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unleash our genius for your event

Want to hold an event to make your business known or your workshop even seminar, meeting or outdoor events where the community can participate? well did you know that Girlfridayz can set an event for you?

Girlfridayz plans everything from corporate to meeting and outdoor events including online events webinars set up for you. We control your event from conception to clean up.

We meet with you to work out event details and plan with you and your team, scout the location and book the locations, food and entertainment, you book your staff according to plan that we produce for you.

Girlfridayz will create a budget for you and stick to your budget as well as organise your transportation, hire and keynote speakers we generally make sure that your event goes to plan, run smoothly, efficiently and we'll handle any crisis that may come up.

We also create your rolling banner see our one in the picture and your wall indoor or outdoor banner, Provide you with a feedback form to gathered attendees responses and feedback on the day.

Events are part of our done for you services, why not try us Spring is in the air time to hold a community event and reach your customers or potential customers whilst they having fun.

Unleash our genius way to plan a through well thought out event including risk assessment and finding the certificate you need for the type of events you want to hold.

We work within your budget and our fee is only 40% of your budget for setting-up your event— an example should you want to spend £10 000 you will pay us £4000 and we set your event with £6000 which is a reasonable amount for a large corporate event and you got change too.

All artwork created for your event such as necessary display banner banner for successful event holding and feedback form are not included into example price above this service are part of our artwork and design plus printing service and are price by quantity, size plus design.

Hence if part of your event we will tell you how much this cost. It would be clearly highlighted in your event plan delivered to you including if you required a site map.

We will also plan your event according to the British Standard Institution meaning we will ensure that Health & Safety and mitigation plan are in place, waste management, security, site management and sound system and noise not withstand electrical services and any licensing if required.

We tends to organised more corporate type of events for businesses, workshop and meeting, conferences and outdoor events pertaining to businesses.

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