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Be Happy and Get Your 2017 Calendar Early

Mr Toty

Hey I am Mr Toty Girlfridayz new friend and I am excited about everything today because my Girl has very good deal for you.

Listen up one ear up , mirror me so fancy and I am happy because you get the best deals of the pre- season before anyone else. Yes you won't believe it my Girl just decided to be generous to the max today. So here it is below.

Get Your 2017 Calendar Early


UP TO £30% OFF Customised Calendar and Christmas Card

My Girl say get your calendar early why wait until the masses jump on the local market to get a cheap £1 calendar which not even gonna last 12 month and break on you better get one design by Girlfridayz normally £10 with 30% off your Customised Calendar, You can keep it forever with your family or friend, colleague, pets anything really. Durable, Gloss calendar, birthday date can be added, and memorable date.

get it for £7.00 delivery not included.

Your customise card with snow design and many more you can give them to your friend, family and associate make a great addition on your Christmas Girland or Chain or Mantelpiece

you normally get 20 for a £20 see my girl include 30% in now £14 delivery not included plus it be wise to visit her printed and design gallery for more design follow the purple link my friends. see then there

12 month cal

xmas card

Here a little Question

Mr Toty putting himself to the lion, do like me, do you think I am cute? My Girl drew me yesterday. Here's the story of my birth, she's having a midnight hot bath then I am coming into her head that's destiny she drew me on the bathroom wall with her finger. Once finished she ran naked, picked up her pen her pad and drew me. Here I am do ya all like or hate me. You know my Girl not good at drawing but she made me with a smile, hair and long ears, stubble and a big smile. I love her for that, I look happy. My Girl inner state she call me Mr Toty and has big plan for me.

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