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Why Businesses Need A Website Design

This day all businesses need an online presence, a website design, or a shop on social media, as well as having a business website. Why is it crucial for your business, because your customers and prospects expect your business to have a website, a landing page or a social media shop? therefore your business needs to have a website highlighting the products or services offered with an enticing description of the product or service to attract customers and prospects to your business website or online store.

An online presence is important as it helps establish business credibility and business positioning, in effect reinforcing your business image. If your website is user-friendly, easy to navigate and your pages easily accessible, your customers will spread the word positively via word-of-mouth. This can increase your website views, purchases and return customers.

A website well done and the content information easily accessible give a positive impression that the company is bigger and more successful.

Updating your website regularly is a must

What is the life of a website? The lifespan of your website is roughly 2 years and 7 months as per research on the subject I have found out that the average lifespan of a website is 2 years and 7 months.

This timeframe can give you basic guidance, it's not a hard and fast rule for all businesses, however, all business must update their website pages yearly. It is best to do it by bite-size pages update if you have a website that has over 100 pages. Nevertheless, your website needs regular updates as it risks being obsolete very fast and looking aged or worse the mechanism behind it is no longer working due to an update in the code that can render the whole website to a standstill.

Your website content must be relevant to what you are selling and match your business industry and products or services offering. Your website content text should be concise mentioning the benefit of using your product or service and if it has any feature what the feature will bring to users. Your website picture should be about the product or service that you are selling. You must ensure that your page link structure is correct and people can navigate seemingly without the need to travel to several pages or redirect before reaching the product or service of interest.

Should you use Website Templates or Custom Website

Custom websites are websites made from scratch using various programming languages. A custom website will cost more money to build and is difficult for you to maintain or update especially if you do not know how to code. The maintenance of your website is done by its developers because they can update the code or debug any errors with the code or link structure of the pages.

Templates usually required no coding and developers cost is cheaper because the template can be customised but often has limitations in customisation. The maintenance is done by the developers or yourself if you know what you doing. We at Girlfridayz have a yearly website maintenance subscription for businesses. View all you can get done with our yearly subscription payable monthly.

Website design has been made easier over the years due to the development of sophisticated templates that you can purchase and customise for your business industry. However, they appear very easy to customise but what we have found out after so many free website reviews conducted is that most inexperience wannabe website designers manage to build an amateurish website, the link structure has no structure and the pages have limited content, not user-friendly and most people find themselves stuck.

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This is due to the template developers and hosting company promoting the no coding needed to build a stunning website fooling people into thinking that it is easy. However, behind the no code tag there is actually a lot of programming line using various programming language to make the whole website design appears to be user-friendly.

For experienced and qualified website designers like Girlfridayz, the template customisation is a doodle and easy to destroyed and reconstruct. We have at Girlfridayz an eye for design and know that not all templates can be customised and are often limited due to the developer coding mechanism and constraints can occur as we experienced recently designing a cleaning website for a startup company on the GoDaddy platform.

Below are the questions most people asking us at Girlfridayz before hiring us to design their website.

How should you customise your website template?

What is a template-based website design?

Can I customise a template?

Are website templates good?

How much does a website design cost?

Why templates on occasions are not useful?

Does website designers use templates?


Hopefully, this article tell you about website design and its importance to your business as well as the usefulness of website templates. There are still many website developers who will design your website from scratch. At Girlfridayz we use the best of both worlds, we start with a customisable template if the feature you required is not offered we will add custom code to the template if permitted.

We are experts in website design and professional website designers with over 20 years of experience, hence your website design will be in safe hands with us. If you like this do not hesitate to share this blog post with your peers, associates, friends and family. You can comment on this post too we love feedback and engagement.

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