Business Systems are needed to run a successful business and achieve greater sales

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

First and foremost let define what is business systems theory and practice and then why has a business you need business system in place.

The aim of this article is to demonstrate that without business system in place you do not have a business and that it is not what you do but it is how you do it and by grasping what is business system and practice you can implement systems in your business that works for you and your type of business, however business marketing theories, system and practice applies to every type businesses.

A business information system is a set of action link together which make people walk through it and produce a visible intangible outcome. Business system theories refer to a set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based.

The information which is the life-blood of any business may fall into predominantly two distinct categories whether formal or informal information. Formal information is factual and produced by standard, verifiable procedures and practices, while informal information is subjective and often opinionated.

For information to be formalised it must have been acquired and processed within an information systems environment. For example when using Facebook target market cog wheel button we walk through a three steps business system information process where the result after saving is intangible but visible. This does not necessarily mean that formal information is always more accurate than informal information but only mean that procedures used to handle the information were structured and formalised within the business hierarchy.

Your business system is the process of your own thoughts and we need business system for our basic need meaning as your business is an entity the system implemented within the business produce sales and equal to money. That income is used to pay for your basic need, the cost of running your business and if profitable your business process can send you on holiday to enjoy the fineness things in life and your business is run by people who manages its processes.

Business system which uses marketing strategies and tactics remain within your business and it is the information produce which is visible to other and the technology used is only the mean to present your business system information.

Without structured business information system in place in your business. Your business runs on an informal business information system and it is more likely to be disorganised therefore your system might miss important steps and the execution might be fraught. If it the case you need to review your business processes and change your existing marketing practice to achieve the desired outcome which is increase in customers, sales and lower the cost of run your business to achieve a profit as it is only when you exceed the cost that a profit is made.

A Business Plan is the vehicle to use to write your idea and start creating your business system fitting the piece together so they works in unison and produce once implemented the desire outcome for you. A Business Plan must be time bound to give you a sense of urgency to actually act on your plan and make it happens. As it happens on many occasions that people write a plan on the never never meaning it is not time bound therefore allows for procrastination to set in and the plan may never come to light.

Why People do not implement Business System mainly with regard to marketing

Steve Hackney ex professional ruby player who his the owner of the business IP World Limited and run the course the Core Asset World Class Coaching system with an office in London 85 Great Portland Street informed us that " Most people don’t actually implement what they learn" after I complimented him for his excellent webinar about The Core Asset of Marketing World Class Coaching System and informed him that on his advice I have written our Special Report 26 Common Website Design Mistake That Cripple Your Business And How To Fix them and that I have also written two Playbooks one for growing your business title The Core Asset of Marketing Secret Revealed and The Core Asset of Marketing Secret Reveal Startup Kit for business startup. Which he replied " No problem. Most people don’t actually implement what they learn, so I’m really pleased you’ve done that. Keep us updated on your progress. Cheers. (Steve Hackney)"

Oh, while I am discussing publications written after attending Mr Steve Hackney excellent webinar I have also written a guide The Prospect to Client Systemised which due to be published on the 12/07/19 and it is currently available on pre-order for only £600 if you are interested in purchasing this guide before release to secure your purchase contact us and in the body of our contact form type the tag Id PREORDER2019 and complete your details we will send you a download link on release date.

To get back to the subject at hand we thought about why people do not implement what they learn and come to the conclusion people do not implement marketing business system due to a lack of understanding of its steps as they are not visible in the first place or a lack of belief in the business information system, theory and practice taught.

These two reasons why people do not implement Marketing business information system, theory and practice in their business it is because either they are happy with their limited knowledge and refuse to change their existing marketing practice or do not believe that the right marketing strategies and tactics works over time and need to be implemented daily with consistency in everything they do and requires discipline and patience to get the desired result which is an increase in customers and sale.

Here an example of what we tend to do as human: When we attended school we learned steps to do something in any given subject. If we understood it and produced the desired result that the teacher told us should happen we are happy and say we good at it.

When we do not quite get it we now say I don't like that subject, the teacher method are wrong, I do not like that teacher he or she cannot teach me good or it was not explained properly, the teacher too fast or do not care about me. We essentially start blaming other for our lack of understanding, the school system and whatever else except ourselves.

What tends to to happen when we do that we either give up completely or change teacher, classes or course until we find the person who resonate with us and has a different approach. All these excuses may be true but we need to take ownership of ourselves, our decisions as it is always us not anybody else fault if we do not quite get it.

It maybe that if the teacher break down the information into smaller steps and linked them together to make it understandable such as to make a mug of milky coffee you first need to get a mug them put water in the kettle them boil the water to bowling point, while the water boil put two teaspoons of dry freeze coffee in the mug add sugar if you want too. When the water is boiled pour hot water into the mug and them add milk. Stir up the coffee in the mug then serve.

The latter is the method to make a mug of milky coffee if you do this all the time you have systematised it. Hence it is a set of actions put together which give you the desire result in that case a mug of milky coffee.

The same apply to business system in your business and the same apply to marketing business information system in your business. The example essentially take you through a system that works and it is actually the right way a mug of milky coffee is made.

Another reason why Steve Hackney say most people do not implement what they learn referring to the core asset of marketing and strategies could be because they do not trust the information provided works and produce positive result therefore do not try to even test it to see which combination of strategies and tactic used in unison work best together to obtain a positive result as when we do not trust something we tend not to do.

Another reason not to implement something or do something could be that you are not interested in it too, but it is also good to learn and implement what learnt as it is when you do implement what learn and practice that you become good at it and you will find that it is really easy.

Never stop learning and trying new thing to do. Try to do unfamiliar thing and enter unfamiliar environment and get out of your comfort zone, take positive risk in business if something do not work change it by trying something different. Look at what other are doing and what your competitor are doing and replicate the marketing they are using as if they get positive result so you will.

And finally business system are the life-blood of your business therefore ensure that they well oiled and they will give you positive return. On a final note the world we living in is the result of our thought so contribute to it by building a great business which serve the community it lives in.

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