Small Business Funding for Business Growth

You started your business and you experience some success, your products or services are sold and everything run smoothly. You have your customers and you want to expend your business. Maybe you need some help and you want to acquire staffs. Or produce a new line, acquire premise, such a renting an office if you were working from home or simply need working capital.

Well it comes a time where your business need to grow and you may need funding in order to do so. Your sales are not enough for your expansion plan and to action your business goals. You do not really want to go to your bank for funding especially if you do not have a iron thigh business plan and marketing plan in place updated regularly with realistic target.The bank might refuse you and you be looking at other avenue to fund your small business and grow.

"Hey, by the way do you know that Girlfridayz can support you to complete these invaluable documents so you do not get refuse a loan or grant."

Girlfridayz came a cross funding organisation back by government especially giving loan to small businesses owner or firm in the UK or America.

Have you heard of Funding Circle

What it is: funding circle is a peer to peer lending platform and they so far raised $150M from some of the world leading investment group. In one of the largest fundraising round by a British technology startup. It is an online marketplace which lend to small businesses in the UK and America.

How does it work: The system work in the following way small businesses can borrow directly from people and organisations, hence in a nutshell small businesses can borrow directly from a wide range of investors and including more than 40 000 people, the UK Government, Local Council and a University plus a number of financial organisations.

Their Vision: Is to revolutionise the outdated banking system and secure a better deal for everyone.

What they offer: They offer unsecured and secured loan where you can borrow from £5k to 1M and unsecured loan up 250k. You get flexible repayment term from 6 months to 5 years.

The benefits: No repayment fees and an offer to pay back early and you pay less.

How to apply: Online application and you get a decision in two working days

Where the fund come from: The UK Government is lending £60 M to small businesses through funding circle alongside 1000 people and other investors.

You can invest in funding circle: If you have fund available you can invest in funding circles too.

I hope you find this post useful and you get the funding you may need to expend and grow your business in the near future.

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