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There is always something to be thankful for

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

This blog post is all about our small achievement in 2017 as a small business and we are happy with the goals set for ourselves some of them has been achieved with hard work determination and taking challenges and mistake headed on a dose of positivity too.

Girlfridayz year 2017 update

We started last year slowly but our business started picking up a bit we had few returned customers and that was nice new customers. We updated our website to enhance user experience and easily access our services. We've also enabled online payment and people can easily pay online for some services, we've updated our policies and order forms.

New Services

We created a few new services such as affiliate marketing and updated our social media update facility It is now easier to order online all you need to do is select the number of weeks you would like us to update your social media and a number of posts per week up to 4 posts per week then press gets price button and the price to pay will appear and which platform you would like to update, then a confirmation email would be send to use and after you press on price button around form to pay online.

We developed our social sales growth strategy training program and the first subscription Facebook group The Social Sales Growth Strategy group.

Our training teaches you how to segment your market to attract the right customers for your business by geo-targeting also using geo-location and Google Planner and Facebook. We teach you how to create better social media promotional posts and copywriting with powerful headlines that will get you customers or potential customers.

We offer a new service to small business and start-up businesses an opportunity to promote their business via our podcast. We invite you to be a guest on our podcast for free. We discuss a topic and you have the opportunity to link your business to it and we promote each other.

Business registration and services

We also got a trademark on November 14th 2017 and we got published on 1st December 2017 in the trademark journal under our brand name Girlfriday, Girlfridayz this a major milestone for us as it took us ten years to achieve these goals.

People may be slightly confused but our brand name has always been Girlfriday, Girlfridayz. However, when we registered at the HMRC in 2007 they did not take into account our full brand name but just asked us to choose and we decided to use the last part of our brand name Girlfridayz.

However, when we got limited on the 2nd September 2016 we had the same issue with the Company House, who refused to take our full brand name Girlfriday, Girlfridayz once again we got to decide which part to use and we used Girlfridayz limited.

We are pleased that the IPO accepted our trademark as one mark and trademarked our brand name in full Girlfriday, Girlfridayz™ we are now fully registered including our services.

Latest development

We developed 4 calculators Mark is an element add-on calculator and Phobee is an extra page selector both are on our website pages and are there to make easier the ordering of add-ons for our website packages once you choose an add-on it will tell you how much to pay and an email will be sent to us with confirmation of your add-on order.

As well as the latter we developed Lucky A wages calculator and Lucy a Yearly Tax calculator they are both useful for small business and self-employed individual or for a new employer who wish to calculate weekly wages for an employee or an employee who want to find out if they get paid the right amount and the right deduction of taxes.

Lucky is our weekly wage calculator is located on our business tools page and to use it you just need to put your number of hours, your rate of pay, expenses for that week and the number of days worked. It will calculate your weekly pay deduct any deductible taxes such as NI and Income tax then give your net amount.

Lucy is our Yearly Calculator is easy to use and handy for tax return purposes. You need to enter your yearly income and expenses and it will calculate your profits or loss account. If it is a profit and your amount of income is over £12500 personal allowance, it will calculate taxes due that include NI and income tax due for the year if any and give your remaining profit after deducting taxes and it's located in our business tools page and include a three years projection of profit.

By using our calculator Lucy you know when entering online your income and expenses on the government website for your tax return you can match the taxes the government will tell you to pay if any.

Our calculator Lucy is also good for calculating your yearly profit and loss account in your business plan and with the data gathered you can do a neat summary of your finances for the years 2017 and 2023.

Domain Purchased

We purchased the domain for a three-year duration which is redirected to our domain We did that because of the customer's mistake of not putting the “Z” at the end of so if they innocently forgot the "z" they can use We are in talks to get which would be perfect for us. We were told it was trademarked for 10 years in the United States.


We have achieved our goals for last year and set new ones for this year. We achieved a major milestone for us the trademark of our brand name which took 10 years to achieve including our services.

A business takes time to mature and grow steadily at a small pace. Only a few businesses experienced exponential growth such as Facebook, Twitter and Netflix but most businesses even the large ones like Amazon the mighty giant now — took a certain number of years to achieve this huge notoriety and the same applied to Virgin brand and other big major brands out here.

Hence running a business takes patience, determination, persistence, consistency, passion and positiveness. Also a good attitude as when the fund is low and the debt is high one still has to smile and try harder to flip the situation around.

A business needs lots of customers to survive including funding and good marketing. We at Girlfridayz support you with the start-up of your business and growth of your business plus your marketing. We specialise in two types of marketing—traditional marketing and digital marketing notwithstanding your online presence (Website Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing) which is vital these days hence, we design your website and optimise your social media.

Check us out and see what we can achieve together. Let us keep in touch and help you to achieve better sales.

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