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Social Pull Metric do you pay attention?

Social Media Data

Social Media and Social Media applications build consumer communities involving rich user-generated content can be considered as "new" marketplaces to trade away using the right platform for your business and the tool available enable marketers to do just that.

Big data is a useful tool to gauge your progress and acquire leads then turn these leads into customers, they are useful to see if a particular page on your site need updating or gaining popularity down to one item which enable you either to up sale or down sale. The number of profile view as is importance as you can only view the metric and based some of your decision on these metrics.

Insight are very insightful and can help in managing the direction and positioning of your business enabling the development of segmentation marketing and creating a niche for you to prosper and acquire the right customers for your business and what you have to offer plus giving you a clear view for your distribution channel.

In term of social media profile view and post view, like or dislike, reaction these are popularity contest but they do not bear much importance for marketer, the quality of the content matter as content is king and consistency are the key to unleash potential for growth in your business.

However some company delve in the popularity contest like bees on honey such as LinkedIn a Social Platform for professional to post your job and CV to attract potential employers to job seekers that was the business model when they first started and gain momentum so much so that the whole business took off.

In 2017 LinkedIn turn into aunt sally a wave of derogatory comment, troll, rudeness and a lots more. People complain left right and centre even draw comparison with the mighty Facebook that they criticised and group developed connection enable based on comment, people ashamed removing their profile page and so call doctor influencer in Emotional Intelligence(EI) made a swift disappearance after a pertaining article stating how derogatory of people he was and hurtful to some which granted us a public comment as brutally honest with regard to our article Do you think self-censorship make you smart or a fraud

Upon checking our LinkedIn today after three month of absence due to a Social Media Website we have been contracted to build and it was a lovely experience and the website work as intended.

We found out that our profile view number drop to 44 but it previously was 789 and we were gaining momentum and people requested connection and so for. However metric of these kind does not matter to us as it is fickle and not very accurate. LinkedIn has a system to encourage people to purchase their profile package to connect with more connection and purchase their Imail packages they just reset your profile view to a lower number when you reach over 2000 odd views on their free profile.

This system is not really good because it does not provide good measurement for any businesses and the data provided is not accurate and trustworthy just a popularity contest hence businesses should not really pay attention to these metrics they do not provide you with any useful data to base yourself on if you like to view and crush number and for the purpose of doing market testing.

six degrees of separation a Facebook social Gem

Segmentation marketing on social media is a must and tends to bring results to any company taking time and effect to crunch their data and segment their global online marketplace to develop a niche of potential customers, as Qwertee demonstrated.

In this article, Qwertee crunched their data and found that each of Facebook’s global active users is connected to every other user by an average of three and a half friends; 3.5 degrees of separation.

They then proceed to send out a T-shirt offer like that “To build the buzz around each day’s fresh t-shirt design, Qwertee give one away for free – day in, day out. Like the image of that day’s t-shirt and you have one chance to win, share the image and you have two chances to win, comment on the image and you get a third chance to win.”

Which resulted in building a marketing buzz and spread positively which in turn increased their sales and reputation 10 times-fold.

We agree totally with the latter for company using segmentation marketing is a must as you cannot market yourself to everybody this a marketing statement which rings true an example of its success is demonstrated widely with many successful companies operating in the social media landscape and amassing huge succeeds increasing sales and customers, people attending event and posting positive comment, building community in a close network where each connected user love or like this company product, boosting their profit margin by purchasing products, hence generating employment for others.

Segmentation online is must as it always been and proven to generate a good result for any company which takes the time and effort to conduct a demographic, segmentation and find the right customers for their company.

In conclusion

Social media marketing has grown to strength and many companies using the platform to boost their products, events and form niches across the world in every language so to understand one another and sales their products.

In doing so they have redesign swiftly the way business is conducted throughout the world enabling International event taking place, online live viewing, community building for any ages, interest at the time and space a person finds themselves and grows. All these have made us enter the digital world where everyone is connected reshaping our thought and our landscape so to speak.

New employment roles created, new language created internet languages, in a form of emotes, smiley, like, unlike, mirroring human behaviour, goal setting online, company building a huge empire and claiming ownership, small and micro businesses developing as some experience success and some disasters such as life. But what remains unchanged it the way to deal with other and marketing content is king and will always remain throughout our times.

People are mainly responsive to impulses with a healthy dose of dopamine and anything who interest us we tend to navigate and connect to it building a sense purpose and belonging is enable, hence we will attend the pertaining event, purchase any product associated to it, spread and share the content widely for other to know.

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