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content Marketing

Content Marketing do you know what it entailed. Basically content Marketing is the word or sentenced written you convey in your blog post or social media platform, or in an E-book, Guide, Article, Website this is not an exhaustive list of where you can found content.

Content Marketing is important and a key piece of marketing strategy and tactic, it appears in every marketing technique you use to gain customers and customers as you know they are the life blood of any businesses, either be Sole Traders, Self-employed, Small Businesses or SME's as Larger business leverage it on a daily basis.

Content Marketing is a key component of your marketing campaign and should be part of your strategy and tactic, also your sale processes, your email marketing campaign, advertising campaign, social media campaign, Inbound marketing, personalisation etc, Content Marketing is found in all of them.

Content Marketing text should include contextual links either to your site page of interest or authority site, or site which might interest your reader to visit. Content Marketing can be interactive.

Effective content is always empathetic and it is all about helping people. If you just start with this, you can be sure that your content will help you make personal connections with your readers.

Elements of content, like the title, tone and language can be fine-tuned to match those of the readers. That’s why top content strategists recommend writing to a single reader rather than to a faceless mass. It’s easier to identify the traits of a reader than it is to do guesswork about thousands of them.

A few tips to make your content more likeable:

  • Talk to one reader: Start by identifying your ideal reader. Discover their top desires, fears, greeds, pains and hopes. All of these are powerhouses for making connections. Create a reader persona and produce content for that reader.

  • Write a compelling title: If you’re aware of the 80/20 rule of content, you know that 80% of readers will only read the headline. Run your titles through tools, like the Co-schedule’s Headline Analyser and Advanced Marketing Institute’s Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyser. These tools will score your title and tell you if your readers will find it engaging.

  • Work on the opening: Title templates make the task of writing a title somewhat easy, but it’s still possible to lose the sizzle with a lame opening. Work on your post’s opening lines. You could start by stating a fact or a question with a guaranteed positive answer. "Copywriters have forever used the trick of opening a sales letter with a fact". It could be as straightforward as mentioning the date on top of the sales letter or a simple personalization with the recipient’s name. "When readers see you mentioning an irrefutable truth, you secure a little more time with them.The same principle works on posts, as well." That’s why so many bloggers start their posts with facts or with questions that engage readers.

  • Youify your content: Think of every instance of “you” as a cliffhanger in your content. Every time a reader comes across the word “you,” he or she is drawn back into the conversation. Speak in the first person: Many of my posts are over 4000 words, but they get read and shared a lot and also attract a lot of comments. I think my conversational tone is a big factor in getting such results.

  • Add power words: Power words tighten up content and make it more engaging. They are like buzzwords that catch the attention of the biggest content skimmers. Use them throughout your content.

  • Adopt a positive tone: Tone is a matter of preference, but, whenever possible, stay away from fear-based or negative writing styles. Ernest Hemingway had four rules for creating epic copy. One of them was to maintain a positive tone.

  • Use friendly images: Images can set the tone of your content, so choose them well. Look for quality images that invoke emotion. You can find all of the power moves for delivering likeable content here.

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