agency. That offers you personal and financial freedom — What not to like? See how Girlfridayz can change your life herein.

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More Business Information

Available Locations

Throughout The UK

Business Type


Minimum Investment

£20,000 - Paid in Full or In easy convenient instalments

Yearly investment fee

£5000 - Paid in Full or In easy convenient instalments


Training Provided

Yes - Partially Free 

Monthly Operation Sales Royalties




Business Location

Online Business

Part-Time or Full-Time


Franchise duration

5 years 


Is buying a franchise a good idea

Yes, it is. As a whole, when it comes to starting a new online business in today's diverse business landscape. Research suggests that franchise businesses fare better than independent businesses.

Franchise online businesses have a startup success rate of greater than 90% and better longevity.

The advantage of our franchise

You don't need prior experience to run your business. We provide you with the training you need to operate the business. You will have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses. It might be easier for you to secure finance for a franchise from reputable lenders. However, business success is not guaranteed.

What can you provide to your clients?

Services Buying Customer Journey - Packages offered

  • a Business Support Package with all its associated services.

  • a Digital & Traditional Marketing Package with all its associated services.

  • or both packages.

If you decide on offering both packages; you will benefit from an opportunity to increase your revenue and your reach because you will be offering to your prospect and customer the entire Services Buying Customer Journey services support package.

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Join Girlfridayz

Training Package 

Free Training offer, purchase The Core Assets + The Cellar and subscribe to the Cellar and save 67% off the price.

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Franchise Information
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If you want more info let us contact you. Request a call.

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