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How to make your business a success

As you start your business is a powerful tool to take control of your life allowing you to make money on your terms and conditions.

To help you focus on some initial options here I have 10 great points for you to start.

1. Do your market research it determines if your business idea is viable and helps you reach out to your target group who will become your business customers.

2. You need to find out what your customers want and if they need your offering out in the market and you can supply the demand and how you will get yourself out there.

3.  The first thing you need to ask yourself is why, what, where, who, why, how and what you want to bring to the market, and you know there is value in increasing profit and making sales from that.

4. your market research helps you see what is out there already if you are coming up with something new or innovations ensure you are not trading on anybody else’s toes as you dip your toes in the water.

5. Ensure that your cash flow is fine, and you can pay your bill comfortably and any staff if you need staff at the start due to your offering. Another business failure is when businesses do not have enough cash flow. Therefore, ensure the daily cash flow sustains you for years to come.

6. When you start a business see if you can ask for a deposit upfront many people always start with a discount and give their wealth away before they make any money. You would be thinking I just started my business. I need to build my portfolio; I don’t have any customers.

Well, all that should have been sorted out at the research stage. Therefore, when starting your business, you can ask for a deposit upfront. You put a contract together and ensure that you do what people ask and offer it to your clients and deliver it on time if not it will affect your bottom line.

7. To be successful in business you need to bring more money than going out. You need to work on your cash flow forecast monthly and ensure you work out what is going in and out for business longevity. It seems simple, but I can tell you from my experience that it requires diligence, and persistence and has become habitual.

Ensure you are on top of your finances and that everything is going to plan, have a contingency plan so you can navigate crises and storms and you are surviving days and months that are not going to plan.

8. You need to offer great services and products to your customers as they say 20% of your database is 80% of your daily effort. If you can work on a plan so that customers are happy and satisfied with your products or services systemize it and become your repeated customers. [Trisha Amable Theory of Customer Acquisition relevant and equivalent (C=NC²)]

The Golden Hour Triangle.

9. Ensure you know how much money you have and can manage with that money. Control your spending by saving costs. To ensure you can pay for your marketing and suppliers’ costs and have a profit. You need to keep testing the market and throw something out there to see if it sticks if not try again and again until it sticks.

10. As Trisha said “To start a business is tougher than a war in your backyard but when you come through the fog, clarity shows you the path is clear to prosper” Trisha CEO of Girlfridayz Limited.

I want you to— rinse and repeat points 1 to 9 forever and use The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winner Combination.

Reviews obtain

We got two excellent reviews corroborating with the latter secret sauce.

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And Ayo Benson FCCA MBA 7 months ago: "The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination and The Non-obvious Explosive Ideas That Work

These books are excellent and very well written in a language everyone may understand. The ideas are practical and there is even a process to help readers implement them. I strongly recommend it to business owners who are ambitious to grow their businesses. Well done Trisha"

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Here's what everybody thinks

Everybody thinks they know business and marketing but only the few wise one knows the secret sauce to success and longevity. 

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Here are two powerful points to consider before reading The Secret Sauce

1. Quote of the day — I am today and tomorrow because of yesterday. (Trisha Amable)

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