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Season Greeting - Everybody Makes Money

As per the Guardian Newspaper, Black Friday 24th/11/17 is predicted to generate £1.74 Millions and most purchase in the UK is likely to be online, however, this is not only one side of the story because your Brick and Mortar stores notwithstanding your Mama & Papa shops and your local shops or stores makes money too, big or small retailers across the country are offering bargain deals up and down the lands. Hence it makes sense to shop around for the best deals.

There is already lots of Bargain online with Amazon leading the way with their pre-Black Friday sales and VistaPrint offering discount regularly so stock up on promotional marketing materials and Sainsbury's and Argos are a duo so stock up on food, drink and whatever else you needs. Your local shop are full of good with discount offers on their windows and inside the shop so meet & greet the local and strike a conversation you never know who you might meet, develop a relationship and get the best deal.

For the Fashionista and the party goers step out in style with great bargains on fashionable items and party gears and without forgetting the gamers there's lots of discounted games that you can lay your hand.

And you the travellers who love to see the world take a plane, boat, train, car, bicycle or a bike visit the world there is travel deals and last minutes deal to get and you never know who you can meet and can inspire you to work hard for what you want to achieve.

For you the gardeners, nature lover, house lover there is deals on household items, gardening and hiking, outdoor and indoor activities. For you the studier cultivate a particular branch of learning and acquire new knowledge or refresh your knowledge with deals on courses, training and study your heart away as knowledge is power.

For you the money conscient and the saver visit the discounted store such as Lidl and PoundLand, 99p, Tesco, The Co-op, tk-maxx store who think of you all year round and have a budget bargain for everyone. Also invest in a high saving account for the unexpected so in years to come you have enough fund for that holiday of a lifetime or anything you want in life, hence visit your local branch and see what deals they have on offer lloyds, Santander, Natwest, HSB, and other financial institution think it a great idea they offer great deal on saver account.

For you book lover there is deal in bookstore up and down the country, on market stall and fairs, garage sales and other sales, so shop around for that fab story that you love to tell the tale to whoever want to listen and while you there see what else they have to offer.

For you music lover get the sound that you like at discounted price and the concert, cinema and theater goers get discounted tickets to your favorite show or artist.

For the sport lover get all your sport gear at a bargain price and exercise doing your favorite sport and get fit in every way by visiting the gym or the outdoor gym.

For you quality lover get discounted designer brand in Harrods department store, John Lewis, House of fraser, Harvey Nichol, and others high end store but do not forget to visit your local high end store not only the high street has quality good you can find some in the unlikeliest places.

For you charity lover think of others in need do not forget to give what you can to your favorite charity not just for Christmas but think others all year round and give someone a chance to thrive.

For you Sole Traders, SME's and business start-up Girlfridayz has some fecking good deal for you Heavenly Digital Design - for all thing Marketing & Responsive Website Design. Irresistible blog offer and a Delightful picture service, Beautiful Display ads and make your business stand out. Deluxe Corporate Identity business design and Bolt-on rebranding with our deluxe package.

When you go and visit friends, family, business associate, business partner or someone who need your support travel safely, before you go on your journey book a carwash at AIM Waterless carwash and on your way do not forget to stop and visit the motorway shops which has deals for you to get your hand on. Be that person friendly, thoughtful and generous who offer a gifts to give to the person you visiting. And that person you visiting might be so grateful for your visit and surprise you with gifts of their own.

In conclusion to this greeting season story it starts with Black Friday, follow up with thanksgiving on it toes you find Christmas then soon after come boxing day which bring out the new year's festivities where everybody say Happy New Year 2018 which follow by the January sales where once again you'll find bottom line deals online, offline on everything you might needs, wants or to offer.

After such events a good clean up need to take place, hence get your glove out and clean your space, if you do not feel like it or cannot do it hire the local cleaning companies up and down the country who will gladly come and help you out with your corporate responsibility duty for a fee.

To finish the season greeting and its extension do not forget to do your tax return by the 31/01/18, until that time girlfridayz can support you with your record keeping should you need support to complete that task, or visit an account for all your bookkeeping including submitting your tax return for you if you need this help. And for the unexpected in your business or personal life find the best insurance deals that you can found to ensure cover for your family, friends, staffs, business and life.

Brexit deal not sorted yet, hence is for us the people to help the british economy by spending wisely as consumer spending helps promote economic recovery and saving also contributing to the british economy.

As per Economy helps In principle, there’s nothing wrong with a ‘savings investment culture’. Higher savings can help finance higher levels of investment and boost productivity over the longer term. (e.g. the Harod Domar model of economic growth suggests, the level of savings is a key factor in determining growth rates.)

And on that note Love and Thanks, if you enjoy reading our Season Greeting story share it amongst your peers and be the first person to comment.

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