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Girlfridayz Got a New Look

Once again we decided to make our website easier to access and more functional so we updated our on-site content and made our website easier and nicer, clearer design too.

When major design change like these happen it always good to seek feedback and see if our new site pleases you and it is user friendly, it's easier to access pages needed and services. We certainly made it easy and visually pleasant but also very customers satisfaction oriented and give it a modern look.

List of our update

  • New home page design

  • New Grow your business page

  • New Start-up your business page

  • New Build or Revamp your site page

  • Updated our galleries

  • Updated our testimonials page

  • Remove unnecessary page (we understand you)

  • Change our buttons

Our business is for you and we want to make sure that it's all about you, we understand your need and are here to help you achieved your business goals.

We are so excited we have Two of our digital books published on Amazon Kindle called

1. Elevate: Marketing Journey Meditation How does it relate to your business.

2. Elevate: Marketing Journey Yoga & Meditation How does it relate to your business.

We also have our third book digital book publish called Exploring & Discovering Business- Small Business Tips - Marketing - Entrepreneurship and we are pleased to announce that our book was published last year 05/07/16 buy it

Please visit our new site and leave your feedback on exit using our new testimonial page with emoji. We would love your feedback it help us improve.

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