5 Tenets of Marketing Automation

Business Intelligence is the process of identification and understanding of events that happened in the past; that is “what’s happened?” and “why has it happened?” Business imperatives and other constraints are increasingly driving organizations to look forward and use their data to ensure decisions that are being made today will lead to a wins in the future. Which mean I am today and I am tomorrow so is you or your organisation.

So the marketing method use in the past which worked are reused today as they were working process.

Marketing Automation is the driving force in the background of your business, it a list of processes and tasks to perform, and to achieves a successful win in your small business medium or large organisation.

If you prefer you can listen to our Podcast on the 5 Tenets Of Marketing Automation

At Girlfridayz we wrote an E-book introducing the 5 tenets of Marketing Automation in a simplified guide for you to learn about them and implement them in your business to achieves your amount of sales desire. We included a list of tools of our choice to support you achieves your goal and resulting into a successful sale.

You can purchase our latest e-book from our online store or buy it directly from this blog post link. It contains very useful information for your business on leads nurturing strategy, lead scoring tactic, sale enablement practices and notwithstanding data recording and targeting.


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