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Advertising Your Business on a Banner is Still a Crowd Pleaser

This introductory article is about the power of offline advertising and how important it is to advertise your business on banners and smaller mediums and types of items to giveaway so your customers or potential customers can found you and enquiry about your products or services or visit your premises, attend your events or simply get direction to where your shop, supermarket, restaurant is or view your selected offers on your shop window and increase visit to your website or blog, forum or social media profile page if you've added this information on your banner.

The usefulness of advertising

Advertising your business is really useful if you live in rural areas where the population is not dense and you have to travel a few kilometre to reach your local store or the town centre or if you live in a big city where there is a lot of areas to travel to and within each area there are districts. Advertising informed customers where you are located and what your business offers, therefore, it is important that your advertising has relevance to your services and products and that the location of your business is correct so you can be found easily without too many hassles.

Advertising offline is a must

Having an outside banner showing your services or products informed your customers of your services provision in a much better way as you can add more text or bigger pictures, or several pictures of your products, they comes in different sizes for various emplacement and you can have grommet and reinforcement added to strengthen it hold on the wall, tied up on railing or various other attachment to be able to place it properly.

Due to the bigger font required they have greater visibility from far, hence people can notice a banner from far and are able to read the information when moving closer to the banner. As when we had our banner placed high up on the wall of the railway it could be seen from the bottom of the street easily has our logo due to its vibrant colours could be seen and has you moved closer to the top of the street you could see our services because the font is huge and can be read nicely without forcing your eyes to see.

There are banners for all types of occasions, you hosting an event in a hotel room or in any other venue you will need a Rolling Banner they are long and around 2 meters but even with this huge size they can be carried easily in their beautifully design shoulder bag and taken with you to your event where you roll it out and display it in a corner or at the door of the event venue and nobody can miss it because all attendees have to pass in front of it to enter the room and the design is usually beautifully designed that you have to stop and look and read the information and if your interest has been aroused you can snap it up with your smartphone and take a picture or if you have the QR code and Barcode app on your phone and a QR code or Barcode is on the banner you can scan the information the QR code contains with your phone and save it for future use or instant use.

Rolling banner are heavily used at events and in supermarket centre at individual shop door or in the hall of the shopping centre or you often see small horizontal wall banner on railings or a walls or in the tube in London getting down the stair vertical small size banner displayed in glass casing or in the train, underground or buses inside and outside or inside black cab or outside the black cab or decal on vans or company car.

You cannot miss the huge size mural banner advertising the business who hired that spot at Brixton Station as the advert is so huge that it's visible and readable while getting down stairs to catch a train. You have time to stop a bit and snap up the information using your smartphone and save it has a picture but you'll need to use your zoom out to get it in full as it's so huge but effective.

Hence, you can see how useful for your marketing and business offline banners are. They can be placed virtually everywhere and are really low-cost too. Therefore your marketing budget will not hit the roof plus they are sturdy for all weather and durable. They are a good investment and can stay a long time in your possession as the design will not fade easily either.

Bare in mind that some banners can cost you over £1000 that is because of the huge size such as the spot on Brixton Station that huge mural cost you a bomb to advertise there but if businesses does it they must get huge ROI (return on investment) out of it. Also advertising on buses, trains, cabs cost you a lot that because the company will charge you a fair amount due to the sheer number of passengers passing through their doors and using their transports.

Investing in this type of advertisement give you an healthy percentage of enquiries about products or services and visit to your premises or website including an increased in brand awareness and brand retention notwithstanding profitability.

You will need to redesign your banner if the information changes or you want to change your business details, services or products. Girlfridayz can support you with all your offline marketing from banners design to shop signage and small items such business cards, flyers, three-fold brochures, posters, calendars and giveaway items such as cups, pens, keyrings and more items including clothing and bags such as tote bags and t-shirts, this is not an exhaustive list of what we can print on. visit our design gallery to see all our designs.

Offline Banners are printed on Vinyl, PVC or Mesh and any other types offered by printers but the one mentioned are the more popular types you can find. When you want an offline banner your main concern is the size of your banner, the quantity you want and the design including information because when send off to print it cannot be amended, therefore it is important to check all information, design, size and quantity order prior to sending it off to print.


You can see how useful offline banner are and are in great use worldwide due to the fact that the message convey can be seen a mile away and they can make a great presentation for event purposes. They are fully versatile and cheap to buy from the get go. Sturdy due to the material used to print your message and logo on. Plus have great visibility due to its font size.

Henceforward a great vehicule to market yourself and your business useful for any businesses type from Brick and Mortar to Online Business regardless of their size an offline banner is still a crowd pleaser and very much needed even though we have moved into the digital world there use are in greater need still and are part of your marketing arsenal to acquire business visibility and visit to your business premise, event or party, website, blog or social media page so much so that we have its online version for your website, your social media, forum or blog.

Therefore they are a force in marketing which cannot be ignored if you remotely want to increase your leads and customers as well as ultimately increase profitability and business sustainability.

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