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Feast Your Eyeballs On This Gem

The Squire aid of the King content and the Queen of heart heard the Squire said "Hey, fogies lol" not to get his head chopped off for rudeness, in a soft tone muttered what about the 7 skills an Entrepreneur should Master throughout their business life Master. What did you say Squire speak up and say your peace.

So what's so critical in the Squire vid scream the King my God he let out the secret to eternal success the no-fail strategies. Off with his head.

A long silence falls and nobody spoke for a while thinking about how to explain this to the people. I mean it's bigger than me and a huge task has been given to me said the Squire afraid of reprisal for letting out the biggest secret of mankind has ever known.

the squire head chopped off.jpg

No NO NO Sir I'am so ever sorry no no I'll explain why I let out the secret Sir. Please Don't Kill meeeeee Sir!

  1. You need Business Finance - it needs to come in and out - cashflow people. You need to calculate growth and revenue and see if they are increasing. Measure this thing and understand. No brainer really. Get lucy to help you my head is about to be chopped.

2. You need - the Beast is a fundamental thing people - Master the skills and your skull will be filled with Marketing people.

Understand that without it you are doomed - Planning is a must to tame the beast. Write it down - structure and all to be able to Execute.

3.  You need to sales your stuff, ya understand and the people them fussy you know. It's not everybody who's attracted to your stuff ya know. Wid 'dat' in mind see how it important to segment your market. No lies people. It works if you relate to your audience and talk the people language, they would lap it up and return for more even telling the other people in their crowds.  See that why my head is about to be chopped off.


Oh, The Price must be right because them people are different folks you know. Them rich dud love the money quality is a must to attract them people will pay any money you asked for it; your products or services speak its price you know people quality is a must.


Them poor people love the discount, freebies do not too much care about quality as long as it is functional and robust, people can use and enjoy the product no fuss. 


You know some people love to seat on the fence middle of the road prices you know the value for money most people love it like cook food oh my head's gone.

Have you read Rich DAD POOR DAD (The book has been updated for TODAY'S WORLD - 9 NEW STUDY SESSION SECTIONS - Celebrating 20 years as the #1 Personal Finance book of All-TIME) A business model to follow and study The TIME Matrix strategical innovative business model. 

Your People need to understand the KPI functions of sales - You the Boss Man or Woman you need to explain to your people how to do it and they must master it. That your Job Bosses do not delegate teach your people. So when you are on holiday they can run the business for you or you retire you can find your most trusted people to give the rain to.

4. You need direction the road is full of paved golden pebble and diamond-encrusted gems. How do you get that without Planning from the start(Business Plan and all types of plans) without Planning you fail all Plans are necessary and are the oil of your business(the foundation of the system of your business).

5. you need to Execute I cannot really! comment on that people it about how you do things if you follow your plan structure and what you wrote down - you know how to execute. Get the Holy Grail to help you people. The thing which is eagerly pursued or sought after(the enterprise society where profit at any cost has become the Holy Grail). Oh Lord, I am definitely getting my head chopped off - NO NO NO.

6. You need System Thinking it's all about Business Processes - Having Internal control people. You know the policies and procedures pertaining to what you do people... You need to think on your head mine is so chopped off today the king is the beast he already told the queen that he is chopping off the Squire head for letting out the biggest secret on earth.

7. You need to be Legit it is a requirement to conform to the rules of business and it's fundamental for business success and growth for years to come. That's it; I am done.

I bet my bottom Dollar, Pounds, Yen, Euro... That you people enjoy knowing that my head going to be chopped off. Hum, let it be known that it is not everybody is ready for this. Only the selected few (You read the Playbook have you?). Therefore, you know that the Persona come with these added ingredients to the secret sauce:

  1. Diligence

  2. Consistency

  3. Trust yourself in your knowledge, ability and skills

  4. Love your products or services

  5. Reasonable love of other people

  6. Strong desire to succeed

  7. Strong Belief in the business close system that consistently loops through its circle for years to come. That's why it is older than me and you.

  8. Sacrifices for later glory bring hard graft and daily grit to achieve your vision and lay down your milestones for years to come, ripping your success consistently because the foundation is well-oiled, beware of complacency it is the silent killer it cropped on the unwise people who think them walk on water ego so big that they don't even see they are doomed and kill themselves slowly but surely. They blame it on anything that moves with plausible excuses that non-believer fails for. You know that to succeed and be loved by the people accountability and responsibility for your mistakes are a must.

  9. Curiosity is a must because you discover gems or crises but it is necessary for risk - no risk no glory - no sweat no glory because curiosity brings with it Courage.

  10. Serious.

  11. Patience is needed to quietly move ahead.

  12. Cautious is needed to move forward

  13. Grateful for small mercy and thankful for the help and support received throughout your business life.

  14. Polite and Manners is the road of passage worldwide.

  15. Honest throughout your business life spell out what you can do and drop what you cannot leave for others to do it (different people, different strokes) or refer it to others. Meaning playing to your strength work on your weaknesses this is how you Progress. Having talent only and mastering your craft makes you an authority said the Queen; but does not make you a leader because you need to share your knowledge, skills and abilities with others to grow. "A leader is like a shepherd, he stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow not realizing that all along they are being redirected from behind. Nelson Mandela (Long way to Freedom) "

  16. Friendly — A friendly attitude, compassion, understanding, and empathy go a long way with people they reward you to no end.

  17. Luck is an internal belief that no matter what comes your way you can come out on top with the next ideas that appeal to people and they reward you no end if it improves their lives.

  18. Represent your business (your ethos) and celebrate your wins small or big because those are your achievement.

  19. Common Sense

  20. Fighting Spirit the competitors want a deserving slice of the pies.

  21. Loyalty and Honour to your communities Nurture the people and they never forget about you.

  22. Focus and Sharpen the saw (training and personal development are a must for business owners and your people so they can carry the torch for you one day give the people the gift of education — lifelong learning is a must.) - I am just saying people Personal Development leads to Business Growth, that is what most people want worldwide.

  23. Communicate the king content says to the squire the good news any way you see fit - let people know(Promote) and know to yourself that your head is about to get chopped off for letting out the secret, it is not everything you say to people in this life.

  24. Apologise to people for your mistakes along the way on the journey to greatness.

  25. Excellence and Innovations make people pay you for your hard work to bring out the best that you can be.

  26. Happiness is a must as you move on your journey to greatness be happy today and every day, relax your mind, relieve stress, enable you to think about your next move and remove blinkers to help you see other people struggling, so you can begin to understand their needs and provide a solution to their problem.

  27. Entertain along the way laugh out loud have fun relieve all hanks and pain.

  28. Exercise your body to stay fit and your mind sharp throughout your lifespan.

  29. Eat good wholesome food they are nutritiously good for you and your growing body and mind. 

  30. Drink water and juice to detox your body and remove toxins a little drop of wine keeps the heart going.

  31. Dance to the music of your choice it keeps you happy.

  32. Partner with other people who are conducive to your business and build an empire and metaverse with others and share the effective sales process plan amongst you to get the qualified lead people.

  33. Money is necessary to grow the business sales of your goods to the relevant crowds and people will buy it if they need it and return to get it so keep a stock just in case people need it, and stock up as many varieties about what you are selling in many colours, sizes, looks, shapes and display it with pretty Pictures in any size you want so people recognise the good and brand who is offering such wonderful products or services to the community. I am just saying mind how you spend it but a piece of advice save it, keep it, purchase goods with it and anything else you need to grow and keep your business running to Budget to keep a positive cash flow and lay down business goals for tomorrow.

  34. Calm and relaxed is a must to weather the storm as disaster can happen and you sail through said the King to the Squire.

  35. Willing to commit to the Persona leads to success and the will must be stronger than the skills.

  36. Experiment throw something out there and see how it fair and throw another thing out there and see how it compares said the Queen to the Squire and adds en passage; you must remember what the King said off with your head for letting the secret out. You must not talk too much.

  37. Why is that? reply the Squire has he questioned the validity of the information; he said doubtfully; you taught me that communication is a two-way street? Yes, it is Squire it is necessary for growth because you need to speak to many people for them to spread the Message, Squire.

  38. Relevancy is so important said the Squire that I cannot explain that one Sir my head is already due to be chopped off for talking to people too much and letting out the biggest secret so I say enough is enough -- figure out yourself the rest of the story and start your story people.

  39. Oh, one more can I please Sir, will you let me? What is it Squire haven't you said enough, no sir please one more, Ok what is it? The Squire mustered all his strength and said out loud YOU NEED TO REMEMBER YOUR ROOSTER AND GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY WHO FEED YOU PEOPLE TO ENSURE LONGEVITY. for this I Grace you with internal luck said the King and your head remain on your neck if you promise not to let out the secret again and implement its content to your business forever until you die Squire. Squire says THANK YOU, sir, for small mercy you are forever in my mind Sir.

  40. Fear of success is a thing, people, it is not due to a lack of belief in you the inner negative voice on occasion brings doubt but with a positive mantra repeated over and over again remove the doubt and the fear of success, and you become immune and acquire a positive attitude towards life and it brings out your business story.

I've just given you the Juice my head is gone but drink it to your heart's content should you wish to go and see what's in Orbit, I do want to see what in Orbit it's available; just; saying people I am going soon.

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