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Website Update Yearly Subscription helps you to achieve better sales

Prevention is better than upset

I can tell you stories about why is it important to update your website regularly. No, because what could happen is way too upsetting for people it turns out to be, therefore, let's not upset you but hey you should do it because it is important. 

Why is it important because your website can disappear, become outdated, stuck, broken much more can happen that when visitors visit your website they bounce off so quickly and go to your competitors because they have a nicer experience. 


Their happiness level is up and annoyance removed, they return and purchase relentlessly just because they love it and start talking about it. All this because your competitors made the effect to update their website regularly—They get rewarded.

Seriously, the stories about the crying and the upset and yet some businesses still don't do it and some lost all their data. What a disaster, that is when we come in with our two generous website update plans. Preventing the upset from happening and keeping the happiness level up.

Cause we preventing you from a disaster you are better off with our Yearly Subscriptions to increase sales. It's simple as this you select Liberal Yearly for the conservative or Liberal Monthly for the conservative whichever one you choose we still prevent you from total disaster and upsets.

50% extra free

Liberal Yearly for the conservative



Every year

Subscription yearly payment + 2 Fribriz points

Valid until canceled

Yearly price £2375

Update of existing products or services

Blog post update

Text, images

On-page SEO

Every 6 months free new page

Website policy update

Pages update

Most popular purchase

Liberal Monthly for the conservative



Every month

Website update + 2 Fribiz

Valid for 12 months

Yearly price £2275

Update of existing services or products

Website pages update

On-page SEO

Text, Images

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