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5 Professional Ways to Write An Attractive Blog Like A Zen Lioness

Updated: Mar 22

Over the last decade, blogs have been one of the most popular spaces on the internet – and for great reason too!

They’re a wonderful podium for information, they work wonders to send traffic to your website, and they’re great for your SEO.

We’ve been in the blogging game for quite some time here at Girlfridayz.

We became experts in writing a business blog that attracts readers to our blog and even prompted Google to write this Meta description "Girlfridayz's blog generates lots of buzzes! It is read by 1570 visitors per month on average because of the excellent articles about business growth and startup advice."

The topic narrative of your blog article could be like

Blue Ivy strutted her stuff dance routine and all; while Mother B bellow the crowd with a beautiful rendition of Formation in a red jumpsuit—just 11 years old...

Or like that

Why you're not getting enough traffic to your website? It is not because you are a bad website designer; it could be but that is another topic...

Or Maybe a bit like

What the Fuck with the weather today, I mean a washout summer and September feels like Barbados on a hot sunny day — High of 32 degrees...

Or Educational like Education think it's Educational

The characteristic of this article is to reveal our empirical findings on why lionesses tend to rest high up on a tree branch...This puzzling question could be answered this way — What the heck ask the lioness...

Therefore, blogging is the process of writing educational, and professional articles— posting images and other content published on your website. Interesting, evergreen written content perform better in term of readership.

Knowing this it is important to keep your blog clean and professional if it is attached to your business because it can hinge on your reputation. Perception sales and if people perceive your blog as sleazy you may attract the people that you don't expect or secretly expect to knock on your door. Each to their own isn't it?

Here 5 Professional ways to write an attractive blog

1. Write a professional blog

Do you know that blogs are some of the most trusted sources to gain new information online, make sure to offer only the content that your target audience finds most relevant and valuable. Remember, if you don’t know who your audience is, most chances are they won’t know who you are either. So ensure that if you have a business blog that is targeted to your preferred audience, they relate to you which is as easy as that—they like what you like or have similar traits...

2. Add contextual links to your blog post

Do you know that you could use your blog to link and drive traffic to your website? Your blog is a leading source of new traffic and companies with blogs see an increase of 97% more clicks to their website. As a side note, don’t be afraid to occasionally link to great information or resources outside your website. Adding links to a third-party website puts your blog in conversation with other brands, encourages publishers to link back to your content, and can even be beneficial to your SEO.

3. Add an artistic edge by using high-res image

Do you know it is good to show readers that they value your readership by using high-res, high-quality images? —Make your content easy and fun to consume by using images, graphs and videos to illustrate your points. Most importantly: make sure that your blog posts will continue to reach viewers by adding alt text to each and every new image you upload.

4. Add a Subject Line which encourages readers

Do you know It’s a known fact: Everyone is hooked by a catchy headline and topical headline, therefore, ensure your headline starts off the body of your article. If you are at a loss to find a good title, you could research engaging subject lines that encourage people to read your content or purchase The Core Assets + The Cellar: A Winners Combination because you have a headline template to use inside the book. Not sure how to write a compelling title that drives clicks? you could use this tool to help you. It is called Co-Schedule-Headline Analyser as you need your headline to use emotional headline power words to draw the reader to read your post.

5. Promote your blog post

Do you know that promoting your business blog is easy and you can use email marketing to promote your content to your subscribers? You can also add your social media sharing options to your blog so that readers can easily share your articles in a single click.

And Finally ...

Ensure that your blog is informative and your readers can enjoy its contents and return to re-read your articles and eventually use your services or products because the content of your blog enticed them to do so.

On a side note, we offer blog editing/update services for only £150 per post - check it out. Visit Girlfridayz Business Support services. We've got quite a few up your street that you can use to grow your business — just saying.

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