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10 Facebook Hacks That You Know but I bet do not use.

Facebook has close to 1.5 billion users all over the world. Many of these people share some level of personal information on the social platform every day, so it’s safe to say that Facebook knows them pretty well. But how well do they know Facebook?

Many Facebook users remain unaware of dozens of awesome usability tricks that make the browsing, updating and stalking experience much more thrilling. We hand-picked our top 10 favourite hidden gems that help make our Facebook live easier.

Let’s face it; most of us spend too much time on Facebook. At least with these tips and tricks, we’ll be spending our time there more efficiently :)

This article delve into Facebook's popularity and it is now a Metaverse. The platform change it name to Meta for your business page account and your post can share directly to your Instagram and What's app. This is handy as it save you posting on three platforms the same content when using Facebook on your computer.

1. Prepare your Facebook last wish:

Mortality is still an issue, even online. Ever wondered who will take over your profile in the unfortunate case of your death? By utilizing this feature you can control your wall from beyond the grave.

2. Disable “seen” message notifications:

Isn’t it just horrible how your friends can keep track of whether or not you have actually read their private messages and then scrutinize you for ignoring them? No more! With the Unseen app, you can hide the little “seen” notification that spills the beans on you.

3. Browse Facebook faster with keyboard shortcuts

Any real computer geek will tell you that mouse pads are for losers. Keyboard shortcuts help you navigate much faster without having to stretch your fingers. It may take a short time to adapt to these shortcuts but once you do, you can’t go back.

4. Make video or audio calls to your Facebook friends

Facebook is no longer limited to written communication alone. The new messenger features allow you to make both video and audio calls to people on your friends list, as long as both parties have enabled this in their settings.

5. Save posts for later viewing

Finding it hard to stay focused with so many new posts and updates? No worries, you can save posts to your profile and view them at a more convenient time. This feature also works as a Facebook bookmarking tool that helps you mark and find important posts.

6. Sync Facebook calendar with your private calendar

Why hop between two different calendars when you can integrate your Facebook calendar into your primary calendar (on Google, Outlook, etc.)? By integrating the two you will see Facebook events and Friends’ birthdays on the same calendar as the rest of your daily tasks and activities.

7. Approve photos you were tagged in

It’s always nice to see that a friend tagged a photo of you, but we all had less than pleasant experiences there as well – unappealing photos of you popping up, available to everyone from your boss to your mom’s great aunt. With this feature, you can review the pics you were tagged in before they are published and spare yourself the embarrassment.

8. Download your photo albums

It’s important to keep extra copies of your Facebook photos handy. They’re your photos, after all! This cute app lets you download your photo albums from your profile straight to your personal PC.

9. Reply to comments via emails

Know how Facebook sends you an email notification whenever someone interacts with your posts or comments? With this option, you can actually reply to comments directly from your inbox, without having to load Facebook.

10. Remote logout from your account

Scary scenario: You were using Facebook on someone else’s computer, or – worse yet – on a public computer, and you realize later that you have forgotten to log out. This can lead to a heap of trouble, from posting false messages in your name to stealing your private information. But luckily, there’s a way to prevent this mess with Facebook’s remote logout tool – a real lifesaver!

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